Lauren Tickner holding weight plates and smiling for a photo in a gym

Lauren Tickner

Entrepreneur, Fitness Model

Lauren Tickner is a fitness model and video blogger from Surrey, England. She’s been heavily bullied during high school for being overweight. In order to lose weight and improve her self-confidence, Lauren decided to put herself on an extreme fitness program.

Resorting to extremely strict diets and hours of cardio every day, Lauren lost an unhealthy amount of weight in a short space of time. As a result, her mental and physical health worsened, and she began suffering from anxiety episodes.

Lauren’s life turned around once she discovered weight training. After she changed her approach to train with heavy weights, along with following a more balanced diet, Lauren’s physical health improved. In the process, she also adopted a much stronger mindset – learning to push past negative comments from other people.

Ever since she started her transformation, Lauren has come a long way in life. She’s become a social media star and fitness model, and has inspired countless people with her incredible story.


Lauren Tickner leaning against a tree smiling, and showing her curvy glutes in grey leggings

“I think often, people think that just because somebody shares their life online means that they’re invincible. But, it doesn’t. People who share their lives online have feelings, get stressed, and are just normal people!!”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Lauren Tickner
BritishEntrepreneur, Fitness Model2010
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Fitness Model


Lauren Tickner doing battling ropes exercise

“Use your energy wisely. It is easy to spread yourself thin. But through focusing your effort more narrowly, you are able to remain goal-oriented and thus achieve outcomes much more smoothly and seamlessly.”


  • Fitness Entrepreneur
  • Social Media Personality
  • Model


Lauren Tickner taking a selfie of herself in a gym

“I want you to take small steps towards your end goal every single day, you will reap the rewards soon enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re not perfect, but if you’re trying your hardest that’s what matters.”


Developing Insecurities

While Lauren Ticker is a successful fitness model and entrepreneur today, she wasn’t always a model of health. During her early teens, she developed some unhealthy food habits, which led her to gain excess weight.

Every day after school, Lauren would eat copious amounts of chocolate, followed by pizza, or pasta and cheese. Although her parents encouraged her to eat healthier, Lauren wasn’t listening to them. As she said; My mum always offered me what she and my dad would be eating, yet I always declined: I was incredibly fussy and liked to stick to what I knew.”

In addition to her unhealthy diet, Lauren was also inactive in her youth. She “detested” exercise. Ultimately, this led her to develop feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem.


Lauren Tickner's morning-evening body transformation

Bullying in School

By the age of 12, Lauren’s insecurities only grew bigger. She says, she’d often edit photos of herself just to look smaller. When she was with her friends in school, she always felt large next to them, which in turn made her feel isolated.

Here’s Lauren talking about this ‘dark’ period in her life; I caked makeup on my face even at this young age because I hated how I looked and would always tell myself I was ugly.”

Over the years, things got worse and worse for Lauren. She became increasingly insecure about her looks, which seriously affected her self-esteem. But this wasn’t her only problem. She also had classmates who mocked her for her weight problems, calling her awful names.

In the words of Lauren; I was bullied at school for being ‘fat’. The boys in my year mocked me and called me ‘Maccy Ds’ due to my size and due to the fact that I had a shiny forehead.”

From one Extreme to Another

Because she was bullied for her overweight looks, Lauren decided to take some extreme measures to lose weight. She started by cutting her calories to an extremely low level. She also began doing excessive amounts of cardio every day. “It was the only way I believed weight could be lost,” says Lauren.

Over the next several months, Lauren’s ‘obsession’ with losing weight only increased. If she didn’t lose weight as fast as she wanted, Lauren would punish herself with extra cardio and even stricter diet regimens.

Lauren didn’t realize she had a problem. Until she was hit with panic attacks. During her last year in high school, Lauren became unable to live a normal life – suffering from serious anxiety episodes. She says it felt “like I was dying.” It was at this point Lauren decided to do something about her situation.


Lauren Tickner standing by a window overlooking a big city with skyscrapers

Trying Weight Training

Realizing she needed to find a healthier way to lose weight, Lauren started researching the internet. She’d type in terms such as “how to gain weight healthily,” which led her to the discovery of weight training.

One thing led to another, and Lauren gradually reduced her cardio, replacing it with weightlifting instead. While it wasn’t an easy process, Lauren was eventually able to achieve a healthy body transformation thanks to her new training regimen.


Lauren Tickner's amazing fitness transformation from 2014 to today

Lauren Tickner’s body transformation over the years.

Social Media Accounts and More Bullying

Inspired by her transformation, Lauren opened her social media accounts to post fitness-related content. She hoped she’d find other like-minded people on the internet, and possibly meet new friends who were on a similar journey as herself.

“I felt so isolated from all of my friends, as none of them were into fitness like I was, and it felt so good to be part of a like-minded community online.”

However, Lauren’s adversities still weren’t over. While she improved her looks and self-confidence, the bullying in school continued. During her A-levels, Lauren’s friends discovered her fitness page. Shocked by this, Lauren didn’t want to come to school out of fear that her friends would bully her again.

Lauren said;I knew for a fact that people were talking about me behind my back, taking the mick out of my page. One night, all of the boys had a gathering together, and while there, they posted an image, with the caption: ‘Thank you so much laurenfitness for my 90-day fitness meal plan’ – and then there were a load of hashtags such as #SponsorMePlease.”

Pushing Past the Negative Comments

The negative comments Lauren received made her feel terrible. At one point, she even thought of quitting her fitness journey because of the bullying. But she didn’t.

Over the months, Lauren learned to push past the criticism from her classmates – using it as a fuel to train hard with weights and achieve her goals in fitness.

Online Growth

Throughout the months, more and more people started following Lauren online. Before long, her food recipes and workout videos attracted an army of fans, which made her feel happy and proud of her accomplishments.

From there, Lauren looked and felt better than ever. Her problems with bullying soon became only a ‘distant memory.’ Now, for the first time in years, Lauren looked forward to what future held for her.


Lauren Tickner posing for a photo in an exotic dress looking curvy and fit

Bikini Competitions

Wanting to try new challenges, Lauren decided to test herself as a bikini competitor. Here’s Lauren talking about her experience competing;

“Competing in bikini competitions certainly changed me. I learned a lot about myself (physical and mental). I learned that I can persevere despite when I really want to quit, and I also learned that I get hangry very easily!

But in all seriousness, competing was one of the best things I have done for myself. I now feel as though I am able to handle a plethora of situations more calmly, and that I can make sensible decisions, even when I am exhausted and stressed.” – Lauren Tickner


Lauren Tickner standing on the beach showing off her lean and healthy physique for a photo


After trying competing, Lauren transitioned to powerlifting. In the process, she started the movement #StrengthFeed on her social media. The goal of the movement was to inspire people to become stronger in all areas of their life.

Thanks to her powerlifting-style training, Lauren’s strength grew above and beyond what she’d expected. While before, she trained at a high-rep range using light weights, Lauren now followed a heavy workout program consisting of compound lifts which improved her strength and muscle tone.


Lauren Tickner lifting heavy deadlifts during a powerlifting meet

Lauren Tickner Today

For the next several years, Lauren continued down the path of social media and fitness modeling. With each passing year, she was gaining more recognition among her fans, and was becoming the topic of many online fitness forums.

In recent times, Lauren has become known for her honest approach to fitness and life. She openly talks about various topics, including fitness – giving people honest advice on how to achieve what they want in life.


Lauren Tickner standing on a beach in a white bikini showcasing her curvy glutes and legs

“What do I do when I lack motivation?I take my mind back… back to why I started. Back to when I didn’t have what I have now. I think about where I would (or wouldn’t) be, had I never started. Or had I not been consistent. I do this in both fitness and business.”


Powerlifting Workouts

Lauren trains four times per week in the gym. All of her workouts are full-body sessions – this makes her training more intense and time-efficient.

She trains like a powerlifter, following a heavy compound exercise program which focuses on her major muscle groups – chest, legs, and back. Lauren says, she can bench press over her body weight, and deadlift two-times her own body weight.


Lauren Tickner exercising outdoors in her sportswear

Lauren Tickner’s Advice for Training

Exercising isn’t a chore for Lauren, it’s something she loves doing. She believes too many people force themselves to do the workout they don’t like, which is why they can’t get the results they want.

Here’s Lauren’s advice for achieving long-term results in fitness; “You don’t need to do what everybody else is doing just because it’s ‘cool’ or ‘on trend’. In order to get long-term results, it’s all about finding what you enjoy. This goes for both training and nutrition. You don’t need to train a certain way or eat a certain way.

There isn’t only one way to get the results you want! Remember, whatever you’re doing should be a compliment to your overall healthy lifestyle! Feeling like what you’re doing is a chore is not healthy. Health is mental as well as physical, never forget that!” – Lauren Tickner


Lauren Tickner's 2-year fitness transformation

“The beauty of intrinsic motivation, however, is that it stays with you. I am intrinsically motivated. Not only for the gym, but also to eat well, to work hard, and to do myself proud. It comes with time, but you need to love what you’re doing.”


Achieving Balance

During her early days in fitness, Lauren tracked every single calorie to lose weight. While she was successful in her aim, this approach left negative effects on her mental health. For this reason, Lauren began searching for healthier ways to lose weight.

Realizing that balance is key, Lauren decided to stop tracking her macros for a while and instead focus on eating clean foods. In the end, this approach enabled her to look and feel healthier.

In recent times, Lauren has started tracking her macros once again, but not to the extent she used to. Her diet now consists mostly of unprocessed foods, with an occasional ‘cheat meal’ here and there.


Lauren Tickner wearing a stylish dress looking curvy and fit

“I love what I am doing, both in the gym, with the way I eat, but also my job. My job is something that makes me jump out of bed every single morning super early – I love the life I have created for myself, and you can too.”

Idols and Influences

Lauren Tickner’s inspiration comes from her own successes. Seeing her transformation from overweight to healthy and fit is something that drives Lauren to seek new challenges on her path to greatness.

As Lauren says; “My inspiration comes from within. I always want to be the best I can be.. whether it be in or out of the gym, I want to be better than my former self.”


Lauren Tickner posing in a photo looking fit and lean

“You can create your dream life. Honestly, it’s possible. You have to take small steps towards that, and invest in yourself every single day, whether that be reading, listening to podcasts, exercising, taking time for yourself, investing in yourself or whatever makes you feel good!”

What we can learn from Lauren Tickner

Lauren Tickner has fought against bullying, weight issues, depression, and many other setbacks in her life. If there’s a person we all could look up to for inspiration, it would be Lauren.

Rising up to the challenges that life brought her, Lauren has since grown into a huge inspiration for people everywhere. She’s a prime example of what can be achieved with the right mindset.

Find your passion, have high ambitions, and never let others bring you down. Instead, put yourself up and work hard until your goals are met – just as Lauren Tickner did.

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