Helga Stibi

Originally from Hungary, Helga’s quest towards building an awesome physique began in 2012. She was unsatisfied with her skinny looks,

Tristen Escolastico

Gaining a lust for lifting after high school, Tristen Escolastico has been rising to the top ever since he started

Diego Sechi

Diego Sechi is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model from Italy. After a succesful childhood representing his country at Greco-Roman

Ryan Spiteri

Ryan Spiteri is an Australian WBFF Pro Muscle Model and an online personal trainer, renowned for his expertise in the field of

Johnny Steinbach

Born in 1995, Johnny Steinbach is a bodybuilder from Germany. He aspired to become a professional ski racer as a

Christine Lewis

Christine is a personal trainer and bikini competitor from America. She’s become a fitness icon, helping clients around the world achieve

Loic Zine

Loic Zine is a Professional Bodybuilder from France. He began training at the age of 16, lifting weights and sculpting

Laura Leeson

Laura Leeson is a WBFF Pro Bikini Athlete. She earned her Pro Card during her first 2 years of competing,

Miihier Singh

From Mumbai, but later moving to London UK, Miihier Singh was once a cricket player for Surrey United Kingdom. However, after some

Sally Matterson

From a fashion designer to a full-time personal trainer, bikini competitor, and a fitness model. Sally Matterson moved from the