Jen Butters posing looking fit and lean

Jen Butters

Fitness Model, Personal Trainer

Jen Butters is a fitness model and personal coach from the USA. She blew onto the scene after uploading pictures of herself online flexing her awesome abs and legs.

Jen initially started training to improve how she looked and felt. When she saw how well her body changed and grew from training, she quickly became addicted to fitness.

After months of hard work, she sculpted an aesthetic physique and decided to help others achieve the same. To this end, she opened her online profiles and started sharing fitness advice with everyone who followed her. Ever since then, she’s grown into a social media personality and fitness coach who helps “women get happy, healthy & confident”.

Here’s more of Jen:

Jen Butters taking a fit gym selfie

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Jen Butters
AmericanFitness Model, Personal Trainer2010
ProfessionFitness Model, Personal Trainer

Jen Butters showcasing her curvy legs and glutes


  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Model
  • Online Personality

Jen Butters flexing her muscles for a gym selfie


Sculpting her amazing figure took years of consistency and effort, both in and out of the gym. But maintaining what she’s achieved is just as hard.

Jen aims to train with weights 5-7 times per week. However, due to her responsibilities as a fitness model and coach, this isn’t always possible.

When she doesn’t have a lot of time to train, Jen will increase her workout intensity to compensate.

For example, she’ll do more reps in a shorter space of time, along with adding drop sets and supersets to finish the workout earlier.

Jen Butters posing in a fitness bikini outfit


In regards to Jen’s nutrition, it’s all strict and clean. Her meals revolve around the three main macronutrients; fats, carbohydratess, and proteins.

She likes to eat fatty fish and grass-fed meat, including salmon, beef, and poultry.

Jen’s carbs also come from healthy sources, including yams, brown rice, and quinoa.

As for fats, Jen gets them from cold-pressed oils such as olive oil and macadamia oil. She also eats avocados, nuts, and egg yolks as other sources of healthy fats. In terms of omega-3 fatty acids, Jen gets them from fatty fish and supplements.

Jen Butters showcasing her curvy glutes during a music festival

Jen Butters flexing her biceps in a gym selfie

What we can learn from Jen Butters

Jen Butters has shown us the power of having a vision and executing on it. Jen wanted to have a healthier and fitter body, and within months of hard work, she started to turn this goal into a reality.

With the same level of dedication, who knows what you can achieve in your own life.

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