Lucas Giovani flexing on the beach looking fit and lean

Lucas Giovani

Online Businessman, Fitness Influencer, Cryptocurrency Investor

Lucas Giovani is a fitness influencer, online businessman, and social media personality. He’s known for his ripped six-pack and bulging biceps, as well as success in the cryptocurrency world.

However, a story of sacrifice and hard work lies behind Lucas’ glamorous lifestyle. When he started his fitness journey, Lucas didn’t have a body that he wanted. In fact, his life was a complete opposite of what it looks today. Lucas was overweight and the daily stresses took their toll on his health.

Eventually, Lucas reached a tipping point where he decided to improve his body and health no matter the cost. It was the start of a long journey to success.

After many months and years of dedication, Lucas not only sculpted an enviable physique. He also became an internet sensation, thanks to his consistent photo uploads on social media. His transformation has left a lasting impact on many of his followers, who’re now inspired to build great physiques of their own.

Lucas Giovani flexing hic biceps for the camera, wearing a white tank top, looking fit and muscular

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Lucas Giovani
Online Businessman, Fitness Influencer, Cryptocurrency Investor2010
ProfessionOnline Businessman, Fitness Influencer, Cryptocurrency Investor


  • Fitness & Lifestyle Influencer
  • Online Businessman
  • Cryptocurrency Investor

Lucas Giovani's transformation before-after

Lucas Giovani standing shirtless on the beach looking fit and lean


When it comes to training, Lucas is an advocate of pyramid sets. He’ll start with the lightest weight then gradually build upon that as the workout progresses. After lifting his maximum weight, Lucas will then proceed to do lighter and lighter exercises as the training goes on.

Lucas Giovani standing shirtless by the pool looking ripped and muscular


Lucas is a master in his diet, allowing him to keep a lean physique at all times. This helps him when doing photo shoots, as he doesn’t need to adopt any specific diet before an event, because he already eats clean.

Lucas has always prioritized whole food over supplements. He only takes a whey protein and an occasional multivitamin when he can’t get his nutrients from food alone.

Lucas Giovani selfie comparison of his body before and after, looking muscular and lean

What we can learn from Lucas Giovani

Lucas Giovani has been an advocate of an active lifestyle ever since achieving his transformation. Through weight training, he saw the possibilities that fitness can offer. He now dedicates much of his time to inspiring others around him to be as healthy as they can be.

If nothing else, Lucas has taught us that fitness can bring you more than just a ripped body. It can also improve your confidence, as well as mental strength to smash any obstacle that life puts in your way.

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