Branch Warren flexing side pose in a photo shoot

Branch Warren

Professional Bodybuilder

Branch Warren is an American professional bodybuilder from Tyler, Texas. A highly awarded athlete, Branch has won numerous professional contests in his bodybuilding career. Including the 2011 and 2012 Arnold Classic, one of the world’s biggest bodybuilding events.

Branch decided to follow the path of bodybuilding early in his life, when he was still in high school. His love for the ‘iron sport’ led him to compete in his first show as a teen – claiming the 1st place title of the 1992 Teen Mr. America.

Nine years later, Branch entered the Pro circuit where he continued displaying awesome performances. Throughout the years, his bodybuilding career kept growing, reaching its peak in 2012 when he won the Arnold Classic a second time in a row.

This is his story:


“Have you stayed focused on achieving your goals so far? If not get back on track and make this a productive day. If so, keep pushing and know that you are one day closer to the goal line.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: William Branch Warren
245 - 255lbs (111.1 - 115.7kg)5'6" (167.5cm)21''56''
Date of BirthNationalityProfession
February 28, 1975AmericanProfessional Bodybuilder
2000, 2010, 1990
Weight245 - 255lbs (111.1 - 115.7kg)
Height5'6" (167.5cm)
Date of BirthFebruary 28, 1975
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder
Era2000, 2010, 1990


“Don’t cut corners or take the easy way out, it will end up biting you in the ass. Put in the work, stay focused, and be damn proud of what you have accomplished.”



  • 1992 AAU Teenage Mr. America, Short, and Overall – 1st place
  • 1993 NPC Teenage Nationals, Lightheavyweight, and Overall – 1st place
  • 1999 NPC Junior Nationals, Heavyweight – 4th place
  • 2000 NPC USA Championships, Heavyweight, 3rd place
  • 2001 NPC Nationals, Heavyweight – 1st place
  • 2004 Night of Champions – 8th place
  • 2004 GNC Show of Strength 4th place
  • 2005 Charlotte Pro – 1st place
  • 2005 Europa Supershow – 1st place
  • 2006 IFBB San Francisco Pro Invitational – 2nd place
  • 2005 Mr. Olympia – 8th place
  • 2006 Mr. Olympia – 12th place
  • 2007 New York Pro – 1st place
  • 2009 Mr. Olympia – 2nd place
  • 2010 Mr. Olympia – 3rd place
  • 2011 Arnold Classic – 1st place
  • 2011 British Grand Prix – 1st place
  • 2012 Arnold Classic – 1st place
  • 2012 Australian Grand Prix – 1st place
  • Mr. Olympia 2012 – 5th place
  • 2013 Mr. Olympia – 9th place
  • 2014 Australian Pro – 4th place
  • 2014 Mr. Olympia – 6th place
  • 2015 Arnold Classic – 2nd place
  • 2015 Europa Atlantic City Pro – 1st place
  • Mr. Olympia 2015 – 6th place


“Try new exercises if you aren’t getting the results you were hoping for.”


Branch’s Early Bodybuilding Days

Born in 1975 in Tyler Texas, Branch Warren found a love for bodybuilding from a young age. He began lifting weights as a teen, and he quickly became passionate about improving his physique.

Branch was so impressed with bodybuilding, that he went on to compete in a show when he was still in high school. It was in 1992 when Branch stepped on the stage for the first time, winning the Teenage Mr. America title.

From the very beginning of his career, Branch showed great enthusiasm and work ethic. He was willing to do whatever it took to reach his goals. In fact, Branch even used to sneak into local gyms as a teen, due to the fact he couldn’t pay for the cost of a gym membership.


First Major Competitions

After tasting success on the bodybuilding stage for the very first time, Branch’s love for the sport grew even stronger.

When he stepped on the stage again a year later, Branch came in even better condition than before. Ultimately, this won him his second title in a row – the 1993 NPC Teenage Nationals Overall Champion.

Because of his early success in bodybuilding, Branch was able to quickly progress among the competitive ranks.

His first two victories were later followed by another success – 1st place at the 2001 National Championships. It was at this point Branch became a professional bodybuilder.


Making His Pro Debut

In 2004, Branch made his Pro Debut at the Night of Champions, taking 8th place. A few months later, he entered the GNC Show of Strength where he finished in 4th place.

Branch didn’t have to wait long for his first victory in the professional circuit. It was in 2005, only one year after his debut, when Branch took his first Pro title as the Charlotte Pro Champion.

At this point, Branch’s promising bodybuilding career was taken to even greater heights. After winning the Charlotte Pro, Branch went on to win yet another title just a few months later – the Europa Supershow Overall champion.

In 2006, Branch participated in the Arnold Classic for the first time. Impressively, he almost won the contest by taking 2nd place.


Mr. Olympia

Branch Warren’s first Mr. Olympia appearance came in 2005. Gracing the famous Olympia stage for the first time, Branch ultimately finished among the top 8 bodybuilders in the world.

From there, Branch became a regular Olympia competitor – taking place in the contest every year. His best result came in 2009, when he placed 2nd to Jay Cutler.


Later Contests

Between 2011-2015, Branch competed in over 12 Pro shows. This was a period where he cemented his status as one of the top Pros in the industry – winning the 2011 and 2012 edition of the Arnold Classic, and placing highly in the Mr. Olympia multiple times.

His other notable results from this period included;

  • 2011 British Grand Prix, 1st place
  • 2012 Australian Grand Prix, 1st place
  • 2012 Mr. Olympia, 5th place
  • 2015 Arnold Classic 2nd place
  • 2015 Europa Atlantic City Pro, 1st place


Branch Warren Nowadays

Today, Branch is recognized as one of the world’s biggest names in bodybuilding. “The Texas Titan” continues to work hard on his goals while pushing his physique, and career to new heights.

His huge, vascular, and ripped physique has earned him respect among his fans and other bodybuilding competitors – solidifying his status as one of the greatest bodybuilding Pros from the 2000s and 2010s era.



During his prime, Branch trained with weights five days per week. In addition to strength training, Branch also did cardio to maintain his ripped physique.

This is how his workout regimen looked;

Branch Warren Workout Routine

Monday – Back

  • Incline T-bar rows 3 sets x 10 reps
  • One arm dumbbell rows 3 sets x 8 reps
  • Bent-over barbell rows 3 sets x 8 reps
  • Lat pull downs 3 sets x 15 reps
  • Seated upright row machine 3 sets x 15 reps
  • Hammer strength pull downs 3 sets x 15 reps
  • Seated low cable row 3 sets x 20 reps
  • Rear delts on fly machine 4 sets x 10 reps
  • Bent over dumbbell rear laterals 4 sets x 10 reps

Tuesday – Chest

  • Incline bench press 3 sets x 8-12 reps
  • Flat dumbbell press 3 sets x 10 reps, drop set on the last set
  • Hammer strength incline press 3 sets x 10 reps
  • Weighted dips (with chains) 3 sets to failure
  • Cable crossovers 3 sets x 15 reps


  • Rest

Thursday – Arms (Biceps and Triceps)

  • Standing dumbbell curls 3 sets x 8 reps
  • Standing barbell curls 3 sets x 12 reps
  • Preacher curls 3 sets x 12 reps
  • Tricep pushdowns 3 sets x 15 reps
  • Seated dip machine 3 sets x 15 reps
  • Rope pushdowns 4 sets x 12 reps

Friday – Legs

  • Leg extensions 2 warm-up sets x 100 reps
  • Squats 2 light sets then 2 heavy sets to failure
  • Hack squats 3 sets x 10-15 reps
  • Leg press 3 sets x 30 reps
  • Seated leg curls 3 sets x 15 reps
  • Standing leg curls 3 sets x 10 reps
  • Lying leg curls 3 sets x 12 reps

Saturday – Lower Back, Shoulders

  • Deadlifts 3-4 warm-up sets then 4-5 heavy sets x 5-8 reps
  • Military press 2 warm-up sets and then 3 sets x 10 reps
  • Squats 3 sets x 12 reps
  • Side laterals 3 sets x 8-12 reps
  • Dumbell front raises 3 sets x 8 reps
  • Upright rows 3 sets x 12 reps


  • Rest



On a normal day, Branch eats about 500 grams of protein. This is about 2 grams of protein per lbs of body weight. He also consumes about 400g of carbs during his ‘bulking’ phase.

In regards to fat, Branch doesn’t consume too much of it – he gets the majority of his daily fats from protein sources such as beef steak.

Branch also consumes two to three pounds of chicken daily. In the ‘off-season,’ he’ll eat different parts of the chicken. However, when he’s close to a contest, he’ll only eat the lean breast of the chicken.

Other foods Branch regularly consumes include;

  • 10-20 egg whites per day
  • Fish
  • Whole-wheat pasta
  • Potatoes

Branch Warren Pre-Contest Diet

This is how a typical pre-contest diet looks for Branch;

  • 1st Meal: 5 egg whites, 1 ½ cup oatmeal, 8 oz. red meat, fat burner
  • 2nd Meal: 9 oz. fish, 1 ½ cup rice, 1 cup vegetables
  • Post-workout: 2 scoops protein
  • 3rd Meal: 9 oz. chicken, 16 oz. potato (white or sweet)
  • 4th Meal: 9 oz. fish, 1 ½ cup rice
  • 5th Meal: 9 oz. chicken, 12 oz. potato
  • 6th Meal: 10 egg whites


Supplements Branch Warren Takes

  • Creatine
  • Protein Powder
  • Fat Burner
  • Pre-Workout


Idols and Influences

Branch Warren is a self-motivated athlete. He always sets new goals for himself, doing whatever it takes to reach them.

His extensive list of achievements in bodybuilding, along with his remarkable physique has made him an idol for his fans around the world and other bodybuilders alike.


“Work hard in silence and let your success do all the talking. The most successful people I know bust their asses every day like they have nothing. Push yourself and go the extra mile I promise it will be worth it.”

What we can learn from Branch Warren

Branch Warren committed to bodybuilding during high school, taking part in his first contest as a teen.

Ever since then, he’s grown an iconic status among his followers and fellow bodybuilders.

One thing Branch Warren has taught us is to set goals for ourselves, and work hard until we accomplish them.

Stay determined, keep a strong mindset, and don’t stop until you get what you want – this is something that Branch Warren would tell you.

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