Roberta Mezencio posing for a photo in an exotic location looking fit and lean

Roberta Mezencio

CrossFit Athlete, Fitness Model

Brazil-born Roberta Mezencio has always kept a strong passion for fitness. But it wasn’t until she began posting pictures and videos for her workouts online, that Roberta started to attract the attention of fans from all over the world.

Her awesome figure, along with her inspiring dedication in the gym, is what makes Roberta stand out.

She’s a highly motivated person who strives to excel in all areas of her life – including fitness, CrossFit competitions, and her business projects.

With this kind of commitment, along with her fantastic physique, Roberta has become a recognized name with fitness.


Roberta Mezencio walking down a park with a lake, looking fit and curvy

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Roberta Mezencio
BrazilianCrossFit Athlete, Fitness Model2010
ProfessionCrossFit Athlete, Fitness Model


Roberta Mezencio posing for a photo flexing her ripped abs


Roberta Mezencio looking up in the woods looking ripped and toned


  • Fitness and Bikini Model
  • CrossFit Athlete


Roberta Mezencio leaning against the rock on the beach looking fit and lean


Roberta Mezencio's fitness transformation before-after


When it comes to staying lean, Roberta prefers weight training over cardio. She follows an intense workout routine that is supported by her healthy diet.

In Roberta’s personal experience, this has given her the best results than compared to doing cardio alone. With cardio, she burns extra calories which helps her to reduce body fat.

However, with intense weight training, she’s able to build muscle and burn fat at the same time – making it much more efficient for her.

In regards to her workouts, Roberta always makes sure to maintain a correct form. She’ll do each exercise with a slow and controlled movement – allowing her to avoid injuries.


Roberta Mezencio holding onto her curvy glutes and showing them off for a photo


Roberta Mezencio doing chin-ups, her ripped abs popping out


Roberta follows a healthy and nutrient-dense diet all year-round. She avoids fast food for the most part.

If she has a photo shoot coming up, Roberta will gradually reduce her calories from carbs, replacing them with lean proteins. This allows her to lose fat while keeping her muscle mass intact.

Roberta’s favorite food groups include lean meat, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and vegetables. As for fruits, she avoids high-glycemic fruits, as they spike her insulin levels.

Instead, she likes to eat berries and avocados which are at the bottom of the glycemic index scale.


Roberta Mezencio doing a handstand in the nature looking lean and fit


Roberta Mezencio posing for a photo showing off her ripped body

What we can learn from Roberta Mezencio

Roberta Mezencio’s story of living a healthy life and inspiring others should serve as an example for everyone. She’s shown us how beneficial fitness can be, if you stay dedicated to it.

With the same commitment, drive, and passion as Roberta, you too can achieve your very own greatest physique.

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