Kelly Karina flexing for the photo looking ripped and toned

Kelly Karina

Wellness Athlete

Kelly Karina is a wellness athlete and fitness expert from Cuiabá, Brazil. She helps her fans lead a fit lifestyle by posting training and diet videos online.

However, like many athletes, Kelly wasn’t always an expert in weight training. When she first entered the weight room, she had to learn the basics through her own trial and error. With each new workout, she kept pushing further and further.

As Kelly’s experience improved, so did her physique. In time, people would start asking her for advice on training. It was at this point Kelly realized she could make a living out of her passion for the ‘iron.’ Kelly now uses her posts to not only educate but also inspire others to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Kelly Karina posing for a picture with her ripped abs

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Kelly Karina
BrazilianWellness Athlete2010
ProfessionWellness Athlete

Kelly Karina sitting on a bench in the gym while taking a photo of her awesome legs

Kelly Karina showcasing her curvy glutes on a beach


  • Wellness Athlete
  • Training Expert

Kelly Karina posing by a hyperextension bench

Kelly Karina takng a selfie of her ripped abs


Although Kelly loves doing cardio, she doesn’t overdo it because she believes it can be ‘muscle-wasting.’

Her secret to a toned and fit physique lies in creating a structured training schedule and sticking at it. She trains heavy, and is a big fan of compound exercises like squats.

Rest days aren’t usually a part of Kelly’s routine. Even when she doesn’t train in the gym, she’ll do some sort of cardio – either outdoors or on a treadmill at home. She believes that a key to good health lies in staying active every day.

Kelly Karina taking a picture of her toned body in grey leggings during a gym workout

Kelly Karina posing on the beach showing off her lean abs


When it comes to staying as ripped as Kelly, there are a few rules she follows to achieve this. Rule number one is to avoid sweets and sugars. The only fluids she drinks are water and green tea. On occasion, she’ll break this rule but not too often.

Rule number two in Kelly’s diet is to only eat wholesome foods. She avoids processed meats, fast food burgers, and other foods that could lead her to gain fat.

Last but not least, Kelly prefers preparing her own meals in advance, instead of eating out. This way, she not only saves money but also avoids temptations she’d be presented with every time she enters a restaurant.

Kelly Karina posing for a picture with Jay Cutler

Kelly Karina and Jay Cutler in a photo.

Kelly Karina showcasing her awesome legs while sitting on a bench in the gym

What we can learn from Kelly Karina

Achieving the same level of fitness as Kelly Karina is clearly not an easy feat. Looking at her diet and training, she has to sacrifice many pleasures to keep her admirable body. But that’s something that doesn’t present a problem for her. She enjoys the fitness lifestyle and is excited about maintaining a ripped figure.

Something to learn from Kelly Karina is that you’re presented with choices to grow stronger every day, however small they might be. By choosing the more difficult route, and avoiding instant pleasures, you set yourself up for a long-term success.

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