Pri Santtana standing on a bodybuilding stage smiling at the judges

Pri Santtana

Stylist, IFBB Wellness Athlete

Pri Santtana is a Brazilian fitness and wellness athlete, stylist, and brand ambassador. She’s been crowned “Campea Wellness IFBB” eight times, along with being known as Miss São Paulo and Miss Brazil.

Born and raised in vibrant São Paulo, Santtana got a thirst for exercising and staying fit from an early age. This led her to pursue a career in the fitness and fashion industry upon graduating from college.

She created her own online brand, started a fitness business, and opened a fashion studio. In addition, she worked on sculpting an awesome physique by training hard in the gym. Santtana’s success kept growing and so did her ambitions.

Before long, Santtana started working with top fitness companies across Brazil. She also turned into a formidable fitness competitor on the stage – winning numerous prestigious contests. Her recognition has been growing rapidly, and it appears it won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Pri Santtana leaning against a Corvette car showing off her clutes

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Priscilla Santtana
BrazilianStylist, IFBB Wellness Athlete2010
ProfessionStylist, IFBB Wellness Athlete

Pri Santtana posing on the fitness stage with a trophy in her hands


  • Stylist
  • Brazilian Wellness IFBB Champion
  • Sponsored Fitness Athlete

Pri Santtana exercising with elastic bands in a photo shoot

Pri Santtana posing during a photo shoot with dumbbells in her hands


A Planned Schedule

As a professional competitor, Pri Santtana has to maintain a scheduled training regimen. She typically trains two times per day, doing cardio in the morning, and weightlifting in the late afternoon.

There’s a lot of commitment and hard work that goes into Santtana’s workouts. She leaves nothing to guesswork. Every exercise, set, and rep is planned in advance to achieve maximum results.

Pri Santtana showing off her curvy glutes in a red bikini

Pri Santtana showing off her sculpted figure in front of judges on a bodybuilding stages


Strict and Clean

Although she burns a lot of calories during her intense workouts, Santtana doesn’t allow herself to eat unhealthy foods when competing.

During ‘in-season,’ she makes sure to consume a protein-dense diet to nourish her muscles. Her favorite protein sources include lean beef, chicken, egg whites, and salmon.

For carbs, Santtana likes consuming raw fruits and vegetables, in addition to complex sources such as sweet potatoes and brown rice. Her fats come from healthy oils, nuts, and avocados.

Pri Santtana doing a back double biceps flex, practicing posing for a contest

Pri Santtana posing and smiling on a bodybuilding stage

What we can learn from Pri Santtana

One important takeaway from Pri Santtana’s story is to be patient on your fitness journey.

Santtana now boasts an all-around awesome physique and career, but she didn’t accomplish this overnight. It took her many years to achieve her feats.

While you might not know how long your own road to success might last, rest assured that if you put in the effort and stay consistent, you’ll eventually see the fruits of your labor.

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