Isabella Buscemi posing for a photo looking curvy and fit

Isabella Buscemi

Published Fitness, Lingerie, and Swimsuit Model

Isabella Buscemi is a fitness and internet personality who’s modeled for various sports, lingerie, and swimwear brands. She’s been featured in a number of fitness magazines, as well as modeling contests around the world.

In 2017, Isabella placed first in a prestigious competition for the best magazine cover model. Year after year, she beats her old accomplishments and sets new milestones in her career.

Isabella is admired by fans from around the world, who support her every step of the way. She pays it back by sharing her workout videos and giving advice on how to lead a fit, healthy, and rewarding lifestyle.

Isabella Buscemi posing in her lingerie looking fit and toned

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Isabella Buscemi
HeightAgeDate of BirthNationality
5'5" (165cm)25May 23, 1997American
Published Fitness, Lingerie, and Swimsuit Model2010
Height5'5" (165cm)
Date of BirthMay 23, 1997
ProfessionPublished Fitness, Lingerie, and Swimsuit Model

Isabella Buscemi showing off her curvy and fit glutes in lingerie


  • Published Fitness, Lingerie, and Swimsuit Model
  • Internet Personality

Isabella Buscemi posing by a pool in a red bikini

Isabella Buscemi displaying her glutes in a modeling photo shoot


Isabella has always kept a consistent training schedule, but unlike some fitness models, she only trains with high repetitions – around 14 per set. She prioritizes high-volume training over anything else, believing this is the secret to attaining a curvy and toned look.

Isabella usually trains multiple muscle groups per workout, except her legs. She dedicates an entire workout to her lower body, due to the sheer training volume and difficulty of leg and glute exercises.

Isabella Buscemi posing by a tree in her black lingerie looking fit and lean

Isabella’s Cardio Routine

Isabella likes to mix things up when it comes to cardio. This helps her avoid stagnation, and it also keeps her body ‘guessing.’

On the intense-workout days, Isabella enjoys doing High-Intensity Interval Training. On the other hand, when she wants to take it easy, she’ll do some lighter type of cardio, such as jogging or walking on a treadmill.

Isabella Buscemi taking a photo of her awesome glutes

Isabella Buscemi in two different poses looking healthy and fit


Isabella strongly believes in balance when it comes to eating foods. She eats a diet that she enjoys, while still paying attention to her daily macros.

Isabella isn’t a huge fan of eating chicken and rice all the time. She believes it’s not necessary since she can meet her daily calories by eating much tastier foods.

However, this doesn’t mean Isabella will eat junk food. She avoids sugars and processed meats, but still eats calorie dense meals consisting of healthy oils, steaks, and fatty fish. These foods give her the proteins necessary to keep her muscles firm and toned, along with keeping her taste buds happy.

Isabella Buscemi relaxing in her bikini looking fit

Isabella Buscemi posing for a lignerie modeling photo shoot

What we can learn from Isabella Buscemi

Isabella Buscemi has shown us that everyone should have an ambition they strive towards. For Isabella, that’s modeling and motivating others through her example.

In your case, this might be fitness or anything else that you have a passion for. As long as you put in the ‘reps,’ success will eventually come.

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