Mohammed Foda posing shirtless in the gym, looking massive and ripped

Mohammed Foda

Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer

Mohammed Foda AKA “The Next Big Thing,” as he calls himself, is a rising bodybuilding star and personal trainer from Cairo, Egypt.

Ever since starting his bodybuilding journey, Mohammed has gained a lot of recognition for his physique. He boasts huge arms and legs, wide back, and stage-ready body fat percentage.

To reach this level, Mohammed had to spend countless hours in the gym, along with adhering to a strict diet.

It’s clear Mohammed loves bodybuilding and all the challenges that come with it. His work ethic and mindset are what makes him a force to be reckoned with in this highly competitive sport.

Mohammed Foda flexing his massive triceps in the mirror for a selfie

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Mohammed Foda
EgyptianBodybuilder, Personal Trainer"The Next Big Thing"2010
ProfessionBodybuilder, Personal Trainer
Alias"The Next Big Thing"

Mohammed Foda doing a shirtless side triceps pose, looking swole and ripped


  • Bodybuilder
  • Personal Trainer

Mohammed Foda flexing his huge legs for a gym selfie

Mohammed Foda practicing back double biceps pose in front of a mirror


Low Reps and High Reps

Mohammed Foda has crafted his physique through sheer commitment and dedication. His workouts revolve around heavy and low-rep lifts, along with light isolation movements that shape and fine-tune his physique.

Some of Mohammed’s exercises might include squats, deadlifts, bench press, T-bar rows, barbell curls, and push-ups. He lifts heavy in these exercises as they induce the biggest anabolic response.

In regards to isolation movements, Mohammed uses various machines to hit specific muscles and keep a constant tension throughout the exercise. Some of these exercises may include triceps pushdowns, machine lateral raises, and cable chest flys. He doesn’t go too heavy in these exercises but rather focuses on contraction and muscle pumps.

Mohammed Foda flexing his huge and ripped muscles in a bodybuilding contest

Mohammed Foda flexing shirtless in the gym


Mohammed’s Lean Diet

Just like most high-level bodybuilders, Mohammed is no different in regards to his dieting protocols. He eats wholesome and clean sources of protein such as white fish, low-fat yogurt, eggs, and chicken breast.

In terms of carbs, Mohammed doesn’t eat sugars or other carbs with a high glycemic index. Instead, he opts for complex carbs such as brown rice and sweet potatoes. He might break this rule once in a blue moon by eating a sweet treat.

To keep healthy testosterone levels and overall health, Mohammed includes healthy fats into his diet. These include avocados, nuts, and virgin coconut oil. He might also eat some pumpkin seeds if he is within his daily calorie limit.

When dieting for a contest, Mohammed will increase his healthy fats and reduce carbs. He’ll also keep his protein intake high. This way, he retains his muscle mass while losing weight at the same time.

Mohammed Foda posing on a bodybuilding stage looking massive and ripped

Mohammed Foda posing shirtless for the camera looking ripped and huge

What we can learn from Mohammed Foda

Mohammed Foda has shown us the importance of showing up every day.

By staying consistent with the pursuit of your goals, you’ll gain the momentum that will propel you towards success.

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