Michele Sullivan

Michele Sullivan is a New Jersey-based fitness influencer and video blogger. She’s gained prominence through her online posts, where she shares educational and entertaining photos and videos of her fitness lifestyle.

When Michele first started training, her goal was to improve her muscle tone and definition. It was during this period, her passion for fitness was born.

After years of commitment, Michele has transformed her life from the ground up – becoming a fitness model known for her lean and strong physique. She’s also gained an army of online fans along the way, inspiring them to achieve their own success in fitness.


Michele Sullivan sitting on a pavement in her sports wear looking fit and lean

“Reach out today and every day and support each other! When women support each other great things happen. It’s sad how society has taught us to compare and compete against each other rather than spread love and support for one another. We are all the same and we need to start seeing that.”

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Full Name: Michele Sullivan
AmericanFitness Influencer2010
ProfessionFitness Influencer


Michele Sullivan standing on the sand beach looking fit and curvy

“2017 was one of the best. From my first powerlifting meet to road trip to Canada and all the special moments in between with family and friends. Feeling very grateful and looking forward to collecting new moments in the years ahead!”


  • Fitness Influencer
  • Video Blogger (Health and Lifestyle)


Michele Sullivan standing near a beach enjoying a balmy weather looking fit and lean


Michele Sullivan standing on a balcony looking fit and healthy

“Being alone is a part of our being, we came into this world alone and whole. It doesn’t matter how many people come in and out of our life no one will ever fully understand how you feel and how you perceive experiences.

You know you the best. Rather than seeking approval from others instead reflect inward and ask yourself if you are truly happy.”


Michele’s known for having awesome legs and glutes, which are her favorite body parts. In order to sculpt them, she had to work out between 5-7 days a week, up to 2 hours per session.

She didn’t use any special training methods, she only made sure to stay consistent and dedicated to her goals. This is what has allowed her to carve out an aesthetic body.


Michele Sullivan's physique fitness transformation before-after

Michele Sullivan’s figure transformation in fitness.


Michele Sullivan standing by a pool showing off her lean and curvy physique

“For me, intuition plays a huge role in decision making. While it can be difficult to stay true to yourself and isn’t always the easiest path you know you the most. What you need what you want what you believe.”


Much like with her training, Michele doesn’t follow any special nutrition program to stay lean. She only makes sure to stay consistent with her diet, eating foods that are rich in nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

When she doesn’t have any fitness event coming up, Michele will treat herself with her favorite foods. By doing so, she recharges her ‘batteries’ for the weeks and months of dieting ahead.


Michele Sullivan standing on a beach showing off her curvy glutes


Michele Sullivan sitting in a chair outdoors in her bikini eating a healthy meal

When you think about the path you’re on right now what does your inner voice tell you? A big yes? A maybe? Or an I-hate-this-but-it’s-what-I-have-to-do? Following your inner compass although it may feel like your taking a detour is apart of the process.”

What we can learn from Michele Sullivan

When Michele Sullivan started her transformation, she had a goal of becoming leaner and stronger. She knew that there was a long road ahead, but this didn’t discourage her. She continued pushing her limits each and every day until her goals were met.

Ultimately, here’s what she’s taught us; It’s possible to achieve your dreams, as long as you’re willing to put in the work and stay consistent. With a similar mindset as Michele Sullivan, you too can make your lifelong dreams a reality.

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