Andre Habowsky posing shirtless in the weight room

Andre Habowsky

Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Coach

Andre Habowsky is a popular social media blogger and fitness coach. He resides in LA, California where he helps others stay in shape through his training and nutrition advice.

Ever since Andre started posting his photos online, he’s risen to the top of his craft as a helpful and well-versed fitness trainer.

In addition to sharing useful training tips and advice for anyone who’s just getting into fitness, Andre also posts inspirational quotes for everyone that follow him online.

Andre Habowsky posing shirtless on the street, looking muscular and ripped

“Everything is always a matter of priorities and how far you are willing to go for something. Understand determination and that it is limitless.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Andre Habowsky
Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Coachandrehabowsky2010
ProfessionCertified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Coach

Andre Habowsky flexing his huge and riped triceps in the gym

“Everybody has a fight, stand up for yours.”


  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Sports Nutrition Coach
  • Health Expert

Andre Habowsky sitting down on a floor in the gym, looking fit and muscular

Andre Habowsky posing shirtless looking lean and fit

“Remember that nothing ever goes away until it teaches us exactly what we need to know. The element of progression is so powerful.”


Andre’s workouts revolve around basic gym exercises with a mix of heavy weights for building strength and lighter weights for shredding out a lean physique.

Additionally, Andre likes to do cardio when looking to drop body fat for a fitness event.

Also, just like other fitness models, Andre follows two phases in his training; ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’.

When bulking, Andre’s goal is to gain as much muscle as possible. To this end, he trains with a lot of volume in his workouts, providing him with the necessary stimuli to induce muscle growth.

On the flip side, Andre’s training for ‘cutting’ consists of high-reps and short rest between sets to speed up his metabolism – inducing fat loss.

Andre Habowsky flexing his back and biceps in a selfie

Andre Habowsky sitting in a chair, wearing a black tank top, looking ripped and muscular

“It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light. Day in, day out, put in the work and everything else will come along.”


Andre’s diet changes depending on whether he wants to gain weight or cut body fat.

During these cycles, Andre eats the same food, only changing their quantity and meal portions. This makes the whole process of gaining and losing weight a lot easier for him.

Andre Habowsky flexing in a gym selfie

Andre Habowsky posing shirtless in the gym, looking ripped

“5:00 am, plan your purpose, wake up knowing what you need to do to reach your goal. Put your mind into it, and watch part of your life transform into the element of progression. The only distance between what’s in your head and what you can achieve is you!”

What we can learn from Andre Habowsky

Andre Habowsky has taught us the importance of staying committed to your vision.

If you have a clear picture of your goals, then go after them and don’t stop until you see them through. That’s one of the ways you too can achieve greatness.

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