A 6-Week Workout Program You Need to Try to Get Completely Ripped

Author: Lee Bell

January 31st 2019

This 6-week workout plan to get ripped is a no-holds-barred attack on body fat.

 Dialing right down to single-digit body fat isn’t easy.

To get truly ripped you need to live the life and love the iron.

Your diet needs to be on-point and your training needs to be precise, powerful and based on two things – maintaining lean mass and dicing through body fat like a blade through… well, fat.

If you want to be leaner, faster, stronger and turn heads with your shear aesthetics, this is the 6-week workout program you need.

Goal:Fat loss, muscle building
Aimed at:Intermediate to advanced
Program duration:6 weeks
Workout duration:45-60 minutes
Equipment needed:barbell, dumbbell, body weight

The 6-week workout program to get ripped

Set your fat stores ablaze with this advanced-level fat shredding program.

 There are no secrets to fat loss.

Control your calories, focus on nutrient-rich foods and smash the hell out of your workouts.

That’s it.

The problem is that with so many different diet plans, workout programs and training systems it’s impossible to know where to start – even as an experienced lifter.

The ripped athlete program you’re about to start will take you to a whole new level of lean muscularity. We’re talking vascular, strong slabs of muscle that are so shredded you can see every striation and every fiber. This is a program to get you on stage, turn heads and win medals.

We’re completely serious.

Use these principles of fat loss to incinerate fat and build athlete fitness

Getting lean is hard enough.

Getting shredded is brutally-tough.

If you truly want to hit those low levels of body fat, these principles are your bible.

Train for strength, not for endurance

There’s an old-school thought process that getting ripped means high rep ranges to ‘cut’ the muscle and allowed it to shine through.

But that’s completely wrong.

The bottom line is that when you’re dieting you need to do all you can to hold onto that lean mass as a way of preserving your metabolic rate. If muscle mass goes declines, so does your ability to burn fat.

Lifting heavy tells your body it needs to hold onto mass for dear life.

Endurance-style training tells your body it’s cool to take a chunk of useless muscle mass and convert it to fuel for exercise. You need to avoid that at all costs.

Going lighter in the gym (while low on incoming calories) will accelerate muscle loss. Strength training on the other hand is like building a bulletproof wall around each muscle fiber. It protects it, preserves it and in some cases even increases it.

Lifting heavy also means a higher total volume of lifting in fewer reps. You can still hit those volume landmarks you need to stimulate muscle adaptation, just in fewer reps.

Choose exercises with most bang-for-your-buck

A fast way to maximize calorie burning in the gym, ramp up metabolic power and maintain muscle mass is to shoot for large muscle, compound exercises.

You can hit more muscle fibers in fewer exercises, and get a surge of growth hormone and testosterone that help to boost strength, anabolic hormone release and muscle mass.

Compound exercises also help you lift bigger weights. After all, there’s no way you can bicep curl what you can row, or leg curl what you can deadlift.

Most compound exercises fit into the following categories. These provide the basis of your 6-week workout plan to get ripped:

  • Presses
  • Pulls
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts

Integrate cardio with high-density strength training for a fat melting combination

To burn maximum calories, you need to combine the fat-blasting effect of cardio with the metabolic-boosting effect of strength training.

Using high-impact, ultra-intense systems such as high-intensity resistance training help you tick all boxes as they are built around strength circuits.

Research shows that compared to traditional strength training and cardio, HIRT burns a significantly greater number of calories, both during the workout and 22 hours afterwards [1].

It also stimulates muscular fitness due to high-volume, high-load compound exercises.

Another benefit of combining cardio and strength is that your workouts are shorter. You can shave hours off your weekly gym time with high-density exercises, packed into shorter workouts.


Use this program to achieve full shredded status

This 6-week workout plan to get ripped has been written in a way that allows you to complete 3 workouts per week. Make sure you have at least one full day off between these workouts to limit excessive muscle damage which can impair performance.

If you’re wanting to do more than that, throw in some high-intensity interval training in the gym or a body weight circuit at home.

Just remember, more isn’t always better; better is better.

So, go for quality not quantity.

There are a few basic rules to follow to get the most from each workout:

  • Don’t skip your warm up. Make sure you prepare your body and mind for what’s to come.
  • When choosing an appropriate weight, go for one that only just lets you squeeze the last rep out within the target rep range. If you can lift more than the upper limit, you need to increase it.
  • Stay active away from the gym – throw in some steady state cardio on your off days and generally keep moving. Any physical activity will burn extra calories.
  • Adjust the program to suit your individual needs – if you can’t perform a specific lift due to injury or something is too difficult, make changes accordingly.

Day 1

 A1. Barbell overhead press – 6-8 reps

A2. Barbell front squat – 6-8 reps

A3. Barbell bent over row 6-8 reps

A4. Barbell Romanian deadlift 6 – 8 reps

A5. Barbell rollout

Aim to complete each individual round with minimal rest time. Rest for 3-5 minutes once you reach A5.

Complete a total of 4 rounds.

Day 2

A1. Dumbbell incline bench press – 6-8 reps

A2. Chest-supported incline row – 6-8 reps

A3. Dumbbell lunges – 6-8 reps (each side)

A4. Dumbbell upright row – 6-8 reps

A5. Dumbbell thrusters – 6-8 reps

Aim to complete each individual round with minimal rest time. Rest for 3-5 minutes once you reach A5.

Complete a total of 4 rounds.

Day 3

A1. Pull-ups – 6-8 reps

A2. Toes-to-bar – 6-8 reps

A3. Hanging leg raise – 6-8 reps

A4. Push-ups – 6-8 reps

A5. Trap bar deadlift – 6-8 reps

Aim to complete each individual round with minimal rest time. Rest for 3-5 minutes once you reach A5.

Complete a total of 4 rounds.

Combine this fat-shredding program with a solid dietary approach

No 6-week workout plan to get ripped should be without a bulletproof diet plan.

Ultimately, you can’t and won’t burn fat if you’re not in a calorie deficit – that’s your main aim.

Slashing maintenance calories by 20% will give you a comfortable cruise to a ripped physique over time, but a 40-50% mini cut will have you accelerating into single-digit body fat so fast you’ll need to handbrake turn as you arrive.

We recommend you use this scientifically-accurate calculator to work out your exact energy intake.

You can check out this article on nutrition for bodybuilding to give you the low down on macronutrition and the foods you should eat to support your gains.

Make sure the bulk of your diet is made up of lean proteins, colorful vegetables and a range of wholemeal grains… and the rest is easy.

The bottom line

Getting ripped isn’t easy. It takes effort, dedication and commitment.

With this plan you’ve got all the tools you need… now it’s your job to apply it.

Let’s do this.








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