Dani Balbino standing next to a tree wearing a blue swimsuit looking strong and lean

Dani Balbino

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Dani Balbino AKA ( danibalbino ) is an IFBB Pro athlete from Brazil who won the overall Women’s Physique Arnold Classic of 2013 – along with other illustrious titles. She’s become famous in her home country, along with the rest of the world, for her incredible figure, which took years to create.

Dani always had a passion for fitness while growing up. She graduated in physical education with a postgraduate degree in Bodybuilding and Strength Training, alongside working as a gym teacher for a number of years.

She’s also a Body Fitness Athlete for the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) in Brazil. Along with being the Alagoana Champion in 2010, and Vice Champion for the North-Northeast in 2011.

With an ever growing fan-base, and an increasing passion for the sport, there’s no signs of Dani slowing down.


Dani Balbino showing her back and glutes to the camera in teh gym

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Dani Balbino
BrazilianIFBB Pro Bodybuilderdanibalbino2010
ProfessionIFBB Pro Bodybuilder


Dani Balbino standing in the gym smiling flexing her right bicep



  • Overall Women’s Physique Arnold Classic 2013
  • 3rd Brasileiro IFBB 2012
  • 2nd Norte Nordeste IFBB 2011
  • 1st Alagoano IFBB 2010


Dani Balbino standing in the gym flexing both of her biceps and chest



Dani Balbino holding a weight over her head looking strong and ripped


High Volume & Heavy Weight

Dani likes to focus her training around heavy weights, and high volume most of the year. Her huge, strong, and symmetrical muscles have been created through years of hard work, sacrifice, and careful planning.

She’s managed to achieve this by using a variety of training methods. Such as; high volume with less weight for hypertrophy, and heavy weight and less reps for strength and muscle density.


Dani Balbino taking a selfi in the gym with huge biceps


Careful Planning

As Dani has a ripped physique most of the year, she knows how to make the most of her meal preparation each week.

Dani focuses on lean proteins in every meal, alongside healthy, and clean carbohydrates for energy, and growth when she’s bulking.

For recover, and hormone health, Dani eats a variety of fats, such as nuts, avocados, fish oils, and the occasional fatty meat like salmon.


Dani Balbino wearing a white dress standing next to her own picture n the wall highlighting her bodybuilding competition achievements


Dani Balbino sitting on a jump box in the gym looking lean and muscular

What we can learn from Dani Balbino

It’s clear to see that Dani always had a passion for bodybuilding, and all things fitness related throughout her whole life.

She worked hard, dieted, and trained in the gym for years, until she finally won the illustrious Women’s Physique Arnold Classic of 2013. Proving to everyone she had the skills, and dedication needed to become a Pro athlete.

What we can learn from Dani is; ‘hard work pays off.‘ By having the same mindset as Dani, you too could make your fitness goals into a reality.

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