Tanya Poppett performing jumping ropes in her sports wear

Tanya Poppett

Fitness Trainer, Model

Tanya Poppett is a fitness instructor and online blogger based in Sydney, Australia. She specializes in high-intensity functional and strength training. Her unique style of teaching and training has earned her admiration from countless fans – both online, and in person.

However, Tanya didn’t always plan on becoming a fitness instructor. During her teenage years, she was a competitive runner. There were days where Tanya would run up to 16 kilometers per session. Because of this, Tanya’s body began to suffer. So much repetitive movement caused her ankles and joints to hurt.

In a search for something less repetitive, Tanya found out about High-Intensity Interval and Strength Training. These activities weren’t nearly as repetitive as long-distance running, and they also offered her some unique benefits – such as an increased muscle mass and toned body.

Taking on a new challenge in her life, in the form of weight training. Tanya has gone from leaps to bounds ever since she entered the weight room. She’s become a personal training instructor, and online fitness influencer with a fan base that only keeps on growing.


Tanya Poppett stretching her arms looking fit and lean

“I am a fitness instructor from Wollongong, Australia and I have a love and passion for fitness and health that I would like to share with you.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Tanya Poppett
AustralianFitness Trainer, Model2010
ProfessionFitness Trainer, Model


Tanya Poppett stretching her legs on a black yoga mat

 “‘Just squat heavy’… oh I do. I also do a heap of other shiz as well. Movement is not a ‘one size fits all’. It’s there to be explored.”


  • Fitness Instructor
  • Model
  • Online Influencer


Tanya Poppett standing outdoors by a pool looking fit and healthy


Tanya Poppett standing on the rock overlooking a river, wearing grey leggings

“Your strengths make you good. Your weaknesses make you grow. I am humbled by my training every day. Whether it be certain skills I can’t yet perform or little imbalances affecting my technique or form that I need to work on.”


Tanya’s workouts are quick and efficient. She doesn’t waste any time while she’s in the gym, which means she’ll train with short rest periods and extremely high intensity.

Tanya also enjoys mixing her workouts up. There are times where she’ll train heavy, and also times where she’ll train light and let her body catch up with her intense training.

Letting the Body Recover

Tanya believes that listening to her body is extremely important. She says, too many people expect their body to be in a peak condition year-round, but that’s not natural or healthy. In her words; “Learning to listen to my body has been one of the hardest yet most valuable skills I’ve ever learned.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make with our training is expecting our bodies to peak all year round and it just can’t happen. Our bodies and lifestyles go through phases and so must our training. Every now and again we need to strip it back and let our minds refocus and our bodies rebuild.” – Tanya Poppett


Tanya Poppett running up the stairs by the beach looking fit and strong


Tanya Poppett sitting and stretching on a black yoga mat

Functional Workout Routine

Here’s a quick workout routine that Tanya follows when she wants to improve her stamina, agility, and conditioning;

  • Set One
    • Shuffle Lunges in each direction, 10 minutes non-stop
    • Hindu Barrel Rolls, 5 rounds
  • Set Two
    • Lateral Cross Overs, 4×20-meters
    • Single Arm Reverse Burpees, 8 reps
  • Set Three
    • Fast Feet Switch, 20 meters
    • Boat Tuck Burpees, 6 reps


Tanya Poppett standing on the cliff overlooking a town looking fit and lean


Tanya Poppett performing dips outdoors by a beach


Much like with her training, Tanya enjoys changing and experimenting with her diet. As she says; “Trying new things will not only help keep you interested but it will also keep your body guessing. Variety is important in a fitness program because it allows you to challenge your body on a consistent basis and overcome the potential to “plateau”.”

Tanya’s meal portions are balanced, consisting of an optimal ratio of proteins, fats, and carbs. Each macronutrient has its own specific role in Tanya’s body.

For example, carbs give her energy for her workouts, proteins help her repair and build muscle, and fats are important for her overall health and energy levels.


Tanya Poppett doing pulls up in a gym


Tanya Poppett kneeling on a soccer field looking fit and lean

“Super long days are hitting me hard. I place a big value on sleep though and if hitting that sweet 7-8hrs means not getting as much into my day then so be it.

Sleep and recovery are the things we often neglect which can make or break your performance in any facet of your life. So ya definitely wanna make sure ya getting enough.”

What we can learn from Tanya Poppett

What we can learn from Tanya Poppett is that fitness is not all about strength and muscle. It’s just as important to focus on other areas of fitness, such as flexibility, stamina, and athleticism. These things will help you maintain healthy joints and muscles, allowing you to enjoy your fitness journey for years to come.

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