Natalia Carvalho posing for a picture looking fit and strong

Natalia Carvalho

Fitness Model, Social Media Influencer

Natalia Carvalho, also known as “natigalgos”, is a Brazilian fitness model and social media influencer. There’s a large number of people who support Natalia online – inspired by her incredible physique.

Boasting curvy legs and glutes, alongside an aesthetic upper body, Natalia has worked hard for many years to achieve her level of fitness. This includes numerous training sessions in the gym, clean dieting, as well as supplementation.

With her amazing figure and rising success in the fitness industry, there’s a lot more to see and hear from Natalia. Here are some of her best pictures, training snippets, dieting protocols, and more;


Natalia Carvalho standing on her toes showing off her curvy glutes for a photo

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Natalia Carvalho
BrazilianFitness Model, Social Media Influencernatigalgos2010
ProfessionFitness Model, Social Media Influencer


Natalia Carvalho posing in a bikini looking fit and curvy


  • Brazilian Fitness Influencer
  • Online Personality


Natalia Carvalho posing for a photo in the gym looking fit and lean


Natalia Carvalho taking a selfie in the elevator looking ripped and fit


Natalia trains with a lot of volume, incorporating numerous sets in her workouts. When she trains legs, she also likes to go heavy with weights.

Some of her favorite exercises include squats and deadlifts, which tone and sculpt her muscles. Along with cardio, which helps her achieve a lean and aesthetic physique.


Natalia Carvalho doing an overhead barbell press looking strong


Natalia Carvalho’s Diet

Natalia always keeps a healthy and clean diet, even when she doesn’t have any fitness event coming up. She likes to eat a lot of lean chicken, grass-fed beef, eggs, and low-fat cheese as her protein sources.

For carbohydrates, Natalia likes to eat brown rice, whole grain bread, sweet potatoes, and quinoa. She’ll have these types of foods throughout the day, but will mostly avoid simple sources of carbs such as sugars.

Natalia also consumes a lot of healthy fats. These include olive oil, avocados and nuts and seeds. These foods not only provide Natalia with a sustained source of energy, they also support her overall health.


Natalia Carvalho performing a kettlebell exercise in the gym

Dealing With Cravings

When Natalia gets cravings for certain foods, she likes to do a few things to prevent herself from binging on them.

First off, she’ll drink a lot of water. This will fill her stomach and reduce her cravings. If this doesn’t help, she’ll eat something that’s high in volume, but low in calories – such as a bowl of salad.

In case she gets a strong sugar craving, Natalia will opt for a natural fruit smoothie. This will not only curb her craving, but will also provide her body with important nutrients.


Natalia Carvalho posing in a photo shoot looking curvy and fit


Natalia Carvalho doing cardio on a stationary bike

What we can learn from Natalia Carvalho

Natalia Carvalho’s approach to dieting is not easy, but it brings results. If you want to reach the same level of fitness as Natalia, then you should be ready to adopt a strong mindset.

One thing we could learn from Natalia, is that dedication and consistency bring results. No matter how difficult your fitness journey gets, remember that if you stay dedicated, you too could build an awesome physique – just like Natalia Carvalho.

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