Karolina Marreiro posing in a photo shoot looking curvy and fit

Karolina Marreiro

Wellness Athlete, Miss Universe

Karolina Marreiro is known around the globe as the Brazilian Wellness Champion. Her success as a fitness competitor has seen her become extremely popular on internet platforms, where she now has a large number of followers.

However, Karolina didn’t always plan on becoming a fitness icon. It wasn’t until 2013, after graduating from college, when she set new goals in her life. It was at this point she set out on a mission to build the best figure possible.

From there on, Karolina started to work out extremely hard, along with eating a clean diet. It wasn’t long before her results became apparent. In a matter of months, Karolina built an incredible figure – boasting bulging and ripped abs, toned legs, and aesthetic upper body.

Spurred on by her transformation, she decided to take her fitness journey a step further by competing. Impressively, Karolina started to win competition after competition. New victories kept on coming, as she improved in not only her figure but also success and recognition – becoming a fitness and social media influencer.

Karolina Marreiro posing for a photo showcasing her curvy legs

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Karolina Marreiro
BrazilianWellness Athlete, Miss Universe2010
ProfessionWellness Athlete, Miss Universe

Karolina Marreiro posing for a photo looking lean and strong

Karolina Marreiro posing with a trophy in her hands


  • Miss Universe 2016
  • Overall South American Champion 2015
  • Brazilian Wellness Champion


  • Faculdade Catedral de Boa Vista, Pharmacy, 2013/2014

Karolina Marreiro taking a picture of herself training in the gym

Karolina Marreiro making a protein shake in the kitchen, her glutes and legs looking incredibly curvy and toned


In order to sculpt her amazing glutes, Karolina likes to incorporate various compound exercises into her routine. These include jump squats, barbell squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts, to name just a few.

In addition to compound movements, Karolina also sometimes trains with isolation exercises. These exercises help her target specific muscle in her body, such as glutes. Her favorite isolation movement is a glute kick-back.

Karolina Marreiro displaying her strong and toned legs and glutes

Karolina Marreiro taking a selfie of her curvy legs and glutes


Karolina doesn’t like to restrict herself too much with her diet. Instead, she aims to follow the 80/20 rule.

This means she’ll eat healthy and nutritious food most of the time, with an occasional cheat meal here and there to reward herself for her hard work.

Karolina Marreiro posing for a photo in a red t-shirt showing off her muscular and feminine legs

Karolina Marreiro posing in a photo in her bikini, looking curvy and fit from the back

What we can learn from Karolina Marreiro

Karolina has shown an enormous amount of perseverance and willingness to succeed on her fitness journey.

This has allowed her to sculpt an amazing physique – becoming a wellness competitor and social media personality in the process.

If there’s something to learn from her, it would be this: push past the obstacles and never lose sight of your dreams. As long as you keep going forward, the success will sooner or later reach your doorstep.

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