Mariah Stock showcasing her ripped arms at the outdoor gym

Mariah Stock

Bikini Competitor, Nutrition Coach

Mariah Stock is an Australian fitness enthusiast who’s lifted weights since 2011. During this time, she’s applied training and dieting principles to transform not only her physique – but career too. She’s placed in more than 8 contests and has 2 gold medals as a bikini athlete.

Often called the “Pull-up Queen,” due to her exceptional strength in this exercise, Mariah continues to make waves both on and off the bodybuilding stage.

Mariah Stock showcasing her amazing glutes in a bikini

“What do you do on your rest days? I‘m big on active rest days. I still like to get outside and do something, even if it’s just a walk…power walk?”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Mariah Stock
AustralianBikini Competitor, Nutrition Coach2010
ProfessionBikini Competitor, Nutrition Coach

Mariah Stock sunbathing on rock by the beach

“Know what you need to be happy – and if you find that something isn’t making you happy then that’s part of the journey which will bring you one step closer to knowing what will.”


As a bikini competitor, Mariah boasts 2 golden medals under her belt.

She also works as a nutrition coach, helping others achieve their fitness goals through healthy food choices.

Mariah Stock posing outdoors in a white bikini

Mariah Stock standing on stairs outdoors in a white bikini


Resistance Workouts

In total, Mariah trains 5-6 times per week. She aims to hit two or three body parts per session. For example; legs and abs, or chest, arms, and shoulders.

Mariah often changes her workouts so that her body never adapts. Sometimes she’ll change her training on a weekly basis. However, generally speaking, she tends to keep her training volume high with 12 or more reps per set. This stimulates blood flow into her muscles which improves the ‘pump’ and nutrient delivery.

Mariah will sometimes do 3-6 reps per set on deadlifts to strengthen the basis of her physique, including core and abs.

Mariah’s Cardio Routine

Mariah’s go-to cardio exercise is the treadmill. She likes how it targets all of her lower body, including glutes. However, when she has time, Mariah likes to run outdoors in the fresh air.

And while she recognizes the importance of cardio, Mariah doesn’t do it often. Instead, she prefers to rely on a clean diet when it comes to fat loss.

Mariah Stock standing on a beach in a bikini looking lean and fit


Mariah’s diet revolves around slow-acting carbs, good fats, and animal proteins. Here are some of the foods she eats:

  • Carbs: yams, oats, wild rice, fruits, and vegetables
  • Protein: chicken breast, ground beef, egg whites, cottage cheese
  • Fats: avocados, nuts & seeds, and olive oil

In regards to supplements, Mariah’s stack constantly changes depending on her goals. If she’s preparing for a contest, she’ll take multivitamin and mineral formula, along with fish oil to cover any nutritional gaps. But if she doesn’t compete, then Mariah will rely on whole food alone most of the time.

Mariah Stock showcasing her ripped abs

Mariah Stock sitting on a seesaw looking fit and lean

What we can learn from Mariah Stock

Mariah Stock has shown us that if we want something, we should go after it full speed. Mariah started her fitness journey in 2011 and within just a few years, transformed her entire life for the better. She’s built a fantastic physique, become a bikini competitor, and helped others with her nutritional advice.

Her story shows us what’s possible when you put your mind to something and keep going at it until you see it through.

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