Luz Elena Echeverria Molina stading in a field wearing a pink bikini smiling looking healthy and strong

Luz Elena Echeverria Molina

TV Fitness Celebrity

Luz Elena Echeverria Molina, or also known as ‘Lucecita Echeverria’ is a Colombian athlete who’s also a contestant of a popular Fitness Reality TV Show – ‘Desafío Súper Humanos’ (Super Human Challenge).

Lucecita has risen in popularity not only in Colombia, but also throughout the rest of the world as a dedicated athlete.

With years of hard work already behind her, and a clear path in front of her, Lucecita’s fitness journey has only just started.


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina weaning black gym clothes showing her glutes standing in a field

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Luz Elena Echeverria Molina
ColombianTV Fitness CelebrityLucecita Echeverria2010
ProfessionTV Fitness Celebrity
AliasLucecita Echeverria


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina flexing her glutes standing next to a swimming pool wearing a white bikini


Business & Fitness Successes

  • Reality TV Star – ‘Desafío Súper Humanos’ (Super Human Challenge).


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina standing in a field wearing a pink bikini modelling showing off her strong and healthy physique


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina standing in two pictures comparing her bodybuilding transformation

Luz Elena Echeverria Molina before and after her bodybuilding transformation.


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina taking a selfi in the gym showing her large leg muscles and rounded shoulders


Weekly Split

Like most South American female athletes, Lucecita likes to focus her training around lower body strength and size, more specifically her glutes and quads.

She’ll use a weekly split routine, where she trains one body part each day. This way, she’s able to either maintain her muscles mass, or build new muscle week after week.

Lucecita’s Favorite Exercises

Some of her favorite exercises are; the squat, sumo deadlift, lunges, hamstring kickback, and seated leg press. For her upper body, she likes to train her arms with dumbbell bicep curls, tricep extensions, and hammer curls.

As for her back, she uses the barbell bent over row, and lateral straight bar pull down to create a wider back. For her chest, some of the main exercises she utilizes are; the standard bench press, dumbbell flys, cable crossovers, incline press, and decline press.

For Lucecita’s strong core, she’s often seen doing plyometric core exercises, to help her explosiveness and agility. Such as side planks, forward facing planks, the standard sit ups and leg raises.


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina wearing tight gym trousers displaying her large muscular lega and ripped body from different angles


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina standing in two pictures side by side. One, where she's flexing her back muscles, and the other, facing the camera flexing her left bicep


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina stood against a wall while wearing a bikini looking fit and strong


Multiple Meals A Day

Lucecita not only knows the importance of a good workout plan, she also knows how to eat to make this happen. Lucecita chooses to eat a well-balanced meal every 2-3 hours, to help keep herself full and satisfied throughout the day.

She likes to base her macronutrients around lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, and natural fats such as nuts, and avocados – all of which help support Lucecita through her grueling workouts.


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina sitting on a rock next to the ocean wearing a bikini looking strong and healthy

Idols and Influences

Lucecita has not only gained inspiration from other fitness models, and bodybuilders throughout her years spent training, she’s also become an inspiration to fans all around the world.

With an ever growing army of followers, Lucecita shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Her passion for health and fitness is something she continues, to not only preach, but something she lives and breathes every day.


Luz Elena Echeverria Molina standing next to the ocean looking back wearing a swimsuit looking strong and healthy

What we can learn from Luz Elena Echeverria Molina

What we can learn form Lucecita is; with years of hard work and dedication, it’s possible to change the shape of your body, and in Lucecita’s case, to change her life completely.

She went from your average girl, to one of Colombia’s most recognized fitness personalities. If you want to build a life around fitness, following your passion, and by staying dedicated to your goals, and you to could make your goals into a reality – just like Lucecita Echeverria.

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