Sabrina Toledo standing on the beach in her swimsuit showing off her amazing body

Sabrina Toledo

Fitness Coach, Model, Digital Influencer

Sabrina Toledo is a well-known fitness coach, model, and digital influencer from Brazil. Ever since she opened her online profiles, Sabrina has gained massive popularity on fitness forums. Pictures of her curvy and toned body continue to inspire fitness enthusiasts from around the world.

When Sabrina started working out, she fell in love with the progress she saw in the mirror. Day after day, she spent hours in the gym sculpting her dream figure. In addition, she made sure to eat nutritious foods to maximize her progress.

Before long, Sabrina’s hard work started to pay off. Her physique began to look better than ever. It was at this point that Sabrina decided to take her fitness journey to the next level – starting her online brand. Ever since then, she’s grown into a fitness success and motivation for an army of people online.

Sabrina Toledo posing for a photo with her ripped abs

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Sabrina Toledo
BrazilianFitness Coach, Model, Digital Influencer2010
ProfessionFitness Coach, Model, Digital Influencer

Sabrina Toledo posing by a beach looking curvy


  • Fitness Coach
  • Model
  • Digital Influencer

Sabrina Toledo hanging on ropes looking fit and lean

Sabrina Toledo leaning against a window displaying her lean and bulging abs


Prioritizing Free Weights

Sabrina typically starts her workouts with a free-weight compound movement, such as squats or deadlifts. She’ll do at least 4 sets of the exercise before moving on to another drill.

As her workout comes to a close, Sabrina will spend the last few minutes stretching her muscles. This helps her improve blood flow and prevent injury. If she wants to lose weight, Sabrina will also do a quick cardio session at the end of her workout.

Sabrina Toledo taking a selfie of herself in a gym mirror looking fit and lean

Intense Cardio

When doing cardio, Sabrina’s main goal is to kick her metabolism into high gear. In order to achieve this, she opts for fast and intense forms of cardio. Such as HIIT.

Here’s an example of Sabrina’s HIIT workout on a treadmill;

  1. She starts the session with a brisk walk to warm up
  2. Sabrina will then run at her near-maximum speed for 30-60 seconds
  3. After this, she’ll walk at a steady pace for the next 2 minutes to recuperate
  4. Sabrina will repeat this cycle 8 times in total
  5. After she’s done with her session, she’ll continue walking for another 5 minutes to cool off

Sabrina Toledo showcasing her amazing abs in a picture

Sabrina Toledo posing on a beach in her white bikini looking fit and curvy


Keeping an Eye on Macros

Sabrina’s awesome physique isn’t just a representation of her hard work in the gym, but also her strict diet. In order to achieve her figure, she constantly has to keep an eye on her macros.

Specifically, Sabrina makes sure to consume plenty of lean protein. This helps her maintain and repair her muscle tissue. Sabrina’s favorite protein sources are chicken breasts, low-fat yogurt, and plant-based protein such as peas.

As for carbs, Sabrina’s favorite foods are sweet potatoes, brown rice, and quinoa. These are all complex sources of carbohydrates, giving Sabrina a steady supply of energy throughout the day.

Lastly, Sabrina ensures to consume some heart-healthy fats in her meals. Foods such as avocado, nuts, and seeds help Sabrina maintain her energy levels. Along with improving her overall health.

Sabrina Toledo standing by a road wearing camouflaged leggings looking curvy and fit

Sabrina Toledo posing in her bikini and sunglasses in a jacuzzi

What we can learn from Sabrina Toledo

If there’s something to learn from Sabrina Toledo, it’s that the ‘secret’ for success in fitness is consistency, hard work, and not giving up when things get tough.

Looking at Sabrina, it’s clear she enjoys staying in shape. But her awesome figure wasn’t built overnight. It’s a product of years of drive and determination to see her goals through.

With the same attitude and work ethic as Sabrina Toledo, you too can sculpt your own greatest physique.

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