Micky Parker leaning against a rock wearing a white bikini during a fitness photo shoot

Micky Parker

Fitness Model, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer

Micky Parker is an Australian personal trainer, fitness model, and nutrition coach. Her journey into fitness all started in 2011, after years of playing sports in high school.

Deciding to improve her body by lifting weights, Mickey soon found love for her new hobby and eventually turned it into a full-time career – becoming an accomplished fitness expert.

This is her story:

Micky Parker posing outdoors looking fit and lean

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Micky Parker
125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)5'5" (165cm)AustralianFitness Model, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer
Weight125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)
Height5'5" (165cm)
ProfessionFitness Model, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer

Micky Parker posing outdoors in a black bikini, looking fit and lean

“In a crazy, busy, stressful world it is important to stop and take a moment to silence the worrying, the fears, self-doubt and focus on what truly makes you feel happy!”


  • Fitness Model
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Personal Trainer

Micky Parker posing in a fitness photo looking lean and fit


Micky’s School Days

Micky Parker had a knack for sports from early youth, playing everything from netball to gymnastics, athletics, and taekwondo.

However, she still wasn’t familiar with the idea of training in the gym, and like many other girls, thought weightlifting was a sport more commonly linked to men.

Micky Parker sitting on a pier looking fit and lean

Lifting Weights Since 2011

After finishing school, Mickey’s opinion about lifting weights began to change.

Although she was athletic and fit, Mickey wanted to take her physical progress even further; realizing that the gym was the best place to achieve this.

“I have trained consistently since 2011 and could not imagine stopping now!”

Initially, Micky found herself a personal trainer to show her the ropes. However, as her knowledge and experience improved, Mickey went on to become a training coach in her own right.

Micky Parker posing in a black bikini looking fit and lean

Micky’s Purpose

Over the years, Micky turned her passion for weightlifting into a full-time business.

She now works as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, helping other people get fit with her advice.

She also loves to motivate people with her quotes, and thinks that fitness should be pushed in society even more than it is today, due to its awesome benefits for the body and mind. In Mickey’s own words;

“I genuinely believe that exercise is super effective in improving your moods, changing your perspective and assisting with depression. I honestly do not know why this is not pushed more in society today!”

Micky Parker posing in a red bikini outdoors by the sea looking curvy and fit


Training Overview

Mickey’s training consists of cardio-based HIIT and weightlifting. “I’m a firm believer in weight training especially for women because of the amazing health benefits,” says Micky.

Besides these two types of training, Mickey also loves to go out for a walk or try new training styles to keep things interesting.

In terms of training frequency, she trains 5-6 times per week, sometimes two times per day. She typically does cardio in the morning and lifts weights in the evening.

“I love to train often purely because I love the feeling that I get after a workout. Training is not a chore for me at all, rather an awesome release of endorphins.”

Micky Parker posing on the fitness stage

Rest Days

Although Mickey is a big fan of training, and sometimes finds it hard to hold herself back from going to the gym. She also knows the importance of giving her body a rest.

Because of this, she takes 1 day off to recover from all training. This includes cardio and weightlifting.

On her rest day, Mickey relaxes and spends time doing things she enjoys, like walking, reading, and cooking healthy food.

Micky Parker posing outdoors in a fitness photo shoot


Gluten Intolerance

Mickey is intolerant to gluten, and a few other foods. For this reason, she doesn’t eat bread, oats, and other foods that contain even the slightest amount of gluten.

Mickey says, she sometimes even gets a reaction to fruits and nuts. But since it’s nothing severe, she doesn’t shy away from these foods.

Food Diary

Mickey is a food lover, and because of it, sometimes finds it hard to control her portions.

However, she’s found that keeping a food diary helps her with this problem.

By keeping track of her calories in vs. calories out, Micky knows exactly how much food she can eat during the day.

Micky Parker posing on a green hill, looking fit and lean

Meal Plan

Here’s what Micky Parker eats on a daily basis;

  • Pre-workout: Coffee
    • Morning Workout (I do my morning sessions fasted unless its weights then I’ll have a banana)
  • Post-workout: Protein Smoothie (one banana, vanilla protein, blend with 5-6 ice cubes)
  • Breakfast: Eggs & Avocado on Quinoa, or Rice Cakes with Natural Peanut Butter, or Protein Pancakes
  • Lunch: Protein & Veggies (tuna or meat with rice)
  • Afternoon: Apple or Protein Ball, Cucumber with Hummus, Rice Cakes & Natural Pean Butter.
  • Dinner: Meat & Vegetables – Eg. Lean mince with veggies & sweet potato or fish and sweet potato, protein & quinoa.

“As a general rule, I do look at calories in vs calories out and macros. However, I’ll always choose nutrient-dense foods no matter if they are higher in calories.

I like to think about how my body will use the energy that I am feeding it. Like most people I, am a massive foodie, and the last thing I want to do is cut out an entire food group.”

Micky Parker standing by the pool showcasing her curvy legs and glutesIdols and Influences


Mickey’s source of motivation are “the endorphins” she gets after a good workout.

However, she also says how motivation is fleeting and unreliable. That’s why Micky doesn’t rely on motivation alone to accomplish her goals.

Instead, she builds habits which are sustainable and allow her to see her goals through regardless if she feels motivated or not.

“I always feel awesome after a workout no matter how hard it was, and I keep coming back every day to get that feeling again! Sure I have days where I am just really flat but 9.9/10 if I force myself to go, I walk away from that session in such a better mental state than where I started!” – Micky Parker

Micky Parker posing in her bikini at home

“It’s important to strive to reach goals and put in hard work, but sometimes it is too often that we are looking into the future and focusing on what is ahead without taking a moment to appreciate the present.”

What we can learn from Micky Parker

The lesson Micky Parker has left us with is that habits are more reliable than motivation for reaching your fitness goals.

As Micky says, motivation comes and goes. However, by training in the gym even when she isn’t motivated, she builds discipline. This is one of the keys to reaching success – be it in fitness or any other area of your life.

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