Molly Teshuva posing for a photo in a red bikini looking lean and fit

Molly Teshuva

Fitness Instructor, Online Personality

Molly Teshuva is a fitness instructor, blogger, and entrepreneur from London, England. Alongside fitness, Molly’s passions include healthy foods and acting. As she says; “I’m a Londoner with a mad passion for fitness, food, and fajitas. Apart from fitness I have always been very involved with acting and performing.”

When Molly first discovered weightlifting, she was amazed by the results she saw in the mirror. Day after day, she trained hard to achieve her ideal body. Her inspiration came from fitness influencers whom she discovered online.

In time, Molly sculpted an awesome physique. Inspired by her own success, Molly soon decided to open her online profiles to become a fitness influencer in her own right. In less than a year, she was able to reach her goal – connecting with thousands of people online.

Today, Molly Teshuva is a social media influencer and fitness icon. With her awesome physique and story, she’s certainly a name to look out for in the future.

Molly Teshuva taking a selfie of her lean physique in a black bikini

“I have an incredible family made up of my brother my mum and my dad. My parents were divorced but it’s actually made me closer to them separately.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Molly Teshuva
AgeDate of BirthNationalityProfession
26December 31, 1996BritishFitness Instructor, Online Personality
Date of BirthDecember 31, 1996
ProfessionFitness Instructor, Online Personality

Molly Teshuva training with cables in the gym

Molly Teshuva smiling for a photo wearing a gym outfit


  • Fitness Instructor
  • Online Entrepreneur

Molly Teshuva taking a selfie of her ripped midsection

Molly Teshuva's glute and leg transformation before-after

Molly’s transformation over the years.


In her workouts, Molly Teshuva combines different training methods to achieve ideal results. These include; weightlifting, cardio, stretching, and functional work.

She generally trains five to six times per week, taking one day off to rest completely. However, this isn’t set ‘in stone’ and it can change depending on Molly’s goals and needs.

For example, if she feels like she overdid it in the gym, Molly will train less intensely. In some cases, she’ll even take an entire week off to let her body and mind fully recover.

Molly Teshuva running outdoors in her sportswear

Molly Teshuva tying her hear as she walks down the corridor


In terms of Molly’s nutrition, it’s based on healthy fats and lean proteins. Carbs are usually reserved for her first meal of the day and post-workout meal.

Every now and then, Molly will spend an entire morning fasting. This means she’ll avoid eating food after waking up for a designated period of time.

This allows her body to take a break from constant digestion, which then improves her overall health and well-being.

Molly Teshuva standing on the beach showcasing her curvy glutes

Molly Teshuva smiling for a photo shoot leaning against a window

What we can learn from Molly Teshuva

Everyone can learn a thing or two from Molly Teshuva’s example. Firstly, she’s taught us that in order to build muscle, you’ll need to create a balanced training program consisting of weight training and cardio.

In terms of dieting, Molly has shown us that you should eat a lot of high-quality proteins. This is what will help you maintain a lean body mass.

Lastly, Molly emphasizes recovery just as much as she does training and dieting. If you feel like you’ve been going too hard in the gym lately, why not take a break.

This will not only allow your body to catch up, it will also make you more motivated next time you hit the weight room.

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