Celie Josefine Lindblad posing on the balcony looking curvy and fit

Celie Josefine Lindblad

Fitness Model

Celie Josefine Lindblad is a Danish fitness and social media influencer. She’s known for her curvy physique, which she attained through intense workouts and a structured diet over the course of her fitness journey.

But while she’s now known for her success and amazing physique, Celie’s life wasn’t always easy. Growing up, she was heavily bullied by her classmates. This, in turn, negatively impacted her self-confidence.

Fortunately, thanks to fitness, Celie was able to push past this difficult period in her life. Through weight training, she was able to build her confidence back, along with achieving a healthy physique and career in fitness.

This is her story:


Celie Josefine Lindblad taking a selfie of her curvy glutes in leggings

“Our society has created an unnecessary pressure on young people. There are too many unrealistic expectations on both appearance and behavior. Unfortunately, these requirements often form a basis for bullying among the younger generations.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Celie Josefine Lindblad
125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)5'5" (165cm)DanishFitness Model
Weight125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)
Height5'5" (165cm)
ProfessionFitness Model


Celie Josefine Lindblad doing deadlifts for a photo shoot

“When I started training, the initiative was based on the hope of reaching other people’s acceptance. As time passed, I realized that everyone else’s opinions should not mean nearly that much. People can easily tell you how sweet and beautiful you are, but if you do not feel good about yourself without their comments, it’s completely irrelevant.”


  • Danish Fitness Model
  • Social Media Personality


Celie Josefine Lindblad taking a selfie of her fit physique


Bullying in Primary School

Celie Josefine Lindblad was bullied throughout her early schooling years, which led her to develop low self-esteem.

As the years passed, Celie’s problems got worse and worse. As the bullying continued, she started to avoid most social interactions and conversations.

It came to a point where Celie wouldn’t leave her house, just to avoid the embarrassment and mocking of some of her schoolmates.

Finding the Relief in Fitness

Fortunately, Celie managed to push past this dark period in her life, thanks to fitness. In a search for a way to improve her confidence, Celie began training in the gym.

She used weight lifting as a way to channel all of her negative energy and to grow into a stronger person – both physically and mentally.

Throughout the months, Celie’s plans were gradually coming to fruition. She looked better than ever, and as a result, her self-confidence also improved.

Over the years, Celie’s physique and self-esteem kept improving, until she became a completely new person. By the time she was 19, Celie’s old-self was long gone. At this point, she felt and looked better than ever.


Celie Josefine Lindblad standing by a boxing bag looking fit and strong

Using Social Media to Inspire Others

Spurred on by her transformation, Celie realized she wanted to help others who struggled with similar problems as she once did.

In order to do this, she opened her social media accounts where she shared motivational advice and quotes about fitness and life.

While she didn’t reach many people at first, this number slowly kept growing as the months went by. Eventually, she gathered a small community of fans who listened to her advice.

By 2018, Celie became an internet and fitness influencer. The number of people she inspires daily keeps on rising, and so does her success and recognition in the fitness industry.


Celie Josefine Lindblad standing on the balcony in her bikini, her glutes and legs looking curvy

“I’m training because I love it, simple as that. Of course, the results are often in the front line, but I appreciate and enjoy the calm and feeling it gives me. In addition, I also think that the health benefits are a major factor.”


Celie Josefine Lindblad’s Workout Routine

Celie trains six to seven times per week, depending on how busy she is. She loves to train a lot, so if she can get a workout in even on her rest day, she’ll make it happen.

In terms of her workout routine, Celie follows a 3-day split program. This means, she trains all of her muscles in three days, after which she repeats the process.

Here’s how a typical week of training looks for Celie;

  • Monday: Legs, HIIT cardio, Abs
  • Tuesday: Shoulder and biceps
  • Wednesday: Back and triceps
  • Thursday: Legs, HIIT cardio, Abs
  • Friday:  Shoulder and biceps
  • Saturday: Back and triceps
  • Sunday: Rest / HIIT Cardio with focus on arms and abs


Celie Josefine Lindblad training in the gym

Favorite Exercises

Celie’s favorite movements are sumo squats, Bulgarian split squats, hip thrusts, and walking lunges. After incorporating these exercises into her routine, Celie has noticed a major improvement in her muscle tone.

However, Celie won’t always do the same exercises. Instead, she likes to switch things up. Sometimes, she’ll replace these exercises with cables, machines, or other isolation movements which target a specific area of her body.

“I usually include machines in my workout,  depending on which muscle group I focus on that day. For example, if I train my legs, I use significantly fewer machines than if I exercise my back.”


Celie Josefine Lindblad getting a tan outdoors, looking fit and curvy


Celie doesn’t track her calories or macros. Instead, she prefers listening to what her body tells her and eating according to that.

She said; Eat what you can feel you need. Eat what makes you happy. I do not have any restrictions, but eat what I feel is right for me. I eat healthily, but if my body is craving an ice cream or cake, I’ll have it.”

A typical daily meal plan for Celie looks like this;

  • Breakfast: Two poached eggs on a piece of rye bread, protein pancakes or smoothies
  • Mid-day Snack: Typical fruit, peanut butter, shrimp or shake
  • Lunch: Eggs of all shapes, chicken or rye bread
  • Dinner: Chicken with pasta or rice
  • Evening snack: Spices with muesli, smoothies, protein bar, fruit, dried dates

Celie Josefine Lindblad’s Supplement Stack

  • Pre-Workout
  • Whey Protein
  • BCAAs
  • Amino acids


Celie Josefine Lindblad transformation photo before-after

Celie’s before and after transformation photo.

Idols and Influences

Motivations in Fitness

Celie’s draws her motivation from within herself, but also from seeing other people’s success stories on the internet. Knowing that she was able to help them transform their lives through fitness is something that inspires Celie daily.

She said; “The benefits of eating and living healthy are so many, which is my main motivation. My daily energy and my health are at an entirely different level when I feed my body with a nutritious diet.

My immune system is stronger, my energy levels are higher and my skin is nicer. It’s so important to take care of your body as you have to live with it until you hopefully are very old. What is better motivation than a strong and healthy body no matter what age you are in?” – Celie Josefine Lindblad


Celie Josefine Lindblad taking a selfie of her toned midsection

What we can learn from Celie Josefine Lindblad

Celie Josefine Lindblad has gone through numerous obstacles on her way towards success in fitness. One of these obstacles was bullying which she experienced in primary school.

This was a dark period in her life, but Celie was able to overcome it – using fitness and weight training as a tool to help her.

Not only did she become healthier, happier, and more confident person, Celie was also able to build a career in fitness thanks to her commitment.

If we could learn one lesson from Celie, it’s to never allow obstacles in your life to stop you from reaching your ultimate destination.

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