Marine Smezz displaying her curvy glutes for a photo

Marine Smezz

Fitness Model, Social Media Personality

Marine Smezz, also known as Marine S’Mezz is a French fitness model residing in Miami, Florida. Since opening her social media profiles, Marine has attracted a large number of followers with her incredibly curvy and aesthetic figure.

Marine’s figure is a representation of a healthy lifestyle, which includes training in the gym, and eating healthy foods. Although this lifestyle can sometimes be strenuous, Marine enjoys every second of it – something that can be seen from her photos and videos.

She continues to work hard on her dreams and ambitions, reaching new milestones in her career year after year.


Marine Smezz showcasin her incredible glutes for a photo

“Extra thick but I love it. I see messages every day about how I live at the gym lol and it’s kind of true! And it’s not like it comes easy for me. I love food more than you think you know and I tend to gain weight really quickly. So yes I go to the gym everyday and I love it.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Marine Smezz
135 - 145lbs (61.2 - 65.8kg)5'3" (160cm)34''33''
27''FrenchFitness Model, Social Media Personality
Weight135 - 145lbs (61.2 - 65.8kg)
Height5'3" (160cm)
ProfessionFitness Model, Social Media Personality


Marine Smezz posing for a photo looking curvy and fit

“I love the mental challenge of pushing and crushing my own limits and I feel amazing. Whatever you put out there you get! I’m taking my body to the next level.”


  • Social Media Influencer
  • Bikini and Fitness Model


Marine Smezz posing in a photo shoot showcasing her curvy legs and glutes


Marine Smezz taking a selfie of her curvy physique in green leggings

 “Starting modeling definitely has been a blessing and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities. I learned so much about myself and I’ve been falling in love with myself ever since.”


Combining Isolations with Compounds

Marine doesn’t just stick to one workout routine. She, in fact, changes her workouts every couple of months to keep her body ‘guessing.’

That said, there are certain principles Marine sticks to in every one of her workouts. One of her most important principles is combining compound movements with isolation exercises.

By training with compound movements at the beginning of the workout, when she’s in full strength, Marine ensures maximum muscle activation. Later in the workout, she uses isolation exercises to ‘finish’ a specific muscle she’d trained that day.


Marine Smezz with a tennis racket posing for a photo and showing off her curvy glutes

Leg and Glute Training

Unlike with other body parts, Marine prefers to begin her leg workouts with isolated movements. She says;

“Starting your leg day with isolated movements will increase the blood flow in the glutes making it easier to target this area when it comes down to general exercises such as hack squats. It puts tension on the glutes from the start and the burn is real throughout the workout and the next few days.” – Marine Smezz (S’Mezz)


Marine Smezz standing on a boat in the sea showing off her awesome legs and glutes


Marine says she’s someone who easily gains weight. Because of this, it’s imperative for her to do some form of cardio in addition to her regular workouts. By doing so, she burns extra calories and stays lean year-round.

When she wants to lose fat quickly for a photo shoot, Marine will do a HIIT cardio session. This is the most challenging type of cardio that gives Marine the fastest results.

Other forms of cardio Marine practices include outdoor walking, swimming, playing sports on the beach, etc.


Marine Smezz posing for a photo shoot sitting on a chair wearing a dress and high heels


Marine Smezz showcasing her awesome glutes

“Loving yourself is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Whatever makes you happy you owe it to yourself to make it happen. It won’t happen over night and you’ll probably have to work hard and make sacrifices but it’ll be sooo worth it! Go for it!”


Marine Smezz’s Balanced Diet

Marine eats mostly healthy and nutritious foods that allow her to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. She counts her calories and macro-ratio for each of her meals to realize her fitness goals for the day.

Some of the more common foods Marine eats include;

  • Green Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Lean Meats
  • Oats
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Heart-Healthy Fats (Avocado, Nuts, Olive Oil, etc.)

However, there are also times where Marine won’t track her diet ‘to the letter.’ She’ll allow herself a less healthy meal every now and then, as a reward for her hard work.


Marine Smezz showcasing her incredible legs and glutes in white jeans

Supplements Marine Smezz Takes

There are certain supplements Marine takes to compliment her diet. These include;

  • BCAAs
  • Protein Powder
  • Fish Oil
  • Multivitamin


Marine Smezz covering her bust with her hands looking curvy and fit


Marine Smezz posing in a photo shoot looking curvy and lean

“Thank you for all the love and the support. You guys help me and inspire me every day to be a better version of myself. Much love.”

What we can learn from Marine Smezz

Marine Smezz boasts an amazing figure which many people look up to. As a representative of the fitness lifestyle, her goal is to share her positive mindset and message with everyone who follows her.

Marine is also grateful for every one of her friends, family, and fans who support her on her journey. As she said; “Grateful and blessed for the people that fill my life with good energy, the ones that bring me knowledge, and those who love and support me.”

Her example has taught us one major lesson – fitness isn’t just about your own journey, it’s also about other people that are close to you. By improving yourself physically, and mentally, you indirectly affect other people around you – just like we saw in Marine Smezz’s example.

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