Elah Bittencourt standing in a pool and smiling at the camera, flexing her ripped abs

Elah Bittencourt

Fitness Model, Wellness Competitor

Elah Bittencourt is a Brazilian fitness model and IFBB Wellness competitor. She began her fitness journey in 2010, when she joined the gym for the first time in her life.

Six years later, Elah took part in her first ever contest; taking home 3rd place in the 2016 edition of SulBrasileiro competition. But this was just the beginning of Elah’s impressive record on the stage.

Just a few months later, she won the 2016 CopaNorte show, followed by another high placing at the Paranaense 2017 contest.

Elah has since become widely recognized for her success on the stage, and her awesome figure. This is her story:


Elah Bittencourt standing in the room showing her flexed abs and legs

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Eláh Bittencourt
115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)5'1" (155cm)BrazilianFitness Model, Wellness Competitor
Weight115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
Height5'1" (155cm)
ProfessionFitness Model, Wellness Competitor


Elah Bittencourt posing in a classy dress with her ripped abs revealed


  • Paranaense 2017, 3rd Place
  • CopaNorte 2016, 1st Place
  • SulBrasileiro 2016, 3rd Place


Elah Bittencourt standing by the sea, looking fit and lean


An Active Background

Elah Bittencourt was someone who always loved to take care of her body and health. Growing up, she did a lot of competitive running, volleyball, and even some martial arts.

Her interest in fitness however, came sometime later, in 2010. Around this time, Elah started receiving comments from her friends that she should consider a career in fitness, as she had a strong and athletic build.

Elah liked the idea, and decided she would give fitness a try. She started going to the gym, at first doing a lot of traditional aerobic and cardio exercises, later, turning to a strength-based training program.


Elah Bittencourt standing in the gym and smiling at the camera

Elah’s Competition Beginnings

Elah’s switch in her training routine was followed by changes in her physique – shortly after she started training with weights, Elah began noticing increases in her strength, fitness, and muscle tone.

This motivated her to push herself even harder in the gym, to see how far she could go in terms of physical progress.

At one point, Elah became curious to see how her physique would fare against other female bodybuilders; deciding to give fitness competitions a try.

She began researching the topic of competing, before taking part in her first Wellness competition several weeks later.


Elah Bittencourt showing her ripped back

Internet Celebrity

During her time competing, Elah managed to bring home some impressive trophies and results. Those include winning the 2016 CopaNorte contest, and placing top 3 at the 2016 SulBrasileiro and the 2017 Paranaense.

In addition to her success on the Wellness stage, Elah also started growing in popularity on the web. Pictures of her awesome and lean physique appeared all over the internet, allowing her to make a name for herself in the fitness industry.

Today, Elah is a fitness celebrity in Brazil; looking set to become even more popular in the coming years.


Elah Bittencourt taking a selfie of her awesome physique


Form Over Weights

While Elah often mentions how she loves training with heavy weights. She also stresses the importance of using the perfect form when training.

In fact, Elah is ready to sacrifice as much weight as necessary in order to perform the exercise with the perfect form.

“The most important thing is to perform each exercise accurately in order to maximally work on the muscle groups,” says Elah.


Elah Bittencourt standing on the beach and posing for the camera showing her ripped physique


Strict Dieting

To achieve her impressive results in fitness contests, Elah had to cut out all of the sugars and almost all sodium from her diet.

“It’s all very restricted, zero sweet and almost zero salt.”

For the last 4 weeks of her preparations, it was really difficult – Elah only ate lean proteins such as chicken breasts, white fish, and egg whites. Without adding any seasonings or sauces.

It was hard, but at the end, it massively paid off. She received two top 3 placings, and 1 trophy.


Elah Bittencourt posing in a bikini, looking ripped and stage ready

What we can learn from Elah Bittencourt

If we could take just one thing out of Elah Bittencourt’s example, it would be the same as with many other fitness athletes – dedication and hard work beat everything else.

If you’re serious about your goal, be it in for fitness or something else, you should be willing to work ‘around-the-clock’. This is one of the only ways to achieve greatness in anything you do – just like we’ve seen with Elah Bittencourt.

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