Emily Hayden

Originally from Houston, Texas, but later moving to California, Emily Hayden is a personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness model, and the IFBB

Henson Hinds

Born in Malabar (Trinidad & Tobago) and raised in the UK, Henson is a fitness model and bodybuilder. He earned

Juju Salimeni

Juliana “Juju” Salimeni is a Brazilian TV Presenter, Fitness Model, and Social Media Star. She’s one of the most recognizable

Aarron Lambo

Aarron Lambo is a UK bodybuilder who is ‘Engraved’ with a passion for bodybuilding. Aarron Lambo has been rising to the

Joe Pitt

Joe Pitt is an Australian bodybuilder, sponsored athlete and personal trainer. He’s inspired many people to begin working out through

Chelsea Keyasko

Born and raised in New Jersey, Chelsea Keyasko is a professional fitness model with a strong social media following. She’s attracted

Priscila Freitas

Priscilia Freitas is a fitness model and online sensation from Brazil. She began exercising from the age of 13 after

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a Canadian fitness model, Instagram celebrity and personal trainer. She’s inspired millions of followers on social media

Marija Naceva

Marija Naceva is a personal trainer and a bikini competitor from Macedonia. She’s won a series of competitions such as

Charles Poliquin

Originally from Canada, Charles Poliquin is one of the world’s leading strength coaches. He’s trained the likes of Ben Pakulski,