Amanda Choairy posing for a photo shoot in her red sportswear

Amanda Choairy

Fitness Influencer, Online Personality

Amanda Choairy is an up and coming fitness influencer and social media personality from João Pessoa, Brazil.

She’s gained popularity after posting pictures of her awesome lifestyle online. In her photos and videos, Amanda often showcases her curvy figure – a byproduct of her grueling workouts in the gym.

When Amanda first tried lifting weights, she became fascinated with the feeling of working out. Week after week, her experience improved, and so did her results from training.

This motivated her to keep going and has since seen her sculpt her trademark physique. With no signs of stopping, there’s a lot to expect from Amanda in the coming years.

Amanda Choairy standing in her exotic dress posing for a camera looking fit

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Amanda Choairy
BrazilianFitness Influencer, Online Personality2010
ProfessionFitness Influencer, Online Personality

Amanda Choairy standing on a rocky beach showcasing her curvy legs and glutes

Amanda Choairy posing by a rocky beach looking fit and lean


  • Fitness Influencer
  • Online Personality
  • Physical Education Student

Amanda Choairy taking a picture of herself in leggings in a gym

Amanda Choairy standing on a smooth beach looking curvy and toned


As a physical education student, Amanda really knows her stuff when it comes to training for muscle growth and fat loss.

She often does cardio, which helps her stay lean. Alongside intense weightlifting in the gym to sculpt and tone her muscles.

Sometimes, Amanda might find that a training plan which used to work for her, doesn’t give her the same results anymore.

If that happens, Amanda will change her training from the ground-up. She’ll change the types of exercises she does, sets, and reps – forcing her muscles to improve.

Amanda Choairy training in a gym improving her fitness level

Amanda Choairy training her chest in a gym


As a big health advocate, Amanda Choairy eats a diet packed with fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of her calories come from healthy fats and proteins. These allow her muscles to stay lean and strong. Such foods include:

  • Lean poultry meat
  • Greek yogurt
  • Avocados
  • Nuts

For the majority of the time, Amanda eats extremely strictly. But if there’s ever a ‘cheat day’ in her routine, it’s usually on holidays and vacations.

These are the times where Amanda doesn’t track her calories at all. But instead, she lets loose for once.

Amanda Choairy posing for a picture looking lean and healthy

Amanda Choairy standing next to a boxing bag practicing her moves

What we can learn from Amanda Choairy

If there’s something to learn from Amanda Choairy, it’s that regular exercise and a healthy diet can go a long way.

Seeing Amanda’s example, it’s clear that a healthy fitness regimen can help improve many areas of your life. Fitness can help you not only build a great physique, but also a potential career in the industry.

Amanda has worked hard for years to build her amazing body. Along the way, she posted pictures and videos of her progress – motivating other women with her example. She’s now well on her way to becoming an online icon in Brazil, and worldwide.

Ultimately, Amanda has taught us that the journey to success is usually a long one. There is no shortcut to greatness. If you’re willing to work hard as Amanda did, then you too could fulfill your own greatest ambitions.

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