Luana Targino wearing a black and white bikini looking fit and lean

Luana Targino

Fitness Influencer, Social Media Personality

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Luana Targino has wowed the fitness world with pictures of her awesome figure. A holistic lifestyle practitioner and weightlifting enthusiast, Luana sets an example that many of her followers look up to.

There’s a huge amount of dedication and commitment that goes into Luana’s workouts. Upon entering the gym, Luana’s goal is to give her all in her training – always lifting hard and heavy.

This philosophy is something that Luana applies not only to her workouts, but also to her everyday life. No matter which challenge she faces, Luana sets the bar high and makes her goals happen.

With this attitude, she’s gained the affection of numerous fans, who now follow her journey every step of the way.

Luana Targino sitting on a floor, looking healthy and fit

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Luana Targino
BrazilianFitness Influencer, Social Media Personality2010
ProfessionFitness Influencer, Social Media Personality

Luana Targinoposing for a photo while in a gym

Luana Targino kneeling on a sand beach looking healthy and fit


  • Fitness/Social Media Influencer
  • Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner

Luana Targino taking a selfie of herself in a gym

Luana Targino sitting on the stairs with her sunglasses, looking fit and lean


Luana doesn’t find it hard to train for two or more hours in the gym. In fact, she finds long workouts to be extremely enjoyable, saying: “Time flies by when I train.” 

Her training sessions consist of different isolation and compound exercises, which enable her to sculpt and shape her muscles.

Luana also includes cardio in her workouts. As a fan of high-intensity training, she loves doing sprints, kettlebell swings, and swimming. However, Luana doesn’t like slow-paced types of cardio, believing they can be muscle wasting.

Luana Targino crouching down on the beach looking fit and toned

Luana Targino posing in a gym showing off her lean figure


As a holistic lifestyle practitioner, Luana bases her diet on healthy and unprocessed foods.“Straight from the Mother Earth,” as she would say.

Luana believes that no amount of training can compensate for a bad diet. For this reason, she structures her meal plan around lean proteins, complex carbs, and heart-healthy fats. Which allow her to maintain a healthy and fit physique.

Luana Targino posing on a beach looking fit and lean

Luana Targino showcasing her curvy glutes on a beach

What we can learn from Luana Targino

There’s a thing or two all of us can learn from Luana Targino.

She’s taught us that, no matter if you’re an experienced lifter or a beginner, you should always keep pushing forward in the gym and life. Don’t give up when things get challenging, but instead, keep going further.

Luana is yet another example of someone who takes their goals seriously and does whatever it takes to reach them. With the same attitude, you too can build a lifestyle of your dreams.

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