Caio Eiji Sirahata performing a most muscular pose on the bodybuilding stage

Caio Eiji Sirahata

Professional Bodybuilder

Caio Eiji Sirahata, or else known as ‘Japa Morfo’, is a Brazilian bodybuilding champion. Caio is an athlete who’s set the bar high for other bodybuilders across Brazil, thanks to his achievements.

Some of these feats, such as the 1st place title at the Brazilian Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships, have made waves across the country. Making Caio Eiji Sirahata a well-known name among bodybuilders.

But even with all of his success, Caio is still an athlete on the rise. With his ever-growing fame and recognition, who knows what’s lies next in store for ‘Japa Morfo’.

Caio Eiji Sirahata standing shirtless in the gym flexing his ripped and bulging abs

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Caio Eiji Sirahata
WeightHeightAgeDate of Birth
185 - 195lbs (83.9 - 88.5kg)5'6" (167.5cm)28October 26, 1995
BrazilianProfessional Bodybuilderjapamorfooficial, Japa Morfo
Weight185 - 195lbs (83.9 - 88.5kg)
Height5'6" (167.5cm)
Date of BirthOctober 26, 1995
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder
Aliasjapamorfooficial, Japa Morfo

Caio Eiji Sirahata posing shirtless in front of the mirror looking swole and ripped


A lot of Caio’s popularity comes from the internet, where he boasts a fan base that grows at a rapid rate. He’s also established himself as a fitness model and trainer. He teaches other aspiring athletes the correct ways of training, along with helping them create meal plans that cater to their specific goals.

Contest History

  • 2017 Brazilian Bodybuilding Championships (Senior, up to 85kg) – 1st place
  • The 48th Brazilian Championships of Bodybuilding and Fitness (Junior, up to 75kg) – 1st place

Caio Eiji Sirahata sitting near a statue looking strong and well-built

Caio Eiji Sirahata performing a posedown on a bodybuilding stage looking ripped


Gaining Mass vs. Cutting

Caio Eiji Sirahata prefers to train with heavy weights and high volume for his competitions. This brings about an anabolic response from the body, allowing him to build muscle fast. “To build solid mass, you have to lift heavy”. This is, in essence, what Caio’s training is all about.

However, when he wants to lean out for a contest, things look slightly different. In this stage, he’ll make an exception – reduce the weight and increase the number of reps in each set. Cairo’s goal before a contest isn’t to add more muscle mass, but to refine what he’d already built in the ‘off-season’. In his eyes, a high-rep range is the best way to achieve this.

He might add cardio in the weeks leading up to a show. But this is not mandatory for Caio, since he already forces his metabolism to work hard with his intense weightlifting.

Caio Eiji Sirahata flexing for the camera, wearing a blue tank top, standing in front of cardio machines in the gym

Caio Eiji Sirahata performing a back double biceps flex on the bodybuilding stage


Learning Through Trial and Error

During his early competitive days, Caio’s best dieting coach was his own experience. Often times, he’d make a mistake, only to learn from it and come in better shape the following contest. In essence, it was a game of trial and error.

Over the years, as his experience grew, Caio started to differentiate what worked from what didn’t. He now has a nutrition plan that synergizes perfectly with his training regimen.

Caio’s diet revolves around lean proteins to keep his body in an anabolic state. Carbs and fats, on the other hand, provide Caio with the energy needed to plow through his demanding workouts.

Caio Eiji Sirahata exercising his chest on a machine in a gym

Caio Eiji Sirahata flexing on the bodybuilding stage

What we can learn from Caio Eiji Sirahata

Caio Eiji Sirahata didn’t have much knowledge back in his early bodybuilding days. Despite this, he managed to quickly grow in size, as well as success – winning a number of shows in Brazil.

His attitude has shown us that if you want something, you’ll find a way to achieve it. Regardless of which setbacks you may face.

Have a clear picture of your goal, keep plowing through any obstacles you might encounter, and remember to stay patient. That’s one of the ways you can achieve your own greatness.

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