Best Natural Fat Burner Ingredients & Foods

Author: Lee Bell

February 7th 2019

You’ll be living the lean life in no time with these powerful, natural fat burner ingredients and foods

The unarguable truth about fat loss is that it all comes down to calories. The difficult part in working out the very best way to use this to your advantage.

How many times have you tried to build up your fitness and lose weight only to be disappointed with the results?

Chances are you’re like most people who struggle to smash their targets. It’s not your fault either – the bottom line is that developing a sexy, curvy silhouette or a super-lean six pack physique is hard.

But here’s something you’ve not tried before. The power of the best fat fighting supplements.

Because with science and nature on your side, you’ll cruise to single digit body fat in no time…

Successful Weight Loss All Comes Down to Calories

Calories control what happens to stored fat. It’s all about knowing how to use that to your advantage.

The human body is a complicated, dynamic machine. It adapts to its environment and does everything it can to survive. You have your own motivations, drivers, thoughts and feelings. You’re a scientific miracle.

But, if you strip back the complexities, you’re just like any other machine. Your body functions within the laws of physics and thermodynamics.

But by controlling the variables that regulate fuel intake and output, you can predict what happens to energy balance and fat storage.

The importance of calories and energy

A Calorie is a measurement. It refers to the energy given off by heating a gram of water by 1-degree Celsius.

Energy itself can’t be created or destroyed, only transferred – so when you eat a piece of fruit, donuts, fries or side salad the calories inside get absorbed and then stored in your body, ready to be used in future.

Have you ever noticed that on food labels, energy is measured in kilocalories?

This is simply the energy it takes to heat up one kilogram of water by 1-degree Celsius. When we talk about the energy in food, we talk about food calories or kcals.

Note: Sorry if you didn’t realize you eat thousands more calories each day than you might have thought!

Rewind a million years or so – and food was sparse.

You never knew when your next meal would come along. You’d need to track, hunt, kill and then prepare it. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a local sub deli to pop into at lunch time.

Over time we evolved to store excess energy from food in our body. We found a way to take the energy we needed from food but store the excess for later. If we had a dry spell or a couple of bad hunts, we’d not die of starvation.

The problem now of course, is that food is literally everywhere. Where are you right now? Chances are you could grab a bite within the next 5 minutes if you needed to.

We live a life of excess.

And where do we store this excess energy?

That’s right…

Fat cells.


Calories in vs Calories Out – The Basis of Fat Loss

What happens to stored fat in your fat cells depends on energy intake versus energy expenditure. 

If you eat more than you burn off each day, it’s impossible to lose fat. Your body sees no point in tapping into your fat cells, converting the stored fuel into usable energy, and burning its stored resources.

Why would it matter if there’s already enough food coming in?

Because when you flip that around and use the power of calorie deficit, all of a sudden you become a fat burning machine.

Reach a calorie deficit and start shredding fat…

If you don’t achieve your deficit, you just can’t trigger the release of that lovely fatty goodness.

It’s impossible.

A calorie surplus occurs when you take in more energy than you use in a day.

If your activity levels are low or you eat far too much, you’re left with an overshoot of calories. You’ll just end up storing more and more energy… and getting fatter and fatter.


Negative energy balance or calorie deficit occurs when you eat less than you burn off. That’s why some diets work – because they help you control energy intake relative to what you burn off through general activity and exercise.

Key Point:

  • Calorie surplus – when you take in more energy than you use on a daily basis. You convert the extra incoming energy into fat and eventually gain weight.
  • Maintenance calories – this occurs when the energy you burn off each day matches what you take in from food.
  • Calorie deficit – when you burn off more energy than you put in your body, you tap into stored energy in your fat cells. Over time you begin to lose more and more fat as resources are used up.

Calorie counting diets alone are tough to stick to…

Successful weight loss and especially the long-term maintenance of the achieved lower-body weight after weight loss is difficult, and many dieters fail to maintain their weight and even regain more weight than they lost on their diets.

The frustrating thing about diet plans and exercise regimes is that they’re oversimplified. They don’t consider your habits, motivations or vices. It’s okay telling you to just eat kale or restrict yourself to mega low-calorie intakes.

It just doesn’t work.

Scales and tape measure

There are between 30-50% of people at any one time deep in the trenches of a weight-loss plan. And you know how many of those will be successful?

Hardly any – around 10%.

Motivation while dieting is tough. And without a complete lifestyle overhaul, weight loss is hugely difficult.

Statistics suggest that if your plan is focused on exercise or diet alone, you’ll likely fail.

So, what’s the thing you’ve been missing?…

Using natural fat fighting nutrients to speed up results

There’s now an answer to your weight loss woes. While dieting is tough, and exercise is hard work, ingesting fat burner ingredients is a sure-fire way of speeding up results.

With specific nutrients to curb hunger, speed up fat loss and give your supercharged bursts of energy, the best fat burning supplements are now a big part of modern dieting. And if you’re not already part of the lean machine community you need to get on board now.

Get better results, faster. If you want to shred your way to six-pack abs or a curvy-but-lean hourglass waistline, supplements are the way forward.

Key Point: It can be difficult to achieve successful weight loss when you take a restrictive eating approach or rely on exercise alone. Supplements provide a simple, effective addition to a standard weight loss plan – and they make the whole process easier.

The Best Natural Fat Burner Ingredients & Foods

When it comes to controlling calorie intake, burning maximum body fat and maintaining a high level of fitness, the best fat burning supplements make all the difference.

Why wait weeks and weeks to see only a few pounds come off the scale, or find that you still can’t get into your beachwear after months of restrictive eating?

The bottom line is that with a small calorie deficit, regular exercise plan and high-quality fat burning supplement, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your best, most confident physique yet.

Here are the best fat burning supplements and foods to look out for…

1. Glucomannan

An appetite suppressant that helps you achieve your calorie deficit with ease.

glucomannan-konjac-root - natural fat burner ingredient

Glucomannan comes from the konjac plant or elephant yam. As a tropical plant found throughout Asia, it is a fantastic source of fiber, carbohydrate and complex polysaccharides.

Because of its long sugar chains and complex organic compound arrangement, glucomannan takes a while to break down in your gut. Your salivary enzymes can’t break down the fiber in konjac root-based foods.

It passes into your stomach more or less fully intact. And from there it absorbs water and swells. According to research, glucomannan can swell up to 50 times its original size.

The benefits of glucomannan include heart health and reduced risk of developing high cholesterol or diabetes.

Glucomannan as a fat burning supplement

Konjac root extracts help weight loss in 3 ways:

  • Decrease appetite and hunger
  • Absorb water helping you feel full for longer
  • Improve blood sugar levels

Large scale research reviews show that glucomannan promotes weight loss by improving satiety – it helps reduce calorie intake by removing cravings. By pulling water into your gut, you trick your brain into thinking you’re full for long periods of time.

Studies have reported that compared to a standard calorie-restriction diet, glucomannan leads to higher levels of weight loss. One paper found that just 1,000 mg of a konjac supplement per day led to statistically significant weight loss.

Unfortunately, glucomannan foods aren’t the easiest to get hold. A supplement therefore provides a simple and effective alternative.

2. Chili Peppers

These hot and spicy peppers can scorch body fat and burn the excess weight off.

Chili peppers capsaicin - natural fat burner ingredient

Chili peppers add heat to your food and spice to your life. They also pack a potent fat burning punch too – particularly the spicier varieties.

The bioactive ingredient in chili is capsaicin – an alkaloid compound that gives peppers their distinctive spice and pungency.

The more capsaicin in your pepper the spicier it is.

For example, an Anaheim pepper is low in capsaicin and not fantastically spicy. A cayenne pepper is 1,000 times spicier. And if you have a real chili head mentality you can go for the Carolina reaper – a pepper that comes in as one of the hottest in the world.

Here are just some of the benefits of eating chili peppers:

  • Anti-inflammatory compound effects reduce symptoms of arthritis and nerve pain
  • Symptoms of digestive illness improve
  • Significant benefits to insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce cholesterol levels

Chili pepper as a fat burning supplement

Where red chili separates itself from other fat burning nutrients is as a thermogenic. It increases internal heat in your cells, leading to an increase in energy expenditure and fat burning.

Cayenne pepper has been shown to have potent thermogenic supplement effects, even under strict lab conditions.

For example, research from the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology found that when volunteers were given cayenne pepper with their meals, energy expenditure spiked to significant levels.

And another study demonstrated that a drop in metabolism of 20.5% experienced during dieting was reduced by adding chili pepper to each meal.

The thermogenic properties of capsaicin were able to kick start metabolic rate and get fat burning back on track as well as speed up fat oxidation. 

If you don’t like chilies or can’t stand spicy food, a supplement is your best bet. That way you get all the powerful fat-burning benefits of chili pepper without the heat.

3. Vitamin D3

The sunshine nutrient that boosts health, performance and lean body composition.

Egg vitamin K2 - natural fat burner ingredient

Here’s something you might not know already… vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin; it’s a secosteroid – a subclass of steroid hormone.

It’s the athlete nutrient of choice and is one of the few legal supplements known to enhance physical performance.

‘D’ also boosts heart health, brain function, muscle growth and repair, and keeps your bones strong.

There are two types of vitamin D supplement. One is a more pure, beneficial and healthy nutrient synthesized by your body from the sun. It’s called cholecalciferol or vitamin D3.

The other (ergocalciferol – D2) is a lab made supplement that derives from plants.

Vitamin D3 as a fat burning supplement

There’s no denying that D3 boosts athletic performance. It’s been shown to improve recovery after hard exercise, elevate endurance and push ‘time-to-exhaustion’ through the ceiling. It even increases muscle mass by decreasing inflammation.

Those with vitamin D deficiencies have a higher amount of belly fat.

As a fat burning nutrient, vitamin D3 helps to trigger fat oxidation – the breakdown of fatty acids from inside adipose cells.

One study found that by activating the NAD-SIRT1 pathway, vitamin D was able to significantly increase metabolic function and the breakdown of stored fat.

With 40% of US citizens deficient in vitamin D3, your best bet is to get this powerful nutrient in supplement form. That way you know for sure your blood levels are always topped up.

4. Caffeine

Supercharge your performance, brain function and fat burning potential with this popular stimulant.

Coffee beans - natural fat burner ingredient

Caffeine is one of very few proven sports supplements. It’s used by athletes across the world to help them stay alert, focused and motivated.

Because it inhibits your adenosine receptors, caffeine ramps up your ‘fight or flight’ mechanisms.

That means epinephrine levels increase heart rate, blood flow and breathing rate. You become more focused and concentration improves.

Caffeine as a fat burning supplement

When you stimulate your fight or flight mode, more energy is broken down for use during exercise. And the result is a significant improvement in sports performance. 

Caffeine helps you work harder for longer in the gym, reduces muscle fatigue and soreness, and increases stamina more than any other legal compound.

Research looking directly at caffeine on fat loss have found some awesome results. For example, one study from the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports found that caffeine use significantly increased metabolic rate in a group of cyclists.

And a similar study reported a 5-fold increase in epinephrine levels and fatty acid utilization in a group of healthy volunteers, as well as improved insulin sensitivity.

As far as legal fat burning sports performance supplements go, caffeine should be top of your hit list.

5. Green Tea

As one of the healthiest beverages around, green tea provides powerful thermogenic fat burning results.

Green tea - natural fat burner ingredient

The Camellia sinensis leaves are what make green tea. As a drink packed full of health polyphenols and antioxidants, green tea has been used to treat several health disorders in traditional medicine.

The benefits of green tea stem from a type of catechin called epigallocathechin-3 gallate (EGCG). It’s been found to improve risk and symptoms of:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • Some types of cancel such as bowel and breast
  • Diabetes and insulin resistance

Green tea as a fat burning supplement

As fat burning supplements go, green tea has a wealth of evidence behind it. Research studies ranging from meta-analyses to randomized control trials have found that the vibrant and bitter drink can:

  • Increase energy expenditure
  • Directly stimulate fat oxidation
  • Provide a thermogenic effect
  • Improve insulin transportation
  • Keep weight off once you’ve lost it.

In perhaps the most comprehensive, detailed clinical review of green tea, researchers found that the high catechin content of green tea significantly decreases body weight when taken on a regular basis.

6. Zinc

As an important regulator of metabolism and appetite, higher zinc levels are linked to healthier body weight.

Seeds - natural fat burner ingredient

Zinc is a metal found in rocks and soil. It’s classed as a trace mineral as you only need a small amount of it in the diet to help regulate your health.

Ironically, although zinc a trace mineral it is also one of the most common nutritional deficiencies around, with 18% of people around the world not getting enough.

While the benefits of zinc supplementation are varied, the more common ones include:

  • Boosts immune function
  • Improves blood sugar levels
  • Regulates metabolism and energy levels
  • Enhances sports performance
  • Has strong antioxidant effects

Zinc as a fat burning supplement

Zinc deficiency is strongly linked to weight gain. And as many as 75% of overweight adults show low levels of the mineral.

Research shows that zinc supplementation optimizes levels of the hormones that regulate appetite. This helps you curb hunger pangs and cravings.

It also helps you burn more calories in the gym by increasing strength, endurance, power output, oxygen consumption and perceived workload.

Not bad for a trace mineral.

7. Black pepper

This simple spice contains potent fat-burning compounds.

Black peppercorns - natural fat burner ingredient

Black pepper is one of the most commonly-used spices in the world; it’s used to flavor everything from curries to desserts.

The ‘black gold’ of the food world contains a compound called piperine. It’s this that gives pepper its pungent, bitter taste and smell.

High in vitamins A, C and K, as well as magnesium, calcium and protein, black pepper is the silent hero of health.

Not only does it have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, but it also treats stomach and gut health problems too.

Black pepper as a fat burning supplement

Much like chili peppers, piperine is a strong thermogenic.

Research shows that it can trigger two important fat regulating receptors in the body called TRPA1 and TRPV1. When activated, these receptors spike metabolic rate, but at the same time suppress fat-cell growth.

It does this inhibiting a protein called PPARy.

And when black pepper is added to a normal diet, some interesting things happen. According to a study in Biochemical and Biophysical Research, cholesterol improves, appetite decreases and fat cells begin to shrink.

Smaller fat cells equal better fat loss.

8. White Kidney Bean

This starch-neutralizing supplement speeds up fat burning and weight loss in clinical trials.

White kidney bean

White kidney bean is a legume originating in central America.

High in fiber, protein and antioxidants, it’s main fat burning ingredient is called molybdenum. This compound helps to regulate metabolism.

Another compound found in white kidney bean is called phaseolamin. And it’s this that provides the bean’s famous carb blocking effect.

When you eat food normally, the enzymes in your saliva break down starchy carbs into smaller sugar molecules. These are then absorbed into the blood later during digestion.

Phaseolamin inhibits these enzymes, meaning the amount of sugar reaching the blood decreases by around 35%.

And here’s the good part… when undigested starches reach the gut they stimulate an increase in lipid oxidation (fat burning).

White kidney bean as a fat burning supplement

Because of its starch-neutralizing effect, white kidney bean is an effective fat burning supplement.

One study reported a 129% greater loss in body weight compared to diet alone over an 8-week period.

And another study found that in as little as 30 days, the carb blocker supplement helped a group of men and women decrease weight, body fat, hip and thigh size and even fat cell thickness.

Summary – Fat Burning Supplements Speed up Success

A healthy, calorie-controlled diet is key to a successful weight loss journey. Throw in some regular exercise and you’re well on your way to shredding fat and toning up.

With the addition of some natural, safe fat burning supplements you’ll see faster results and a smoother, easier weight cut.


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