Katie Jean showing off her toned glutes in a photo shoot

Katie Jean

Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model

Katie Jean is a fitness model, bikini competitor, and lifestyle blogger from Australia. She’s competed in fitness shows ever since 2012, claiming a runner-up spot at the 2017 Arnold Classic and 1st place at the New Zeland Pro. However, Katie didn’t always plan to become an athlete.

Initially, Katie’s only goal was live a healthy life. She said; “As a kid, I followed my mother along to the gym each day where she was often the only female in the weights room. Mum’s always trained hard & lead a healthy lifestyle, which is why my passion for wellness is so strong, she’s been the best role model possible.” – Katie Jean

It wasn’t until some of Katie’s friends encouraged her to try bikini shows, that she decided to embark on her competitive journey. Since then, she’s grown into an accomplished coach and fitness athlete with over 22 contests under her belt.

Katie Jean taking a selfie of her firm glutes in a bikini in her bedroom

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Katie Jean
Under 115lbs (52.2kg)5'3" (160cm)AustralianBikini Competitor, Fitness Model
WeightUnder 115lbs (52.2kg)
Height5'3" (160cm)
ProfessionBikini Competitor, Fitness Model

Katie Jean running in her sports clothes



2017 Bikini

  • 1st – New Zealand Pro/Am Open Short Class
  • 2nd – New Zealand Pro Qualifier
  • 8th – Arnold Classic Australia Open Short Class
  • 2nd – Melbourne Championships, Open Class
  • 2nd – Arnold Classic Australia Model Search

2016 IFBB Bikini

  • 1st – Victorian Championships, Open Class
  • 2nd – Melbourne Champions, Open Class
  • 3rd – Bendigo Country Classic, Open Class
  • 3rd – Amanda Doherty All Female Classic, Open Class
  • 6th – Nationals South Pacific Pro Qualifier, Open Class

2015 IFBB Bikini

  • 1st – Amanda Doherty All Female Classic, Novice Class
  • 2nd – Amateur Olympia, Open Short Class
  • 3rd – Victorian Championships, Open Class
  • 3rd – Arnold Classic Australia, Open Short Class

2013 IFBB Bikini

  • 1st – Victorian Championships, First Timers
  • 4th – Nationals Australian Championships, Juniors

2013 Bikini Other Federations

  • 2nd – INBA Victoria
  • 3rd – WFF Victoria
  • 4th – ANB Victoria
  • 4th – INBA Australia
  • 6th – INBA Open Australia


  • 1st – ASN Contest

Katie Jean taking a picture of her lean and bulging abs in the gym while smiling at the camera

Katie Jean smiling and sitting on the beach with a pineapple drink in her hands, wearing a black bikini, looking fit


Specific Goals For Every Workout

Katie Jean likes to set a specific goal for every workout. For example, when she lifts weights, her goal is to strengthen her muscles in her chest, shoulders, and back.

When doing cardio, Katie’s aim is to lean out her legs and glutes, along with keeping a low overall body fat.

She also does a lot of gymnastics and yoga. These two activities help Katie improve her skills and flexibility.

“I believe it’s important to go into a session with a goal in mind, it helps hold you accountable to try your hardest throughout your workout & onwards. “

Katie Jean's bikini transformation before-after

Katie’s Weekly Training Plan

Since Katie likes to mix up her training by listening to her body, she has a variety of workout plans that she constantly switches between. Here’s one of these;

  • Monday – HIIT & 30-minute jog
  • Tuesday – Upper body weights & gymnastics or dancing
  • Wednesday – Glutes & 30-minute jog
  • Thursday – Upper body & yoga
  • Friday – HIIT & 30-minute jog
  • Saturday – Upper body & yoga
  • Sunday – Walk my dogs & yoga

Katie Jean taking a selfie of her toned and lean body in sports clothes in her bedroom

Jogging as Cardio

In her early competitive days, Katie did both slow and fast-paced cardio (HIIT) to reduce body fat.

Since then, she’s found that her body responds best to the more steady types of cardio, such as jogging.

At first, she didn’t love this activity, but now, it’s one of her favorites. As Katie says;

“I actually dreaded the idea of this at the start! But now I totally love each run now! I enjoy a constant challenge & I find the time actually goes really fast – I end up jogging for longer than the 30-minutes outlined on my program! ” – Katie Jean

Nowadays, whenever Katie’s getting ready for a show, she’ll throw in a couple of jogging sessions each week to maximize fat loss.

Katie Jean posing on the rock cliff by the sea, looking fit and lean

“What’s your favorite brunch? I always crave savory, but once I look at the menu I’m swayed by the sweet goodness. An example would be peanut butter smoothie bowls.”


A Vegetarian Diet

Katie has been a vegetarian since she was 2. She’d tried eating meat on several occasions, since her coaches suggested it, but Katie said she always “struggled to get my head around the idea of eating something that goes against my grain.”

Nowadays, Katie enjoys different types of vegetarian foods. These include blueberries, whole wheat bread, lemons, avocado, dark leafy greens, eggs, mixed vegetables, peanut butter, bananas, sauerkraut, tofu, and quinoa.

Dieting For a Show

Katie’s never been extremely strict with her diet, as she says; “I have a reputation within the competitive industry for not actually dieting too hard or long for my shows.”

Katie’s approach to dieting is balanced, she never restricts herself too much, but also knows when it’s time to cut back on calories. She lets her body’s signals guide her in deciding what to eat.

“What changes most in my diet with comp-preps is small things like, I stop going out for brunch! I restrict myself a little bit by making better choices, but that’s really as far as it goes!”

Katie Jean standing half-way in the sea in her white bikini and smiling for the photo

Katie Jean posing with the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger

Katie Jean with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What we can learn from Katie Jean

Katie has shown us that you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing to build a healthy physique. She’s a vegetarian, and has her own set of rules for preparing for a show.

She doesn’t restrict her calories, she doesn’t eat chicken and broccoli with each meal, but instead, eats a variety of foods that nourish her body. Although this isn’t what most athletes do while getting ready for a show, it’s what works best for Katie.

The key lesson we can learn from her, is that you should follow your own path in life. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Show your uniqueness to the world and the success will sooner or later knock on your doorstep.

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