4 Gauge Pre-workout Supplement Review 2021

Author: Greatest Physiques

September 22nd 2020

About The Product

4 Gauge is a pre-workout supplement created by premium sports nutrition brand, Roar Ambition. Packaged in a shot-gun-shell, this is designed to be a hard-hitting product, aimed at helping you achieve your fitness goals at bullet speed.

Reasons for taking 4 Gauge:

  • Reach your fitness goals faster – Blast through your workouts to pack-on muscle or lose unwanted fat, quicker than before.
  • Increased motivation & confidence– Be ready to smash your gym sessions at all times, regardless of long days in the office.
  • Laser focus and smooth energy – Experience intense concentration and a clean delivery of energy. A pre workout that you can use every day.
  • Skin-splitting muscle pumps – Feel blood rushing to your muscles, looking bigger than ever, and training harder for longer.

About The Company

Roar Ambition has established itself as a premium supplements company, marketing a range of highly rated products – from testosterone boosters to fat burners.

Alongisde their products, Roar Ambition has gained a great reputation due to their swift customer service; always ensuring any issues are dealt with quickly, to the highest standard.

4 Gauge Supplement Facts


Main Ingredients:

  • Citrulline Malate – With an optimal 6,000mg, this will ensure you experience intense muscle pumps in the gym, enhancing your strength, endurance and confidence in the gym.
  • Smart-Caffeine’ combo – The mixture of L-Theanine & Caffeine has proven to deliver enhanced focus and energy levels, while keeping you safe from jittery side effects.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – A carefully calculated dosage improves your strength and endurance, while allowing customers to supplement creatine monohydrate separately too. This helps 4 Gauge fit into a variety of lifestyles and preferences.

How To Take 4 Gauge

The recommended serving size of 4 Gauge is 2 scoops (14 g per serving).

However, a great feature of this premium pre-workout, is that you can safely take a ‘double serving’ (4 scoops), without suffering from any side effects – provided you’ve assessed your tolerance with a normal serving beforehand.

Anything To Be Concerned About?

4 Gauge contains an all-natural nutrient profile. It’s been carefully formulated, after extensive research, to deliver the right benefits, while keeping you safe from potentially harmful side effects.

Due to the addition of the ‘smart-caffeine’ combo, users will experience a clean delivery of energy, without the jittery feelings commonly associated with other pre-workouts available.


Priced at $45 for 20 serving containers, 4 Gauge is one of the more expensive pre-workouts on the market.

However, this is one of the only pre-workouts that’s free from artificial sweeteners and colors – containing only 100% natural, scientifically proven ingredients.

Why Do You Need a Pre Workout?

Achieving the best results in the shortest time possible is all about productivity.

Every hour you spend in the gym is an opportunity to make a difference to your physique. Whether its to build pure slabs of muscle or to shred out a lean and athletic figure, 4 Gauge has your back.

What does a pre workout give you?

  • Unrelenting energy – blast through endurance barriers and crush PRs.
  • Boost strength and power – let your working sets become your warm up with elevated force output.
  • Channel your focus – heighten your focus, motivation, control and motor skills. Use your energy much more efficiently.
  • Cell-splitting pumps – engorge blood flow to your working muscles and watch your muscles swell to an enormous size.

Carving out a physique to be proud of is all about how you spend your time in the gym. Every hour you’re hitting the weights room or every minute you’re blasting through a cardio interval is an opportunity to create a new you.

Ultimately, it’s down to productivity and hard work.

A good pre workout prepare you for for the best session you’ll ever have. By the time you walk through the gym doors you’ll be beyond ready. You’ll be focused, primed and ready to show the iron who’s boss.

That’s why you need a pre workout.

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The Science – How Does 4 Gauge Work?

Much like any other supplement out there, it’s a competitive world. But what 4 Gauge does better than anyone else in the pre workout game is to fill this product with only the best ingredients – and get the balance of each one just right.

Here’s how the ingredients work.

Caffeine anhydrous

Every pre workout worth its salt has caffeine as its base.

Why? Because this reliable and formidable compound has been proven to boost everything from strength, power and endurance, to pain tolerance and time to fatigue.

Caffeine works as a direct antagonist to your adenosine receptors. When active, these receptors make you feel sluggish and sleepy – but when inhibited, you’ll feel like someone’s switched up the energy thermostat to maximum.

It’s long been confirmed that caffeine directly boosts exercise performance. Studies show that caffeine included in energy drinks and pre workouts is the most effective stimulant for boosting athleticism allowed by the International Olympic Committee [1].

And if you’re training to improve lean mass, caffeine has an added benefit for you – it’s been shown to directly stimulate both metabolic rate and fat oxidation [2]. The result – more fat burning, a quicker shred and a leaner physique.


This amino acid is found in the leaves of the green tea plant and shares a chemical structure that is very similar to glutamine.

It’s main role in the human body is to stimulate production of a neurotransmitter called GABA. Why’s this useful?

GABA promotes relaxation and inhibits ‘leaking’ of energy from the central nervous system.

Think of it like this – have you ever had too much caffeine? You start to feel jittery, irritable and you can’t focus on tasks – regardless of whether they are physical or mental.

When you’ve hit yourself with a high dose of caffeine, L-theanine helps to work alongside the stimulatory effect to boost focus, attention and motivation. It decreases jitters and directs energy to where you need it most.

The combination of caffeine and L-theanine is often referred to as smart caffeine. And in the research it’s been found to provide all of the benefits of caffeine, with none of the side effects [3, 4].

Citrulline malate

Another natural amino acid, citrulline is found in foods such as watermelon and pomegranate.

Once in your body, it converts to L-arginine in your kidneys. And this triggers the production of nitric oxide – a  chemical compound responsible for increasing blood flow to your muscles by dilating your arteries.

If you’re wondering why an increase in blood flow can you with your workouts, think about muscle pumps.

There really is no better feeling than finishing a set of curls or presses and feeling the rushing blood pooling in your muscles. An amazing muscle pump is one of the best feelings you’ll get in the gym. 

And much like caffeine, citrulline malate helps to boost exercise performance by reducing fatigue, suppressing by-products of intense exercise such as ammonia and lactic acid too [5].

Creatine monohydrate

Alongside caffeine, authoritative bodies such as the ISSN consider creatine to be in the top most effective supplements on the market [6].

That’s why 4 Gauge have added it in this fantastic pre workout.

Creatine helps your body produce and use adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – a compound used in high amounts during intense exercise.

How much by? A staggering 34% in some studies [7].

And because it helps your body increase muscle storage capacity by such a significant amount, creatine boosts your ability to work hard for longer periods.

The result is improved strength, power, force, speed and muscle mass.

Supplementing creatine has also been shown to result in increased muscle mass because it triggers anabolic signalling that elevates protein synthesis.

It also acts as a cell volumizer too, drawing water into your muscle cells to make them look fuller and larger.

Red beet

This intense and deep red vegetable is high in vitamins, mineral and bioactive compounds. It’s a great source of antioxidants and other health-giving nutrients that will supplement your healthy diet well.

Much like citrulline malate, red beet is a pre cursor to nitric oxide – that’s because it provides one of the best natural sources of nitrates.

Red beet has been seen to boost exercise performance by lengthening the time it takes you to reach a point of exhaustion during intense exercise [8]. You’ll ramp up your calorie burn, muscle overload and session volume all in one.

It’s even been shown to help athletes complete races quicker, boost power output and become more economical with their energy too [9].

Rhodiola rosea

Otherwise known as golden root, this perennial flowering plant extract significantly boosts endurance, while at the same time optimizing your ability to offset fatigue.

And there are numerous studies to back this up too.

For example, a study using 24 volunteers found that supplementing 200 mg (the equivalent of a standard dose of 4 Gauge) before intense exercise, led to improvements in time to exhaustion, maximal oxygen consumption and pulmonary ventilation [10].


4 Gauge gives you yet another natural amino acid, this time in the form of L-carnitine.

Found in anabolic foods such as meat, milk and cheese, this amino has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, delivering its effects directly to the nervous system.

Yet another pre workout ingredient that reduces fatigue, acetyl-L-carnitine has been reported to reduce the effects of lactic acid in the blood, as well as muscle damage caused by intense exercise [11].

But that’s not all… because this powerful amino acid also boosts fat loss while helping you build muscle too.

In a study of over 80 volunteers, supplementing L-carnitine for 30 days saw a significant change in body composition – fat mass went down, but muscle mass went up [12].

Coconut water

When it comes to super foods, you can’t look any further than coconut. High in everything from vitamin C and D3 to the fat burning minerals zinc and magnesium, coconut is both tasty and healthy.

This hydrating fruit provides essential electrolytes that help you maintain exercise performance.

It also promotes fat loss too by optimizing the way in which your body metabolizes lipids [13].

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Pros and Cons


  • Improves your strength, energy, focus and muscle pumps – more benefits than most other pre-workouts available.
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.
  • Tried-and-trusted nutrients
  • No side effects


  • Premium price – bigger price tag than other products, but 4 Gauge is also more likely to help you get results.
  • You can only buy from the official website

Editor’s Verdict on 4 Gauge

If you’re looking for a pre-workout that’ll give you that ‘kick’ without putting you at risk from any side effects, then 4 Gauge is a great option.

We couldn’t find a better product that’s completely free from artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. And with a 100% natural nutrient profile, you know you’re getting premium quality.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s price seems reasonable; as it’ll help you reach your fitness goals, we’re sure you won’t put a price on abs or that bikini body anyway.

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I have tried a number of preworkouts and have found a lot to have proprietary blends and not effective. I decided to try 4 gauge after initially being reluctant due to the more premium price tag. Very pleased with the results, wish id pulled the trigger sooner.

Was expecting nt a good taste as I saw it had no artificial sweeteners. Bt was pleasantely surprised after it arrived. Very good tasting pre workout.

First time I tried this I was doing more sets and reps than other workouts. I felt strong and the endurance was great. it’s the first time I tried a pre workout though, so I can’t compare to others but this felt good.

love it. clean pre workout and i dont have to worry about energy crashes or any nasti addituives.

its natural and its powerful. what more do you want?

using it 3 times a week currently and its working great. just do plenty of weights and ditch that carido if you want to use it best. PUUUUUMMMMP

I tried this with Instant Knockout Fat Burners and they both worked very well together. The focus that 4Gauge gives you is incredible and without any unwanted side effects.