Michelle Bieri standing in front of the camera, wearing a bikini, showcasing her amazing and lean figure

Michelle Bieri

Fitness Model, Coach

Michelle Beri is a fitness model and certified training coach from Switzerland. She and her sister Carmen Bieri are known for their online profiles, where they share training and nutrition advice.

Michelle’s journey into fitness began when she was a child. Encouraged by her parents to stay active, she took part in a wide range of sports such as basketball and track. But one sporting activity grabbed Michelle’s attention more than any other – fitness & weightlifting.

At the age of 16, she entered the weight room for the first time and has never turned back. Michelle Bieri is now a name that rings a bell in many fitness enthusiast’s ears. Many of them admire the physique that Michelle’s created with her dedication and work ethic in the gym.

This is her story:

Michelle Bieri posing in the gym showing off her curvy legs and glutes in grey leggings

“Rome wasn’t built in one day. But they worked on it every single day! Just a friendly reminder that when you are home and without motivation to go to the gym next time, just go! You will feel better after.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Michelle Bieri
5'7" (170cm)SwissFitness Model, Coach2010
Height5'7" (170cm)
ProfessionFitness Model, Coach

Michelle Bieri posing in front of a mirror looking toned and curvy

“I’m always totally overwhelmed with the beauty we have in this world and I’m so thankful for being here on this planet.”


  • Fitness Model
  • Certified Personal Trainer

Michelle Bieri showing off her toned abs while lying on a white inflatable pool float, in the pool

“Believe you deserve it, and the universe will serve it! With that quote, I wish you all an amazing start into the day!”


Chasing Fitness From the Get-Go

Born in the mid-1990s, Michelle Bieri was often told by her parents to go after her dreams when she was young. This support prompted Michelle to try various sporting activities, together with her sister Carmen.

As Michelle says; “Since our early childhood days, we’ve explored almost any sport and discipline imaginable. Gymnastics, kickboxing, handball, athletics, skiing, dancing, you name it!”

As she grew older, and new responsibilities started to pile up, Michelle couldn’t keep up with all of her hobbies. This is where she decided to narrow her choice down to only one sport. “A sporting discipline that would offer the flexibility of adapting it to our lifestyle.” – Michelle Bieri
This sporting discipline was weightlifting. After weeks of consideration, Michelle and her sister decided fitness was the way to go. At 16 years old, they joined the gym for the first time and started training four days a week.

Michelle Bieri's body transformation in fitness, before and after

Taking on Weightlifting Full-Time

Very soon, Michelle and her sister saw their bodies becoming firmer, leaner, and more toned. It was these first results that spurred them on to train even harder.

Every day, Michelle pushed both her mental and physical limits in the gym. Before long, she fell in love with her new lifestyle.

“We soon realized that we, as the Bieri Sisters, have found our perfect discipline!” – Michelle Bieri

Michelle Bieri standing barefoot on the grass in her backyard, looking fit and toned

A New Face in The Fitness Industry

Over the years, Michelle invested in her fitness journey by learning about correct training techniques, dieting protocols, and other knowledge that would help her attain the best possible physique.

As her results improved, Michelle realized she didn’t want to keep this success only to herself. She, together with her sister Carmen, decided to open up her online profiles and share her best tips on training and nutrition with other people.

She also became a certified personal trainer, using her new knowledge to coach others in the areas of fat loss and muscle gain.

Michelle Bieri lying on the beach her glutes and legs looking fit and toned

“It’s not possible to control where you lose fat first. That’s all genetics! Some people lose fat first on the legs, others on the waist.

So to get abs at all, you need to make sure that you burn as many calories in your workouts as possible. A heavy leg or back session will burn always more calories than crunches or sit-ups.”


Michell keeps a regular cardio and weightlifting routine. Sometimes she’ll train only four days per week. Other times, when her schedule is freed up, she’ll train every day of the week.

Her routine starts by warming up, either through cardio or light weights. Then, Michelle starts her actual workout, where she’ll lift weights. She does many reps when exercising; which helps her to achieve the ‘pump’, resulting in her muscles looking more toned.

Michelle is also a big advocate of stretching. She’ll stretch either after the workout is finished, or early in the morning. This helps her prevent muscle injuries from the intense training.

Michelle Bieri posing with a dumbbell looking fit

“You need to get your proteins in! Your body can only build more muscles if you feed them. Also eating proteins after the workout helps the muscles to heal and prevents that you lose lean mass. And you don’t want to lose this lean mass, because it shapes your body.”


Dieting is of great importance to Michelle. She likes to track her macros in meals; this way, Michelle knows exactly how much food she should eat to achieve her ideal physique.

That said, she doesn’t go to the extremes where she’ll restrict herself too much. This is not enjoyable for her, Michelle says. She mostly eats clean food, with an odd sweet treat here and there to keep her metabolism working nicely.

Michelle Bieri posing in a boxing ring looking fit and healthy

Michelle Bieri showcasing her lean body in a photo shoot

Michelle Bieri posing with a green able in a blue bikini looking fit and healthy

What we can learn from Michelle Bieri

The most important lesson Michelle Bieri has taught us is that fitness isn’t about being obsessed with calories. Instead, it’s about being mindful of your food choices while still enjoying life to its fullest. A good balance is key here. As Michelle likes to say; “Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing!”

Like Michelle, you can keep track of your macros if you wish. But, never let these macros control your life – instead, let them guide you towards a happier and fitter version of yourself.

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