Ayat Bagheri doing a side triceps pose on the beach

Ayat Bagheri


Being dubbed as the ‘Iranian Hulk,’ Ayat Bagheri has left the bodybuilding world in awe with his huge and aesthetic muscles. Having not only an awesome physique but also results on the bodybuilding stage, Ayat is a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout his career, Ayat has taken part in the world’s most prestigious contests. Including the Arnold Classic, Mr. Olympia Amateur, and IFBB Asian Championships.

With results that keep improving each year, Ayat is quickly rising as a world-class athlete and online persona.

Ayat Bagheri performing an ab pose on the bodybuilding stage

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Ayat Bagheri
WeightYear of BirthNationalityProfession
205 - 215lbs (88.5 - 93.0kg)1988IranianBodybuilder
Weight205 - 215lbs (88.5 - 93.0kg)
Year of Birth1988

Ayat Bagheri flexing his bulging abs for the camera


Bodybuilding Shows


  • Iron Rebel Burn Showdown, Men’s Heavyweight, 1st place


  • IFBB Asian Championships, 2nd place


  • Arnold Classic, N/A
  • IFBB Asian Championships, 2nd place
  • Mr. Olympia Amateur, N/A

Ayat Bagheri doing a side chest pose for the photo looking ripped and big

Ayat Bagheri performing a posedown on a bodybuilding stage looking swole and ripped


Mainly focusing on a 6-day training split, Ayat does up to 30 sets per workout to retain his huge and ripped physique. He practices a strict form and ensures each muscle fiber is being targeted.

When performing an exercise, Ayat goes slow and focuses on the ‘mind-muscle’ connection to put as much tension on his muscles as possible. According to Ayat, this is what makes him grow.

Ayat Bagheri spreading his lats out and wide, looking huge and vascular

Pyramid Sets

Ayat sometimes likes to switch things up by incorporating a pyramid training in his routine. This is where Ayat increases the weight of his exercises with each set.

Once he’s reached the heaviest weight he can safely lift, he’ll then gradually reduce the weight with each next set.

Some of Ayat’s favorite exercises for doing pyramid sets are compound movements. Such as bench presses, squats, and deadlifts. These exercises have contributed to his overall muscle growth.

Ayat Bagheri showing his flexed arms from the side on the bodybuilding stages

Ayat Bagheri doing a front double biceps flex looking swole and ripped


To fuel his massive physique, Ayat eats a huge number of calories that come from whole food sources. These include eggs, ground beef, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, and nuts & seeds.

Ayat’s dieting approach is simple in a way that if he wants to gain size, he’ll simply eat more calories. And if he wants to lean out for a contest, Ayat will simply reduce his caloric intake below his maintenance.

As for supplements, Ayat sticks to the basics with a whey protein, BCAAs, and a pre-workout to keep him focused on his training. Ayat might also use a multivitamin and mineral supplement to support his general health.

Ayat Bagheri posing for the photo looking ripped

Ayat Bagheri doing a back double biceps flex, practicing posing in front of the camera

What we can learn from Ayat Bagheri

If your goal is to become big and ripped, then you might want to learn a thing or two from Ayat Bagheri. He’s built a strong physique with heavy weights and plenty of calories.

A training routine based on compound exercises, supported by a diet packed with lean proteins, complex carbs, and good fats is the way to go if you’re looking to build a strong physique of your own.

But remember, having huge muscles doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years upon years of dedication in the gym to achieve an aesthetic body. In addition to this, knowing the right training methods and having the right diet plan will help you stay on track with your physique goals.

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