Sarah Strauss posing on the beach in a bikini looking fit and lean

Sarah Strauss

Lifestyle & Fitness Coach, Online Sponsored Athlete

Sarah Strauss is a fitness coach originally from California but now residing in New York, USA. She describes herself as someone who “helps dedicated women build healthy habits that get real results!”

But Sarah’s life wasn’t always a picture of fitness. She used to be unhappy with her physique and appearance. One day, Sarah joined a gym in order to turn her situation around. She quickly saw progress in the gym and was motivated to share it with others online.

Ever since then, she’s come a long way – becoming an online fitness trainer and influencer. Her transformation pictures can be seen below.

Sarah Strauss showing off her cury legs and glutes in a bikini

“I’m enjoying life, I’m making progress in ways that I can maintain, I’m figuring a lot of s*it out about my body and I’m hopefully creating lasting success.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Sarah Strauss
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
22March 16, 1999AmericanLifestyle & Fitness Coach, Online Sponsored Athlete
Fit and Dedicated2010
Date of BirthMarch 16, 1999
ProfessionLifestyle & Fitness Coach, Online Sponsored Athlete
AliasFit and Dedicated

Sarah Strauss doing dumbbell rows in the gym

“Personal development for me means knowing when something is going to get me further with my goals and my life and when something is holding me back.”


  • Fitness & Lifestyle Coach
  • Sponsored Athlete
  • Sports Business Owner

Sarah Strauss transformation from skinny to fit and curvaceous

Sarah Strauss flexing her aesthetic biceps for the gym selfie

“Some people give up because of slow progress, but the strongest people keep going despite every setback. I’ve become stronger from doing the wrong things again and again.”


Sarah is known for training with high intensity; doing many reps to achieve muscle pump. Typically, she’ll do 12 or more reps for lower body and up to 16 reps for the upper body each set.

As for exercises, Sarah likes to have a balance of heavy compound movements and isolation exercises. While heavier movements build her strength and muscle tone, isolation exercises enable her to achieve that lean and aesthetic look she’s known for.

Back, Abs, and Biceps “Burnout” Workout

Sarah likes to use supersets to increase the intensity of her workouts. Here’s an example of her biceps, abs, and back “burnout” workout using supersets:

  1. Superset: Repeat 3 times
    • One-arm dumbbell rows, 3 sets of 12 each arm
    • Incline bench supported rear delt flies, 3 sets 12
  2. Superset: Repeat 3 times
    • Incline bench dumbbell rows, 3 sets 10-15
    • Reverse hyperextensions, 3 sets 15
  3. Giant set: Repeat 3 times (not shown)
    • Dumbbell bicep curls, 10
    • Alternating dumbbell curls, 10/10
    • Dumbbell hammer curls, 10
  4. Abs burnout: Repeat 3 times
    • Ab rollouts, 10
    • Feet elevated mountain climbers, 20

Cardio Workout For Fat Loss

  • Jog 15 minutes
  • Circuit: Repeat 4-5 times fully (need humidity FYI)
    • Stair jumps 5
    • Burpees 10
    • Decline pushups 15
    • Mountain climbers (with pushups) 20
    • Stair sprint 30 sec
    • Pull-ups 3×6

Sarah Strauss displaying her awesome glutes on the beach

“Actually making healthy changes and finding the confidence in our lifestyle is so much more than just “fat loss” or making drastic changes!”


Consistency trumps everything for Sarah. She doesn’t believe in trendy diets that promise quick results. But aims at maintaining a healthy lifestyle long-term.

In terms of her own diet, Sarah sticks to whole and unprocessed foods. She doesn’t worry about counting every calorie. Instead, she looks at the general quality of her food and macros; making sure to get enough lean proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats.

As for supplements, she only uses natural and organic whey, along with whole food multivitamins and minerals for general health support.

Sarah Strauss showcasing her lean and toned body in a bikini

Sarah Strauss doing pull ups on the beach looking curvy and fit

“Staying fit, active, healthy and strong is something that has always been a priority to me. Whether it’s in a gym, with weights, swimming, walking, running. I want to know that I am able to do it and in control of my body and results.”

What we can learn from Sarah Strauss

Sarah Strauss taught us that reaching your goals often requires certain sacrifices.

Before starting her fitness journey, Sarah wasn’t happy with how she looked. She had to give up on unhealthy habits that had held her back in order to transform her life.

Through sacrifice, dedication, and commitment, she built an awesome body and now helps others do the same. Perhaps her example will inspire you to push further on your own journey to greatness.

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