Chris Spealler performing an exercise shirtless during a CrossFit event

Chris Spealler

CrossFit Athlete, Entrepreneur

Chris Spealler is an American 7-time CrossFit Games veteran, gym owner, and training coach. Ever since 2007, he’s been helping CrossFit grow through competing and coaching others through his boot camps and seminars.

With the numerous roles he plays in the industry, Chris is a true example for everyone involved in CrossFit. Above all, he’s a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids at their home in Utah.

This is his story:


Chris Spealler doing a shirtless handstand looking ripped

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Chris Spealler
135 - 145lbs (61.2 - 65.8kg)5'5" (165cm)AmericanCrossFit Athlete, Entrepreneur
2010, 2000
Weight135 - 145lbs (61.2 - 65.8kg)
Height5'5" (165cm)
ProfessionCrossFit Athlete, Entrepreneur
Era2010, 2000


Chris Spealler lifting a heavy medicine ball in the oudoors parking lot


Chris’ Benchmark Stats

  • Squat – 400 lbs
  • Clean and Jerk – 290 lbs
  • Snatch – 235 lbs
  • Deadlift – 440 lbs
  • Fight Gone Bad – 456
  • Max Pull-ups – 106
  • Fran – 2:08
  • Grace – 1:57
  • Helen – 6:56
  • Filthy 50 – 13:18
  • Sprint 400m – 1:03
  • Run 5k – 19:32


Chris Spealler doing heavy barbell rows looking fit and strong

CrossFit Competitions

2018 Men (35-39) 189th 11th South West 4th Utah 118th United States
2017 Men (35-39) 26th 2nd South West 2nd Utah 19th United States
2016 Individual Men 684th 22nd South West 4th Utah 453rd United States
2015 Individual Men 1160th 63rd South West 15th Utah 890th United States
2014 Individual Men 181st 7th South West
2013 Individual Men 113th 2nd South West
2012 Individual Men 37th 2nd South West
2014 2nd Individual Men South West
2013 4th Individual Men South West
2012 3rd Individual Men South West
2014 28th Individual Men
2012 22nd Individual Men
Lift Off
2016 2227th 2201st (0 lb) 2195th (0 lb) 2059th (0 reps)


Chris Spealler doing a squatting overhead kettlebell press looking ripped


Chris Spealler’s Background

Chris Spealler says, he has taken part in sports for “as long as I can remember.” He was heavily influenced by his parents, who instilled a love for sports in him, and his sister from a young age.

Here’s Chris talking about his parents; “They provided us a great deal of freedom in choosing the sports we wanted to participate in, but they had a rule that we had to stick with a sport for at least one season once chosen. This taught us how to stick with something and thus was a valuable lesson in personal stability.” – Chris Spealler

Chris stumbled upon wrestling in primary school and stuck with it until his college graduation. Throughout this period, Chris became an excellent wrestler. His performances led him to become a part of Lock Haven University, a high-profile wrestling school.

Finding a New Competitive Outlet

After graduating from Lock Haven University, Chris was offered an opportunity to pursue a career in wrestling, but he decided not to. He believed that wrestling served its purpose and now it was time to find another competitive outlet.

Soon enough, Chris stumbled upon CrossFit. A friend who was in the Marines introduced Chris to a CrossFit workout. Once Chris tried the workout, he never looked back.

He knew in an instant that CrossFit was something he wanted to pursue. With little preparation and research, he soon began participating in CrossFit training sessions, and later, competitions.

“CrossFit has been a wonderful gift to me.  It embodies all of the attributes that I cherish in fitness.  It also allows me to express my athletic blessings in a way that both promote personal growth and allows me to help others.”


Chris Spealler running on the beach competing against other CrossFitters

Growing a Healthy Career

Throughout the years of training and competing, Chris became a 7-time CrossFit Games competitor, gym owner, brand ambassador, and idol for numerous upcoming CrossFit athletes.

Chris now coaches others and helps them with his expert advice – helping them achieve their own greatness, just like he did.


Chris Spealler doing ring exercises during a CrossFit competition


Functional Training

As a CrossFit athlete and coach, Chris’ trains for functionality. This means, he performs exercises that increase his overall athleticism, speed, and agility, and allow him to stay functional outside of the gym.

Unlike bodybuilders, Chris doesn’t train with isolation exercises or machines. Instead, he focuses on heavy compound movements like squats and deadlifts which allow him to better execute natural physical movements with his body.

In Chris’ own words; “We all have to squat down to sit or deadlift an object from the ground as part of our daily life so we incorporate those movements (the squat and deadlift) into our training.  Conversely, we never have to use weight machines in real life so we don’t use them in training. We train functionally to be super-functional (if you will) outside of the gym.”


Chris Spealler doing an overhead dummbell press

Chris Spealler’s WOD CrossFit Workouts

The majority of Chris’ workouts are couplets or triplets of exercises mixed together in different combinations. Here are a few examples;

1) Fran

21-15-9 (21 reps followed by 15 reps followed by 9 reps of each movement)

  • Thrusters
  • Pull-ups

2) IsaGrace 

  • Snatches 30 reps
  • Clean and Jerks 30 reps


3 rounds:

  • Run 400 meters
  • 21 Kettlebell Swings
  • 12 Pull-ups


  • 10,9,8,7… down to 1 rep
  • 1.5 x bodyweight deadlift
  • 1 x bodyweight bench press
  • 3/4 bodyweight squat clean

Chris does each workout from above for time. His main goal is to finish all of the exercises in as short a space of time as possible.

According to Chris, this helps him build his physical prowess, work capacity, and raw strength.


Chris Spealler doing an overhead press with barbells looking strong and fit


High-Fat, Low-Carb

To accompany his intense training, Chris follows a high-fat, high-protein, and low-carb diet. His main food sources are meats, nuts and seeds, low-glycemic fruit, vegetables and some starch. He doesn’t have any refined sugars in his diet.

Explaining the benefits of his diet, Chris said; “This approach helps people to get away from the high carbohydrate (carb), low-fat diets which are responsible for many of the health issues we see today (obesity, age onset diabetes etc.).” – Chris Spealler

Chris likes to eat more often throughout the day, consuming several smaller meals with an optimal mix of nutrients. He also avoids most cereals and grains, because he has a sensitivity to these foods.

That said, Chris also believes that what works for him, might not work for others. For this reason, he encourages everyone to experiment with their diet and find what works best for them.

Supplements Chris Spealler Takes

The only two supplements Chris Spealler takes are fish oil capsules and a recovery supplement.

According to Chris, these two supplements have greatly improved his recovery after training.

“I have seen a huge difference in recovery with the addition of these two supplements.”


Chris Spealler preparing to do pushups looking strong and fit

Idols and Influences

One of the people who influenced Chris to try CrossFit was his friend who was in the Marines. As Chris said;

“I bumped into a friend who was in the Marines who told me about it. I forgot about it until a few weeks later. Then one day, I saw the website, tried a workout and never looked back.”


Chris Spealler lifting a dummbbell over his head during a CrossFit competition

What we can learn from Chris Spealler

If there’s one lesson we could learn from Chris Spealler, it would be this; seize every opportunity that life presents you.

Chris decided to give CrossFit a try after being introduced to it by his friend. After just one workout, he knew it was something he wanted to keep doing for many years to come.

Be brave and take chances, because you never know where that next opportunity can take you – that’s something we could learn from Chris Spealler.

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