Rachel Joy posing in a photo shoot in her sports wear looking fit and lean

Rachel Joy

Fitness Model, Internet Influence

Rachel Joy is a fitness model, brand ambassador, and internet personality hailing from Miami, Florida. She boasts a curvy and fit physique which she attained after years of arduous dieting and weightlifting in the gym.

Rachel now showcases her figure as an example of what is possible with enough determination and commitment. With her increasing online presence and awesome physique, Rachel looks set to become a household name within the industry of modeling, fitness, as well as social media.


Rachel Joy standing by the sea smiling, looking fit and curvy


Rachel Joy siting outdoors in her sports wear looking fit and lean

“Do you ever look at your super ‘shredded’ pics and think: I should probably get back on that diet life?”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Rachel Joy
AmericanFitness Model, Internet Influence2010
ProfessionFitness Model, Internet Influence


Rachel Joy leaning against a rock looking lean and fit


Rachel Joy posing in nature wearing a bikini, looking healthy and fit

“I’m never satisfied! I’m always hungry literally. Always working hard, always seeking new challenges and will always want more! And that’s how it should be. Never get ‘comfortable’ whether that be for fitness or life, in general, there’s always room for improvement.”


  • Brand Ambassador
  • Fitness Model
  • Internet Personality


Rachel Joy's fitness transformation before-after

Rachel Joy’s physique transformation in fitness.


Rachel Joy posing in a photo shoot looking lean and fit

“As I’ve progressed in my life people have said ‘You’ve changed’ and I say ‘Good.’ Everyday I want to be progressing, growing and experiencing things that change me.

I don’t want to be the same person I was yesterday or a year ago. I’m always moving forward and If you aren’t doing the same, you’re getting left behind.”


Rachel doesn’t follow the same workout routine over and over. Instead, she likes to switch things up.

For example, Rachel sometimes focuses on compound movements to increase her strength and muscle tone. On the same token, she has periods where she only does isolation exercises to bring out certain body parts – such as glutes, legs, or abs.

By mixing her training up, Rachel achieves continual progress in her physique, along with making her workouts new and interesting.


Rachel Joy taking a selfie of her curvy and fit glutes in leggings

“I can honestly say I am proud of myself with how hard I worked to simply get to where I am at right now.”


Needless to say, maintaining a lean physique such as Rachel’s is no easy task. However, Rachel has found that the best and easiest way to achieve this is by sticking to a pre-planned and structured diet. This makes the dieting process much easier, as Rachel doesn’t have to think what she’s going to eat next.

Rachel also takes certain supplements to aid her diet. These include;

  • BCAAs
  • Protein Powder
  • Pre-Workout


Rachel Joy lying on the sand by the river near a big city with skyscrapers, looking fit and lean


Rachel Joy sitting on a bed positioned by a big balcony overlooking a city on a sunny day

“Nothing in life comes easy. You have to give it your all! You can’t just sit around and “wait” for an opportunity to come up… go make that opportunity happen!!”

What we can learn from Rachel Joy

One simple lesson we can learn from Rachel Joy is to never be afraid of pursuing something ‘greater’ in life. If you aren’t happy with your current situation, then start doing the necessary steps to get where you want to be.

Rachel Joy has shown us that if you put enough work and dedication to your goals, you can become successful – just like she did.

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