Maira Reis shooting for a magazine

Maira Reis

Social Media Persona, Fitness Model

Maira Reis is a well-known Brazilian fitness personality and model. She’s been posting pictures of her strong and curvy physique on social media for years, which has led her to become an internet icon.

Maria is a hardworking and dedicated individual. Her purpose lies in achieving her goals in and out of fitness, along with helping others in any way she can. This attitude has attracted numerous fans to Maira’s online pages, a number which only continues to grow.

There’s much more to come from Maira – with her awesome figure and increasing influence on social media, she’s a name to look out for.


Maira Reis posing on a balcony showcasing her awesome glutes

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Maira Reis
BrazilianSocial Media Persona, Fitness Model2010
ProfessionSocial Media Persona, Fitness Model


Maira Reis enjoying a sunny day on the beach looking fit and curvy


Maira Reis posing by a tree branch during a photo shoot


  • TV and Internet Personality
  • Fitness Model


Maira Reis posing in a photo shoot


Maira Reis taking a selfie of her lean physique in a gym


Maira Reis trains hard and intense. When she enters the gym, she only has one goal in her mind – to have the best workout possible.

Her rest between sets is short. This keeps her heart rate up and works her muscles harder, serving her as both cardio and strength training.

Maira also enjoys mixing her workouts up from time to time. Sometimes, she might focus on her glutes, or sometimes, her abs. It all depends on what Maira’s goals are.

If she doesn’t travel, Maira will train up to six times per week in the gym. By training this often, she’s able to stay lean all year-round.


Maira Reis standing by the pool in her red bikini, looking fit and lean


Maira Reis posing for a photo in her exotic white dress, looking curvy


Maira’s body is not just a reflection of her hard work in the gym, but also her diet. She eats several small meal portions per day. Each meal has the optimal amount of proteins, fats, and carbs.

Proteins help Maira build muscle and stay lean. Carbs, on the other hand, fuel her muscles to have energy during her workouts. Lastly, fats help Maira maintain her overall health and serve as an additional energy source when needed by her body.


Maira Reis posing in her bikini for a photo


Maira Reis posing by the pool in a red bikini looking fit and lean

What we can learn from Maira Reis

Maira Reis leads a healthy and fit lifestyle – something that her awesome figure reflects. If there’s someone to look up to for inspiration in fitness, it would be Maira.

Her toned physique, and success on social media, is a testament that hard work pays off. Find a goal worth pursuing, stay dedicated, and don’t give up. With the similar mindset as Maira Reis, you too can turn your passions into a career.

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