Brandon Budlong training biceps seated on a chair

Brandon Budlong

Fitness Competitor, Coach, Entrepreneur

Brandon Budlong, also known as Brandonfitfoodie, is a bodybuilder, fitness coach, and entrepreneur from America.

Brandon first tasted the life of a competitor in 2013. That year, he took 8th place in his debut, followed by 2nd and 1st place respectively in his next two shows.

Through dedication in the gym, and out of it, he’s reached the pinnacle of his career. Although Brandon loves to compete and win shows, he looks at fitness as a team sport rather than an isolated activity.

He’s inspired by seeing other people achieve their dreams, which is one of the reasons why he loves to share his advice with fans on social media.

Here’s his story:

Brandon Budlong flexing his awesome biceps

“I’m inspired by positivity. Anyone who has a positive outlook on life inspires me to be a better person.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Brandon Budlong
Year of BirthNationalityProfessionAlias
1984AmericanFitness Competitor, Coach, Entrepreneurbrandonfitfoodie
Year of Birth1984
ProfessionFitness Competitor, Coach, Entrepreneur

Brandon Budlong posing with a small barbell behind his back

“One of my pet peeves is when people ask for advice and do not follow through with it. “


  • Fitness Coach
  • Competitor
  • Sponsored Athlete

Contest History


  • Western Regional Championships, Men’s Physique Class G, 8th place


  • Thunderdome Championships, NPC Men’s Physique Class B, 2nd place
  • Europa Phoenix, NPC Men’s Physique Class D, 1st place


  • Junior Nationals, NPC Men’s Physique Class F, 16th place


  • NPC Universe, Men’s Physique Class H, 13th place

Brandon Budlong training his back shirtless in the gym


Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Brandon Budlong wasn’t always intending to be a bodybuilder.

As he played sports through his youth, Brandon’s goal was to become a professional athlete.

However, the luck wasn’t on Brandon’s side – he picked up quite a few injuries over the years, which forced him to abandon his dream.

Pursuing a New Avenue

As devastating as his injury situation was, Brandon didn’t let it bring him down. He was eager to keep pushing forward and pursue new avenues in his life – mainly, fitness competitions.

By this point, Brandon regularly visited the gym, not just to speed up his recovery from past injuries but also because of his growing passion for the lifting sport. Eventually, he turned what was initially just a hobby into a full-time job.

Brandon soon realized that he wanted to reach the bodybuilding stage. This gave him the purpose and motivation to keep improving himself in the gym; allowing him to take his progress to a whole new level.

Fitness Competitions

In 2013, after years of recovery and hard work, Brandon made his debut as a bodybuilder. The show was called Western Regional Championships, and Brandon finished in 8th place.

Less than two years later, Brandon appeared in his next show – Europa Phoenix 2015. This time he came in superior shape, which saw him win the 1st place trophy.

By 2018, Brandon had added a number of achievements to his list, along with becoming a name to watch out for on social media.

Brandon Budlong showing his food plate looking lean and fit


Brandon lifts weights every day. However, he doesn’t always lift as heavy as he can. Instead, making every rep count by focusing on the mind-muscle connection.

Pushing through those last couple of reps, at the end of every set with a controlled form. This is what helps Brandon reshape and refine small details of his physique – which is really important during his competitions.

Brandon’s Mindset When Training

To win a bodybuilding show, Brandon will do “whatever it takes”. This includes training harder than anyone else. Sometimes when preparing for a show, he’ll even train two times per day.

For Brandon, keeping up with his intense routine is not a problem at all. In fact, he says if there’s one thing he can’t live without, it would be the gym.

Brandon Budlong posing shirtless in a bodybuilding contest


While Brandon loves to train hard, he doesn’t advise everyone to do exactly what he does. He recommends taking a rest day here and there to let the body recover. But for him personally, bodybuilding is such a huge passion that he finds it difficult to skip training.

Sample Workout Plan

Brandon likes to change his workouts often, so his training plan can change from day to day.

With that said, here’s what his typical week might look like:

  • Monday – Chest & Biceps
  • Tuesday – Legs & Calves (Heavy day, Low reps)
  • Wednesday Back & Triceps
  • Thursday – Legs & Calves (Light Day, Higher reps)
  • Friday – Shoulders & Abs
  • Saturday – Cardio and Chest (Compound Movements Only)
  • Sunday – Cardio and Back (Compound Movements Only)

Brandon Budlong bulking and cutting transformation, before-after


As for his nutrition, Brandon focuses on quality foods with high nutrient density. Not only does he ensures he gets all the macronutrients, but also vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. These not only keep Brandon lean and strong but also support his health as an athlete.

Brandon’s Day of Eating

First thing in the morning, Brandon will have one of his detox drinks. The ingredients might include spinach, kale, bananas, and other fruits and vegetables. He’ll have it on an empty stomach as this helps with the absorption of the nutrients.

His work includes seeing clients and traveling. During his breaks he’ll quickly grab a meal or a snack. Brandon aims at having 6-8 meals per day to keep his metabolism on fire.

He’ll have something high in carbs before his evening workout as this will give him more energy during his training.

Brandon Budlong training in a sweatshirt tank top in the gym


When Brandon wants to get extremely lean for a contest, he’ll naturally drop his calories. He may eat about 500kcal less than what his body needs. This starts a process where his body taps into its own reserves for energy. However, since Brandon keeps his protein high, his body won’t eat his own muscles but will burn through his fat stores instead.

Supplements Brandon Budlong Takes

Brandon doesn’t take many supplements; he tries to get what he needs from food alone.

However, sometimes when he’s traveling, it can be hard to meet his nutrient requirements. As a bodybuilder, he needs plenty of fuel to keep his physique lean and strong.

For these occasions, Brandon might rely on basic multivitamins along with a whey protein shake. While vitamins help to support his overall health and wellness, a protein shake keeps his body in an ‘anabolic’ state where it’s not wasting muscle.

Brandon Budlong posing shirtless looking muscular and ripped

Idols and Influences

The main source of motivation for Brandon is his family and friends. He says they are the ones that lift him up when he’s down, and help push him past his limits to be the best he can.

Brandon says that if he could have dinner with anyone, it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Not because of his movie career but because of his knowledge in business and bodybuilding,” he added.

Brandon Budlong posing shirtless on top of a mountain

What we can learn from Brandon Budlong

Brandon Budlong is a big fan of fitness and bodybuilding.

Ever since he’s discovered it, he’s been hungry to achieve success and be the best Men’s Physique athlete on the stage.

But one trait that stands out about Brandon, is that he rarely ever takes rest days. Bodybuilding is such a huge passion for him that there are no rest days in his schedule.

Something we can learn from Brandon is that once you find your true passion in life, it won’t feel like work. In fact, you’ll look forward to living your passion day in and day out.

Another lesson that Brandon taught us is to never let anything prevent you from reaching your potential. Brandon wanted to become a professional sportsman in his youth, but due to injuries, this wasn’t possible. However, he’s never given up, and through fitness and bodybuilding, he’s found a completely new passion in his life.

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