Ahmad Parvin doing a front double biceps pose looking strong

Ahmad Parvin

Classic Physique Competitor

Ahmad Parvin is a classic physique competitor and rising social media influencer, known for his year-round conditioning.

Through years of sacrifice in the gym, Ahmad has managed to transform his body and bring it under the spotlight of the bodybuilding stage. He now competes at the highest level and maintains a physique that many people admire.

Not only does Ahmad’s social media presence grow year after year, but so do his ambitions. He continues to set new goals for himself and aims to inspire as many individuals as he can along the way – helping them reach their own greatness.

Ahmad Parvin performing a back double biceps looking riped

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Ahmad Parvin
IranianClassic Physique Competitor2010
ProfessionClassic Physique Competitor

Ahmad Parvin flexing his huge and ripped triceps in a gym


  • Classic Physique Competitor
  • Fitness Model

Ahmad Parvin standing shirtless near a river looking ripped

Ahmad Parvin doing a back double biceps outdoors in the contest warm-up area


Growing Pecs

Ahmad boasts an all-around aesthetic and proportional physique. This is a result of years of intense focus in the gym, where he trained every body part with equal attention to achieve balanced growth.

Ahmad is also famous for his ripped all-year round conditioning.

When he first took on weightlifting, it was hard for Ahmad to stay under 10% body fat. But, through trial and error in the gym, and many dieting adaptations, he was able to achieve the physique he has now.

Some of Ahmad’s favorite exercises are bench press, cable flys for chest, oblique twists, squats, lunges, and T-bar rows.

Ahmad Parvin doing a side chest pose looking aesthetic


Ahmad doesn’t do huge amounts of cardio, unless he’s close to a contest day. Usually, a clean diet plan and an intense training regimen are all that he needs to stay fit and lean throughout the year.

However, if he wants to stay below 8% body fat, that’s when Ahmad will add 3-4 weekly cardio sessions to improve fat loss. Each one lasts no more than 30 minutes. He prefers short and intense cardio such as HIIT.

Ahmad Parvin flexing front double biceps in his house


In terms of nutrition, Ahmad eats extremely clean foods and rarely indulges in cheat meals.

His diet is packed with lean white meat, low-fat yogurt, sweet potatoes, and a bunch of cruciferous vegetables. His sugars mostly come from fruits, with an odd donutĀ here and there as a reward for his hard work.

As for supplements, Ahmad only sticks to a good old whey protein and BCAAs. If he can’t meet his daily nutrient requirements through diet alone, he’llĀ ‘pop’ a multivitamin to cover any possible deficiencies.

Ahmad Parvin posing shirtless in a gym photo shoot looking swole and ripped

Ahmad Parvin flexing his back and biceps looking fit

What we can learn from Ahmad Parvin

Ahmad Parvin has taught us that a clean diet and consistent training routine is all you need to have a ripped and awesome physique.

It all boils down to planning your meals ahead and sticking to your plan despite the obstacles you might encounter.

If Ahmad has taught us something, it’s that fitness is a lifestyle, not a ‘sprint’. So take your time, have a clear vision of your goals, and above all – enjoy the journey.

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