Karol Prado posing in a professional photo shoot looking fit and curvy

Karol Prado

Fitness Model, Digital Marketing Specialist

Karol Prado is famous around the globe for her curvy and fit body. Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Karol has a huge online following that keeps on growing year after year.

Because of her strong online influence, Karol is constantly presented with new opportunities in her career. She’s often sought after by high-profile fashion & fitness agencies for photo shoots and traveling.

Karol’s goal for the future is to grow an even bigger audience, and to inspire other women to become the fittest versions of themselves.

Karol Prado posing inside a yacht looking curvy and fit

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Karol Prado
BrazilianFitness Model, Digital Marketing Specialist2010
ProfessionFitness Model, Digital Marketing Specialist

Karol Prado posing in three different pictures looking fit and lean

Karol Prado looking curvy and aesthetic in a fitness photo shoot


  • Online Fitness Influencer
  • Digital Marketing Specialist

Karol Prado sitting on a cardio machine after a sweaty workout

Karol Prado taking a selfie in a yoga and fitness rom


Lots of Sets and Reps

When training in the gym, Karol’s goal is to do many sets and reps to make her muscles ‘burn.’

She typically does 3-5 sets per exercise. In terms of the rep range, it’s between 12-16 per set.

Karol aims at doing at least 20 or more sets per workout. This allows her to fully exhaust her muscles, making them stronger for the next time she enters the weight room.

Karol Prado taking a selfie of her toned abs in a fitness gym

Favorite Cardio

One of Karol’s favorite type of cardio is swimming. This activity improves Karol’s lung capacity and overall health, along with toning her entire physique.

However, with her busy lifestyle, Karol doesn’t always have time to swim. In such cases, she’ll opt for a short and intense type of cardio such as sprints or kettlebell swings.

Karol Prado leaning against a wall in the gym with weights and fitness instructors, looking curvy and fit


Karol’s meal plan is structured around plenty of proteins and good fats. While she doesn’t eat a keto or low-carb diet, she still aims at restricting her carb intake to having them only before and after her workouts.

In other words, Karol will only eat carbs before, and after she trains. This strategic approach allows her to fuel her muscles when they need energy the most – during her strenuous workouts.

Karol isn’t a huge fan of protein shakes or smoothies. She prefers getting her nutrients exclusively from whole food sources, such as egg whites, low-fat yogurt, black beans, dark green vegetables, etc.

Karol Prado posing for a photo showing off her toned figure

Karol Prado standing in a green bikini looking fit and lean

What we can learn from Karol Prado

Karol Prado is admired by fans thanks to her awesome figure and motivational posts online. With her growing recognition, there’s no telling what the future holds in store for Karol.

One key lesson she’s taught us is to always aim at improving in anything that you do. Whether that’s in fitness, business, or something else. This mindset will allow you to continue progressing on your journey towards success and self-actualization.

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