Tia Christofi doing dumbbell curls

Tia Christofi

Fitness Personality, Model

Hailing from Australia, Tia Christofi is a fitness personality who’s gained attention for her lean and curvy figure.

Tia’s hard work has not only brought her an awesome physique. It’s also led her on the path to becoming a successful fitness model.

She now travels the world sharing her journey with others, aiming to inspire anyone who wants to be successful in their own right.

Tia Christofi training triceps

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Tia Christofi
AustralianFitness Personality, Model2010
ProfessionFitness Personality, Model

Tia Christofi posing in grey leggings


  • Fitness Personality
  • Model
  • Digital Influencer & Brand Ambassador

Tia Christofi showing off her curvy and lean figure in a gym selfie

Tia Christofi showing off her lean figure


Looking through Tia’s online workout videos, it’s clear she trains hard to stay in shape. Among her favorite body parts are her glutes, abs, and arms. She trains them with a combination of heavy exercises like squats and barbell curls. To improve small details of her physique, she uses glute kickbacks and other isolation exercises.

Tia’s workouts typically don’t last longer than 60 minutes. She tries to condense as much training as possible within this time window. She’ll do many reps and sets without much rest in between exercises. This method of training doesn’t just strengthen and tone her muscles, it also acts like cardio – stimulating fat loss.

Tia Christofi tying her shoe in the gym


As for Tia’s nutrition, she tries to keep it as clean as possible. Foods like chicken, rice, lean beef cuts, and green vegetables, almonds, and egg whites are what fitness models like Tia eat.

On the flip side, staying lean also requires steering clear of sugars, fried foods, and flour. Tia is aware of this, but she doesn’t hold back from eating a sweet treat in moderation every once in a while.

Tia Christofi taking a selfie of her curvaceous body

Tia Christofi posing for a gym mirror selfie

What we can learn from Tia Christofi

What we can learn from fitness influencers like Tia, is to never lose sight of your goals. Write them down, make a plan on how you’re going to accomplish them, and start putting in the ‘reps,’ one day at the time.

With enough consistency, you too could build a physique that other people will admire – just like Tia Christofi.

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