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Simple 3 Day Workout Routine for Women

Author: Lee Bell

February 27th 2018

In this 3-day workout plan we give you all the tools to tone up, drop body fat and build your confidence in the weights room

The name of the game here is to transform you into a strong and lean woman.

You might have a basic idea on how to use weights to improve your figure already. And you might have even taken part in a strength training workout plan before.

Maybe you’ve just not found anything that quite works yet.

In this guide we give you a simple but effective weights-based workout plan.It’s one that you can use 3-days-per-week to enhance your curves, build your booty and develop lean and sexy arms and abs.

If you want a quick-fix plan to build a toned and lean silhouette, this is the plan for you.

What does this program cover?

Goal:Fat loss, muscle conditioning, fitness
Aimed at:Beginner level women
Program duration:4 weeks
Workout duration:30-45 minutes
Equipment needed:Dumbbell, body weight, resistance machines

Gym Routine for Women – Fat Loss and Fitness

Forget what the fitness magazines say about developing an athletic figure.

Hours and hours of cardio doesn’t help you build a killer booty. And those weight toner belts do absolutely nothing for you.

Unfortunately, the health and beauty industry latches onto craze after craze without any kind of science or research-based approach.

Most women have a clear idea of what they want their body to look like.

Maybe you’re here because you want a slimmer waist and bigger butt? Or maybe it’s your arms that you think you need to focus on the most?

For some it might be building a more athletic and muscular body, with shredded abs and a show-ready physique?

The truth is that with the right mix of diet, strength training and physical activity you can reach all of those goals and more.

And that’s where this plan comes in.

Full-Body Workout Routine for Weight Loss

Us women have been told that the secret to a great body is to drop fat with cardio. And if you’re going to lift weights it has to be light ones to focus on ‘toning’ and to avoid bulky muscles.

To be honest, that’s complete bull.

Hours and hours on the stairmaster might burn fat – but it’s inefficient and boring.

And cardio won’t help you develop curves that enhance your feminine silhouette either.

To build a great figure you need to be innovative and use a science-based approach to your exercise plan.

And that’s why strength training comes up top for sculpting lean bodies.

This 3-day workout routine is designed for beginners who want to gain more confidence in the weights room.

And using basic exercise progressions we give you just that.

This plan helps you learn the absolute basics, and use them as a stepping stone to more complex and difficult workout routines.

Used over a 4-week period, this routine will slingshot you to a master of resistance training.

Here’s what you need to know before starting your plan.

Build positive habits

In the early days of an exercise program you’ll be motivated and excited at what’s to come. The thought of a beach-ready figure and healthy body fat will get you up early on those dark mornings for a run and give you the fuel to work hard in the gym day after day.

And that’s great.

But it won’t last forever unless you use that time to build positive habits that support your goals.

Using the first few weeks to make small changes to your diet is key. Reducing the amount of high-calorie foods you eat and slowly replacing them with higher protein foods and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables helps you build a healthier lifestyle.

It’s also important that you do your best not to skip workouts too.

The sooner you can shift your mindset to see workouts more like actual appointments the better. Try and approach them the same way you’d see work meeting.

But if you have to miss a session, don’t feel guilty – just do your best to get back to it as soon as you can.  

  • Be patient – you’ll achieve a lot in 4 weeks. But remember, this is only the starting point of a long journey.

Take time to learn each movement

The first few days of any new program should focus on mastering the technique of each exercise. This might even add a week or so onto your workout schedule but in the long run it’s still important to prioritize your health before you begin to work at high-intensities.

The good thing about this 3-day workout routine is that it helps you build more frequent, shorter workouts into your weekly schedule.

These pack a powerful punch once you’ve learned them.

  • Safety first – always make sure you can perform each exercise with good technique and posture. You can’t carve out curves when you’re injured.

Use progressive overload

Once you’ve got to grips with the form and technique of each exercise it’s time to start adding some weights to the party.

Progressive overload refers to gradually increasing the intensity of your workout to a point that your body isn’t used to. 

The human body is actually pretty lazy.

It doesn’t want to get fit or build lean curves. And it loves to hold onto that stored fat around your belly and hips.

Choosing weights that overload your body takes it out of its comfort zone and speeds up results.

Without working hard you’ll simply not progress. Your body won’t want to build muscle or drop fat.

You have to make it.

  • Once you’ve learned each exercise effectively, you need to choose weights that challenge your body – it’s the only way to force it to adapt.

Full-body workouts are best for lean curves

You might have friends who follow what’s called split training. 

This is where you work one or two muscle groups separately in each workout, and over the course of a full week cover every major muscle group at least once.

The problem with this style of approach is it only works if you can hit the gym 5-6 times per week. It also causes a lot of soreness too, as you have to target each muscle with a huge number of sets to trigger an overload response. Because you won’t be training it for another week or so.

Full-body workouts are great because you can still target each muscle group, but do it multiple times. This allows you to do less sets per workout but still cover the same total weekly sets.

Research shows that full-body workouts stimulate just as much muscle, but with a better emphasis on fat loss.

Keep your rest times short

The final piece of the weight training jigsaw is rest periods.

If you’re wanting to maximize muscle mass then take longer rest periods. If you’re fully recovered you’ll be able to lift heavier and this will lead to better growth.

But if your goal is to burn as much fat as possible you’d be better making your rest times shorter. Your heart rate will be higher and the cardio effect will help you use more calories during your workout.

  • Rest times are really useful in shifting the main emphasis of your workout routine.

Tanned, beautiful female athlete lifting a dumbbell on a black background

The benefits of strength training for women:

  • Lifting weights burn calories – every time you work out in the gym you’re burning calories. Heavy weights and higher volume (sets and reps) also promotes calorie burn after your workout routine too – your metabolic rate can be higher for up to 36 hours.
  • Muscle uses energy – the more lean curves you have, the more energy your body burns – even at rest. It’s not a huge difference, but leaner bodies are more efficient fat burning machines, that’s for sure.
  • Cardio can’t craft curves – no amount of cardio will ever build a great booty or give you arms with sexy curves. Strength training can be used to accentuate your body, much like a sculptor works with their clay.

3 Day Workout Plan for Beginners

In this workout program you can perform the 3 workouts back to back over 3 days if you like. You can then have one or two days off before repeating.

Follow this plan for 4 weeks and you’ll notice a big difference in your fitness, skill, conditioning and strength.

If you’ve nailed your diet you’ll also notice that your waist will have tightened up, your legs and butt have more shape and your arms are looking athletic and lean.

And once you’ve graduated from this beginner’s 3-day workout routine you can give the sequel a go – bikini body workout plan for the gym – a much more difficult transformation routine designed specifically to melt fat and take your progress to the next level.

We’ve also got a lower body-focused program too that suits anyone wanting to give attention directly to their butt – bigger booty gym workout plan for beginners.

NumberDay 1Day 2Day 3
1Goblet squatLying leg curlDB Standing calf raise
2DB Shoulder pressRear flyesDB Triceps kickback
3Ab curlDB bench pressLat pulldown
4Split squatDB Romanian deadliftDB step-ups
5DB lateral raiseDB hammer curlDB narrow press
6Cycle crunchPress-ups (full or on knees0DB lateral lunge

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