Amber Gianna posing in a photo shoot looking fit and healthy

Amber Gianna

Fitness Influencer, Artist, Online Personality

Amber Gianna is an online fitness influencer originally from Milwaukee, but now residing in Chicago. Alongside fitness, Amber’s passions are science and art. She combines her interests and shares them with her followers through pictures and videos.

One thing that stands out about Amber is her amazing figure. She’s built it throughout the years of training, something she proudly showcases online.

Motivated to improve in not only fitness, but all aspects of her life, Amber continues to push her boundaries each and every day. Winning her small and consistent battles.

With her curvy figure and inspiring attitude towards fitness and life, Amber is well on her way to reaching stardom as an online personality.

Amber Gianna standing in the gym showing off her curvy glutes in grey leggings

Amber Gianna taking a selfie of her amazing body in the mirror

“I’m a very deep and intuitive person with an old soul. And am always appreciating nature and everything the universe has given me. Sometimes this fitness account makes me uneasy because I worry I seem artificial and only interested in one thing. But fitness is only a part of my complex person.”

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Amber Gianna
AmericanFitness Influencer, Artist, Online Personalityambergianna2010
ProfessionFitness Influencer, Artist, Online Personality

Amber Gianna posing for the camera in a gym

Amber Gianna showing off her curvy glutes in a bikini

“I’m an artist. I spend most of my time creating &/or admiring art. My home is in an art museum. Every part of who I am has been shaped by my love for art.”


  • Fitness Influencer
  • Artist
  • Online Personality

Amber Gianna flexing her biceps in the gym

Amber Gianna showcasing her amazing glutes in dark-grey leggings in a gym

“I love learning about Greek mythology, and also Greek philosophers. The history of art, and the lives of famous artists. I spend a lot of time in libraries reading so I can definitely be considered a book worm.”


Throughout the years of training, Amber has tried numerous workouts. After a lot of experimentation, she’s found that her body responds the best to the mix of light and heavy weights.

She typically starts training with heavy compound movements while her muscles are ‘fresh’ and warmed-up. As she proceeds through the workout, she’ll slowly back off from heavy movements. Instead, she’ll replace them with light isolation exercises.

She’ll then increase the reps to really get the most out of her workout – squeezing every last bit of energy from her muscles.

Upon finishing training, Amber likes to sometimes stretch. This helps her reduce lactic acid build-up within her muscles, along with improving blood flow and nutrient delivery.

Amber Gianna training legs with leg extensions in the gym

Amber Gianna posing in white shorts in a gym displaying her awesome glutes


Amber likes to keep a relaxed meal plan.

Although she doesn’t like eating junk food too often, she also won’t restrict herself if she feels a certain craving.

In her eyes, it’s all about portion control. She keeps track of her calories for most of the time. But every now and again, she’ll kick back and eat something she enjoys.

With such an attitude, Amber has been able to make her fitness journey both fun and rewarding. It’s clear to see that balance is the secret to her year-round toned body.

Amber Gianna standing by a boxing bag while wearing boxing gloves

Amber Gianna showcasing her amazing glutes in yoga pants in a gym

“Science is always something I’ve been infatuated by. I’m obsessed with learning about genetics and cells. I can watch Bill Nye for hours and explain to you in depth every part of the brain.”

What we can learn from Amber Gianna

Amber Gianna has shown us that one ‘cheat meal’ probably won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal isn’t likely to get your ripped. Consistency and balance are key.

Amber generally eats healthy, but isn’t afraid of grabbing a bar of chocolate or a slice of pizza every now and again to keep her taste buds happy.

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, remember: don’t be too hard on yourself. With a relaxed approach like Amber’s, you too can have a healthy, long, and fulfilling story in fitness.

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