Laleska Bruschi posing for the photo looking lean and fit

Laleska Bruschi

Fitness Model

Laleska Bruschi is a fitness model from São Paulo, Brazil. She’s become a respected figure in the fitness world, thanks to her outstanding physique.

After starting her weightlifting journey, and opening her online profiles. Laleska has seen her career ‘soar.’ To the point that she’s now a world-renowned influencer and model.

Laleska’s passion is traveling the globe and advocating a healthy lifestyle. She continues to inspire others with her dazzling pictures on social media – showing what’s possible with clear focus and daily commitment to one’s goals.

Laleska Bruschi sitting on a boat in a black bikini looking at the distance and smiling

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Laleska Bruschi
BrazilianFitness Modellalabruschi2010
ProfessionFitness Model

Laleska Bruschi posing for a photo looking cury and fit with her awesome glutes


  • Fitness Athlete and Model
  • Social Media Influencer

Laleska Bruschi posing in front of a mirror looking fit and lean

Laleska Bruschi taking a selfie of her awesome physique standing by training machines


Consistent Progress

Laleska likes to mix different training methods. However, it’s clear to see she likes to keep her workouts intense and heavy to achieve a sculpted physique.

After years of trial and error in the gym, she’s built a routine which helps her achieve consistent progress. This method is called progressive overload.

With this method, Laleska slowly adds more weight to each exercise. She does this month after month, and year after year, which over time has enabled her to sculpt the figure she has today.

Laleska Bruschi taking a photo of herself after a long and exhausting gym session, looking sweaty and fit

Laleska Bruschi showing off her awesome glutes in a gym


Like many fitness models, Laleska knows the importance of a clean diet. She uses her extensive experience to create a diet that caters to her goals. A diet that consists of lean protein, slow-acting carbs, good fats, and plenty of fiber.

Laleska enjoys filling each meal with nutritious foods; this helps her replenish nutrients that she loses through her long and exhausting workouts.

Laleska Bruschi posing for the camera looking awesome, fit, and lean

Laleska Bruschi posing in a bikini looking curvy and fit

What we can learn from Laleska Bruschi

The main lesson to learn from Laleska Bruschi is; consistency is key. If you stay committed to your goals day in and day out, then you don’t need to depend on luck to achieve your dreams; instead, you’ll be your own creator of success.

With consistent work on your craft, you’ll become a master at anything you do. If you need some motivation to kickstart your journey, then look no further than Laleska’s example – it could be the very ‘kick’ you need to start your own story of success.

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