Nadia Brandao looking fit in a gym

Nadia Brandao

Fitness Model

Nadia Brandao is a Brazilian fitness model and an online sensation. She’s become admired for her aesthetic figure, and for being one of the hardest working fitness athletes in the gym.

After embarking on her fitness journey, Nadia has transformed her figure and life in the process. Her fitness workout videos, inspiring social media posts, and ever-growing fan base shows what is possible with passion, effort, and resolution to pursue one’s dreams.

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Nadia Brandao posing with boxing gloves

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Nadia Brandao
BrazilianFitness Model2010
ProfessionFitness Model

Nadia Brandao posing near a window looking toned and lean


  • Wellness Athlete
  • Fitness Model
  • Online Entrepreneur

Nadia Brandao standing on the street having muscular and fit legs

Nadia Brandao taking a photo of her toned legs in a gym


Nadia doesn’t follow the same workout routine all the time.

Due to her hectic schedule of a fitness model and online entrepreneur, she has to plan her training sessions carefully so she can get the most out of them in the shortest space of time possible.

However, she tries to fit in at least 5 workouts per week to keep fit. These include cardio, weight training, and body-weight workouts outdoors.

Nadia Brandao taking a photo of herself in a gym mirror looking lean

Nadia Brandao looking fit and lean in a photo


Nadia doesn’t eat an extremely strict diet like some fitness models. But, she still pays attention to her carb intake.

She restricts refined grains and sugars, as these cause the biggest insulin spike in her blood, leading to fat gain. She reserves these foods only for special occasions when she wants to treat herself.

Nadia Brandao posing for the photo looking fit and lean

Nadia Brandao taking a selfie in a gym looking toned

What we can learn from Nadia Brandao

Nadia Brandao is known for having an incredible workout ethic. Along with her work as an online entrepreneur, she also trains hard in the gym and keeps a clean diet.

Needless to say, following such a schedule isn’t easy, but this is Nadia’s passion and she finds enjoyment in everything she does.

If you can have a similar attitude and outlook on life, then you too will be able to find your own passions. Who knows, perhaps you even make a career out of them one day – just like Nadia did.

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