Camile Periat posing on the beach in a black bikini looking awesome and fit

Camile Periat

Professional Bikini Athlete, Sports Company Owner

Camile Periat is an American professional Bikini athlete and coach. She’s earned her IFBB Pro Card after winning the 2013 USA Nationals.

From there, she continued to make strides in the Pro Circuit, winning a number of shows as well as placing 7th at Mr. Olympia.

But Camile didn’t always plan on becoming a fitness athlete – during college, she studied to become a dental hygienist.

This is her story.

Camile Periat posing on a rock by the beach during a fitness photo shoot

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Camile Periat
WeightHeightAgeDate of Birth
115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)5'3" (160cm)43July 29, 1979
AmericanProfessional Bikini Athlete, Sports Company Owner2010
Weight115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
Height5'3" (160cm)
Date of BirthJuly 29, 1979
ProfessionProfessional Bikini Athlete, Sports Company Owner

Camile Periat sitting on a chair posing in a bikini


Certifications, Awards, and Achievements

  • Professional Bikini Athlete
  • Fitness Model
  • Sports Company Owner
  • Contest Preparation Coach
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing

Pro Contests

  • Bikini International 2019, 7th place
  • Legion Sports Fest Pro Bikini 2019, 1st place
  • Hurricane Pro Bikini 2018, 2nd place
  • Olympia Bikini 2018, 11th place
  • Golden State Pro Bikini 2018, 1st place
  • Salt City Showdown Bikini 2018, 3rd place
  • Governor’s Cup Pro Bikini 2018, 2nd place
  • World Klash Pro Bikini 2018, 2nd place
  • Bikini International 2018, 7th place
  • Olympia Bikini 2017, 7th place
  • Arnold Classic Australia Bikini 2017, 16th place
  • Dayana Cadeau Classic 2016, IFBB Bikini, 1st place
  • Phil Heath Classic 2016, IFBB Bikini, 10th place
  • St. Louis Pro 2016, IFBB Bikini, 5th place
  • Northern California Pro 2016, IFBB Bikini, 6th place
  • Optimum Classic 2016, IFBB Bikini, 6th place
  • Omaha Pro 2016, IFBB Bikini, 5th place
  • Liquid Sun Rayz Pro 2016, IFBB Bikini, 1st place
  • MuscleContest Pro 2015, IFBB Bikini, 12th place
  • Northern California Pro 2015, IFBB Bikini Masters, 2nd place
  • Northern California Pro 2015, IFBB Bikini, 14th place
  • Dayana Cadeau Classic 2015, IFBB Bikini, 5th place
  • Sacramento Pro 2015, IFBB Bikini, 6th place
  • Texas Shredderbuilt Pro 2014, IFBB Bikini, 6th place
  • Europa Phoenix 2014, IFBB Bikini, 18th place
  • Sacramento Pro 2014, IFBB Bikini Masters, 2nd place
  • Ferrigno Legacy Pro 2014, IFBB Bikini, 7th place
  • Orange County Muscle Pro 2013, IFBB Bikini, 16th place
  • Sacramento Pro 2013, IFBB Bikini, 16th place

Amateur Contests

  • NPC USA Championships 2013, Bikini, 1st place – Pro Card earned

Camile Periat posing in a bikini looking ripped and fit



Camile Periat was born in 1979 in California, USA. She grew up in the countryside and loved to play sports as a child.

Some of Camile’s favorite sports were volleyball, basketball, and softball. After joining Cabrillo College to study Dental Hygiene, Camile became a part of the Sea Hawks swimming team.

Becoming a Fitness Competitor

After her college days came to an end, so did Camile’s time as a competitor within her swimming team. But her passion for competing stayed.

Deciding to try something new, Camile went on to become a fitness contestant. After her first show, Camile said: “I loved it!” Just 2 shows later, she was standing on the bikini stage with an IFBB Pro Card in her hands.

Camile Periat fitness transformation before-after

Life in the Pro Circuit

After turning Pro, Camile wasted no time and started preparing for IFBB Bikini shows.

She quickly made her name in the IFBB Pro Circuit, winning shows such as the 2016 Dayana Cadeau Classic, and placing 7th at Mr. Olympia.

Camile’s lightning rise to the top saw her get invited to the 2018 Arnold Classic where she placed in a respectable 7th place.

Becoming a Fitness Coach and Entrepreneur

Alongside her success on the stage, Camile has also made strides as a fitness coach, helping a number of people achieve their ideal physiques.

In 2016, Camile expanded her career even further to become an entrepreneur – opening her first sports company. She also opened her own gym in 2018, in Santa Cruz, California.

Camile Periat Today

Camile’s passion for fitness and bodybuilding remains as strong as ever. She continues to post awesome pictures on the internet, along with helping her clients and fans achieve their greatest physiques.

“I have embraced the sport of bodybuilding and love both training and competing. I also coach local and online competitors in the NPC bikini division and love it.”

Camile Periat showcasing her toned physique in a photo shoot


Training Routine

Camile trains five times per week, doing weightlifting to sculpt her muscles and cardio for leaning out for contests.

Here’s how her workout routine looks;

  • 1st Day: Legs and Quads
  • 2nd Day: Upper body
  • 3rd Day: Rest
  • 4th Day: Plyo circuit or Tabata-style intervals, abs
  • 5th Day: Legs, glutes, and hamstrings focus
  • 6th Day: Upper body
  • 7th Day: Rest

Camile Periat doing triceps extensions looking fit and strong


Camile Periat is big on planning and preparing her meals in advance. This saves her time and allows her to avoid binging on unhealthy foods when cravings arise. She says; “Whichever diet method you use, it comes down to a little planning and having your day set up for success. “

As a professional bikini competitor, Camile has ‘off-season’ and ‘pre-contest’ phases. During each stage, she changes her calories to achieve a certain goal, whether that’s losing fat or building muscle.

Here’s Camile’s opinion on dieting, in her own words; “Diet is 80% (maybe even more) of the process. Depending on where I am in life (on-season or off) I use different dieting approaches.

I am flexible during my offseason, yet follow a pretty structured plan leading into shows. Specific foods and nutrient timing are very important to me as it helps sustain my activity levels through the day and keeps my hunger low.” – Camile Periat

Camile Periat standing on her toes posing in a fitness photo shoot

Camile Periat walking down the Mr. Olympia stage

What we can learn from Camile Periat

Camile’s strategic and smart approach to dieting allows her to maintain her phenomenal physique year after year. However, sticking to a strict fitness routine is just one part of the puzzle when it comes to Camile’s success.

The less obvious aspect of Camile’s rise to the top is her mindset. Staying disciplined every day, even when she doesn’t feel like training or eating healthy, is what makes Camile Periat the champion that she is.

If you can keep the same mindset as Camile Periat on your own path to success, then who knows how far you could go.

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