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Ellie Robinson

Sponsored Fitness Model

Ellie Robinson wasn’t always in amazing shape like she’s today. In fact, the whole reason why Ellie started her fitness journey was because she suffered from bulimia. This terrible disorder sent Ellie into a downward spiral, both physically and emotionally.

“I was consumed by food – thinking about it, talking about it, eating it! I developed a major fear of going into supermarkets and would get really bad anxiety thinking I was taking too long to decide what I wanted and that people were looking at me! Most of the time I’d end up leaving with nothing because I just could not decide.”

After months of struggle, Ellie was introduced to the fitness lifestyle. She decided to give it a go, desperate to try anything to change her situation. She started training in the gym, several times per week, along with introducing more foods into her diet.

Needless to say, this transition didn’t happen overnight. But, eventually, Ellie’s relationship with food started changing for the better. She now inspires other women with her story, showing them that no matter what struggle they might be going through, there’s always a way out.

Ellie Robinson taking a selfie of her curvy glutes

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Ellie Robinson
BritishSponsored Fitness Modelellieerobinson_fit2010
ProfessionSponsored Fitness Model

Ellie Robinson smiling and posing in a bikini


  • Fitness Blogger
  • Model
  • Influencer and Brand Ambassador

Ellie Robinson's body transformation from underweight and suffering from bulimia, to fit

Ellie Robinson before she overcame bulimia, and now.

Ellie Robinson showing off her toned and curvy backside to the camera


Training When Busy

During her college days, Ellie had to juggle studying and exams with her fitness goals. It’s clear to see this was no easy task.

“Generally, students have a bad rep for being incredibly unhealthy and lazy- we either gain weight from lack of exercise, excessive alcohol, and the inability to feed ourselves properly. Or we lose weight from being too busy, not having enough money or other substances.” – Ellie Robinson

However, Ellie created a few rules that helped her stay on track with her training even on the busiest of days. These included;

  • Training at evening – This is Ellie’s favorite time to train because she’s got all of her work out of the way by then. Evenings are also usually a quiet time where Ellie’s got the entire gym for herself, and is able to train in peaceful solitude.
  • Increase Intensity – Bumping up the training intensity with short rest doesn’t only speed up Elle’s metabolism. It also helps her to finish her workouts faster.
  • Do a little every day – Ellie says, it’s not necessary to ‘smash it’ in every workout. What counts is that she went to the gym despite not feeling like going. Consistent good workouts are better than inconsistent perfect workouts in Ellie’s eyes.

Ellie Robinson's transformation in fitness before-after


Ellie is a big proponent of eating clean; however, she never neglects her body’s signals. If she feels a craving for something sweet, she’ll eat it, while still being mindful of her total calorie intake for the day.

Ellie Robinson posing for the photo looking healthy and fit

Ellie Robinson taking a selfie of her lean body in a black bikini

What we can learn from Ellie Robinson

Ellie Robinson fought a severe eating disorder called bulimia. Her road to recovery wasn’t easy, but through fitness, she was able to come out on the other side – more successful and happier than ever.

What we can learn from her story, is that you too can use any obstacle that life puts in front of you to your advantage. Perhaps, you can use it as a fuel that will motivate you to make a change, and never look back – just like Ellie Robinson did.

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