Bianca Taylor standing on the beach in a bikini looking fit and lean

Bianca Taylor

Fitness Model, Personal Trainer

Bianca Taylor is a fitness model, certified coach, and bikini competitor from southern California, USA. In 2015, Bianca switched to a 100% vegan diet, with a goal of improving her health and well-being.

What started as Bianca’s personal mission towards self-improvement, turned into a ‘full-blown’ movement on the internet. Using social media to showcase her lifestyle, Bianca went on to inspire numerous individuals to follow in her footsteps and adopt a plant-based diet.

“As I continue to create and construct the best version of myself physically and mentally through practice and research, I only hope to motivate and assist you to do the same.”

Bianca now uses her internet profiles to spread her message about the benefits of a plant-based diet far and wide – this is her story:


Bianca Taylor standing on a beach in a bikini looking curvy and fit

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Bianca Taylor
WeightHeightYear of BirthNationality
115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)5'3" (160cm)1993American
Fitness Model, Personal Trainer2010
Weight115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
Height5'3" (160cm)
Year of Birth1993
ProfessionFitness Model, Personal Trainer


Bianca Taylor posing for a photo in a bikini while standing in water

“Everything I do, I do with a passion. If I gotta be a b*tch, Ima be a bad one.”


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Bikini Competitor
  • Fitness Influencer



Bianca Taylor flexing her biceps for a photo


Bianca’s Background in Dance

Bianca Taylor was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Growing up, Bianca was a health-conscious individual, adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle from an early age.

Throughout her childhood and puberty, Bianca’s favorite activity was dance. Because of dance, Bianca maintained a strong and healthy physique – building foundations for her fitness journey which she later began.


Bianca Taylor's transformation before-after

Bianca Taylor’s fitness transformation.

Early Involvement in Fitness

It was around the age of 20, when Bianca became involved in fitness. After several months of training in the gym, she took her physique, and career to a whole new level.

By the age of 21, Bianca became a bikini competitor, personal coach, and fitness model. She said;

“After diving into competitive bikini bodybuilding, I uncovered a whole new love for weight training and exercise science for not only myself, but also for others who benefited from my advice.

I truly love personal training and the art of bodybuilding, as well as the holistic benefits of exercise and nutrition.” – Bianca Taylor


Bianca Taylor posing in a photo shoot looking fit and curvy

Promoting a Plant-Based Diet

Throughout the years, Bianca expanded her career to become a certified personal coach and online fitness influencer.

Her awesome photos and videos attracted numerous fans on the internet, allowing her to grow her recognition even further. However, Bianca didn’t stop there.

In 2015, after months of research, Bianca switched to a 100% vegan diet. Her reason for this decision was simple – she wanted to improve her own health by eating whole and natural foods, alongside spreading awareness about environmental benefits of leading the vegan lifestyle.

Bianca Taylor Nowadays

Bianca continues to put efforts in her quest of promoting a vegan diet and active lifestyle.

She wants to show people how it’s possible to stay strong and fit, while having a healthy, and environmentally-friendly diet.


Bianca Taylor displaying her curvy glutes for a photo

“I don’t like to make my cutting mentally hard on myself so I pace myself throughout the year to make sure I keep a balance with food and life.”


Bianca Taylor practices different types of training. In addition to weightlifting, she takes part in pole dancing, Muay Thai, and running.

These activities work on Bianca’s cardiovascular system, alongside improving her overall strength and functionality.


Bianca Taylor flexing her muscles for a photo looking curvy and lean

“When I’m focusing on leaning out, I focus on my endurance much more and incorporate more cardio in forms that I enjoy (boxing, running, grappling, biking). I also only have treats occasionally and eliminate oil and added sugar as much as possible.”


Day-to-Day Diet of Bianca Taylor

Bianca follows a flexible diet. Meaning, she allows herself to consume larger amounts of foods, as long as she stays within her daily calorie limit.

In the morning, Bianca will typically have an oatmeal or healthy fruit smoothie. For lunch, she’ll have a burrito, tacos, or other high-carb vegan meal.

For dinner, Bianca will have another carb-rich meal. Such as pasta, veggie burgers, and potatoes. In between her main meals, Bianca will snack on fruits, crackers, nuts, etc.


Bianca Taylor displaying her curvy glutes for a photo

Cheat Meals

Even though Bianca eats plant-based meals, there are some foods in her diet that she considers unhealthy. These foods include vegan ice-creams, cookies, french fries, etc.

She limits her consumption of these foods to only have them once per week, as a reward for her hard work in the gym.


Bianca Taylor standing in a gym in front of a dumbbell rack and posing for a photo


Bianca Taylor in a photo shoot showing off her curvy and tatooed physique

“A lot of females shy away from training upper body but to create a balanced and strong physique, you want to train all body parts.”

What we can learn from Bianca Taylor

Bianca Taylor has taught us that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to be happy and successful.

In 2015, Bianca decided to ‘go against the grain’ and become a 100% vegan athlete. There were people who doubted that she could stay lean and strong on a vegan diet, but Bianca proved them wrong.

Not only she became stronger and healthier than ever. Bianca also became an example for numerous people – inspiring them to follow in her footsteps and become the best version of themselves.

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