Carol Franca posing in a professional WBFF fitness photo shoot

Carol Franca

Nutritionist, WBFF Fitness Model

Carol Franca is a sports nutritionist and WBFF Diva Fitness Pro from Brazil.

After becoming interested in fitness and health, Carol enrolled in UniRio University to study nutrition. An exemplary student, she later took postgraduate courses to specialize in Nutrigenomics and Orthomolecular Therapy.

Not only did Carol excel as an academic, she also became successful in the fitness industry along the way. Competing as a WBFF athlete, she quickly rose through the ranks in Bikini shows.

Nowadays, Carol combines her expertise in sports nutrition with her passion for fitness to maintain her awesome body – and help others build theirs.

Carol Franca flexing abs outdoors in a bikini

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Carol Franca
BrazilianNutritionist, WBFF Fitness Model2010
ProfessionNutritionist, WBFF Fitness Model

Carol Franca flexing her muscles in her room, looking fit and ripped


  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Fitness and Health Coach
  • WBFF Diva Fitness Pro

Carol Franca showing her back and glutes in a fitness photo shoot

Carol Franca sitting on a chair and posing for a photo, looking lean


Carol Franca exercises 5-7 days per week to stay in shape. She trains using a mixture of free-weight exercises and isolation movements on machines.

In terms of training specifics, she’ll split her workouts into upper and lower body sessions. Some of Carol’s upper body exercises include pull-ups, ab rollouts, and bicep curls. Her favorite lower body exercises include hack squat and lunges.

Even when she isn’t in the gym, Carol likes to stay active on her rest days.

For recreation, she might go for a long walk, take a swimming class or play her favorite sport.

Carol Franca posing for a photo looking lean and fit in her sportsbra


Carol eats 6 smaller meals a day to keep her metabolism high and avoid cravings.

Her meal plan revolves around lean meat, yams, dark leafy vegetables, berries, and cold-pressed oils and fats. These foods keep Carol’s energy levels up without spiking her blood sugar levels and causing weight gain.

Cheat Days

As a nutritionist, Carol knows very well that the food she eats is the door to health.

For this reason, she avoids all processed foods and doesn’t eat ‘cheat meals’. This way, she prevents overloading her body with glucose and harmful trans-fats.

Carol Franca posing for a photo shoot in a WBFF fitness outfit

Carol Franca posing on the WBFF fitness stage, looking aesthetic and lean

What we can learn from Carol Franca

Carol Franca has taught us to always aim high and never give up on your ambitions.

There’s a lot you can accomplish by staying focused and working hard on your goals. If you’re searching for inspiration, then who better to follow than Carol. Her example can help motivate you to make that leap of faith towards a better life.

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