Diana Rinatovna posing in her competitive bikini outfit looking fit and lean

Diana Rinatovna

Bikini Athlete, Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

Originally from St. Petersburg but now residing in Miami, Florida, Diana Rinatovna is a famed fitness model and bikini athlete who has an enviable online following.

After making her name in the bikini contests in America, Diana decided to take it a step further by opening her online profiles and sharing fitness advice with others.

Pictures of her lean and curvaceous physique quickly drew the attention of onlookers, leading Diana to become a fitness influencer in her own right. Not only that, but Diana is now also a respected personal trainer and health coach – here’s how she looks today;

Diana Rinatovna posing in a bikini by the lake looking fit and lean

“Burn out the feeling of self-doubt with the fire of action. The battle between you and your mind is strong but you are stronger. The battle will be fierce, some days harder than others but be relentless.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Diana Rinatovna
RussianBikini Athlete, Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer2010
ProfessionBikini Athlete, Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

Diana Rinatovna standing on a rock looking fit and curvy

“The world is going to judge you, no matter what you do! So live your life the way you want to!”


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Health Coach
  • Bikini Athlete

Diana Rinatovna taking a gym selfie

Diana Rinatovna showing off her curvy glutes outdoors by the beach

“Don’t let the world have you thinking it’s not okay to love yourself. You must first learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else properly.”


Diana didn’t always know everything about training like today.

When she started working out, her goal was to attain a leaner and well-shaped figure. To this end, she began researching various fitness forums and articles, looking for any information that would help her reach her goals.

In time, Diana’s knowledge grew, and so did her physique. Throughout the years, she’s become a master of her training.

She now uses various techniques, from cardio and weightlifting to stretching – to maintain her awesome figure year-round.

Diana Rinatovna doing dumbbell rows in the gym

Diana Rinatovna posing by the sea in her bikini, looking fit

“Not caring what people think will be the best choice you’ll ever make.”


Training is just half of the job Diana has to do in order to stay lean. She also pays close attention to her diet.

As Diana says;  “Although fitness training and exercise are necessary to achieve specific results physically, your diet is typically 75% of successful weight loss or maintenance.”

There’s rarely ever an occasion where Diana eats a ‘cheat meal’. Her meal plan is strict and planned in advance. This way, Diana ensures that her physique stays in top shape at all times.

Diana Rinatovna posing for a picture looking fit and lean

Diana Rinatovna doing a resistance bad exercise outdoors

“Feed the voice you want to grow and let that be your guide to greatness. No matter how hard the battle and how steep the climb – don’t give up!”

What we can learn from Diana Rinatovna

Diana Rinatovna is a highly accomplished fitness athlete and role model for many people.

Her curvy body, as well as her success as a bikini competitor, has seen her become an influencer across social media platforms.

If there’s something Diana has shown us, it’s that success rarely comes overnight. Instead, it’s the result of consistent work towards your goals, day after day, until you see them through.

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