George Brown standing with his hand on a rail topless

George Brown

George Brown is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, sponsored athlete and personal trainer from Ohio, USA. He’s made a name for himself through

Michaela Augustsson standing on a track, while being in a revealing sportswear, showing her lean abs, legs, and arms from the front

Michaela Augustsson

Michaela Augustsson is a Swedish fitness athlete, powerlifter, and physiotherapist. She’s the national champion of the Athletic Fitness competitions, which was

Georgia B Simmons in blue bikini showing her abs

Georgia B Simmons

Georgia B Simmons is a UKBFF Bikini competitor from London, UK. She’s made a name for herself in the British

Jeff Cavaliere posing in his house, showing his shredded physique as an online fitness coach called athlean x

Jeff Cavaliere

Jeff Cavaliere is a fitness guru, social media star, personal trainer, and previous head physical therapist of the New York

Sarah Allen doing front plate raises, as she flexes her ripped abs and arms for the photo

Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen is an Australian fitness model, bikini competitor, and personal trainer who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She competes

Long Wu standing in blue shorts at a physique competition

Long Wu

Long Wu is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, sponsored athlete and fitness model from China. He’s the first ever Chinese IFBB

Frank Mcgrath stands in a confident pose at a competition

Frank McGrath

Frank McGrath is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and sponsored athlete from St Johns, Newfoundland (Canada.) He rose to fame in

Emeri Connery during a professional photoshoot for her profile on Instagram, posing showing her impressive glutes, legs and back in a black full-body bikini.

Emeri Connery

Emeri Connery is a personal trainer and champion bikini athlete, originally from Coolville, Ohio (USA). She was born into a

Buff Dudes doing a photoshoot, standing shirtless next to each other, as they look directly into the camera, showing their big muscles

Buff Dudes Brandon & Myles Hudson

The Buff Dudes, aka, Brandon Myles White and Hudson White are brothers known for their entertaining and informative fitness videos.